World of Warships – Rule of Thumb

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People generally play torpedo destroyers, especially the Japanese ones, pretty badly. I think that’s more down to uncertainty about the nature of the possible threats than being bad players, but you don’t have to memorise the capabilities of every ship you face, just remember a basic rule of thumb…

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  1. MyopicAutisticMetal

    early Jingles, Jingles, even I noticed the Ed had used his smoke straight off and that was why he moved. Mogami torps, the kag was not there yet. Look at yourself in that wavy Mirror and say “You’re shit, Jingles!” Love ya!

  2. Carmine Brothers

    I enjoy these replays and or commentary because it’s very good background noise, the soothing voice of the British Jingle’s and his great information dump’s are satisfying.

  3. “No Battleship has radar”
    actually jingles the Missou-
    *shotgun cocks*
    uhhh jingles?

  4. Gotta say, I’m disappointed in how toxic our hero of the day was. He trash talked the entire game and reported the entire enemy team for “kiting.” Not the nicest thing to do.

    • didn’t understand that either

    • I ran into someone like that on console. I was running away from a konig, a cruiser and another battleship, while alone on a flank in my Trento, smoked up and torpedoed the konig who immediately sent a party invite. I joined it after the match was over and he was cursing at me in a mix of french cursing and english after i finally got what he was mad about I laughed and laughed. He was mad because I was running and smoking like a coward…

  5. Wonderful performance from the kagero as well moving in to back up with his guns to compensate for Soto’s lack of ‘em (not that he especially needed it. But also I’d like to personally thank you jingles your incredible knowledge of naval warfare and the ease with wich you have explained many a time over has really helped to improve my personal writing (no I won’t publish it I’m absolute shite at writing it’s a hobby) cheers mate

  6. I think you’ll find, oh wise and handsome one, that the Edinburgh popped his smoke as soon as he entered the central cap. Never change Bob😁

  7. 4:36: “Be nice if we could actually see a smokescreen.”

    Meanwhile, Soto has already looked at, and probably observed, the Edinburgh smoking up. A minute forty-five seconds ago.

    Never change, Jingles.

    …Roight. I have a quota to fill in the salt mines. Let me go start my twenty hour, break-free shift. Bye everyone!

  8. 2:45 – Edinburgh uses uses a smoke screen
    Jingles throughout the entire battle: “We don’t know if the Edinburgh has a smoke screen or a radar.” Never change! 😀

  9. I always enjoy these videos. The commentary is funny, often useful and soothing. The videos often contain some funny moments as well. Sadly though, another player’s perspective might have been better, as this one was quite salty.
    Nevertheless a good video Jingles!

  10. Jingles: There is no battleship in the game that has radar.
    meanwhile, the mighty mo: am I a joke to you?

  11. Has anyone read the chat?
    This game was toxic AF
    ‘We should report the entire enemy team for being badand wasting our time!!!11!’ – 10 reports out – 2 for every kiting ship. What the….? then just don’t play the game if you think playing safely is a waste of time…

    A few months back you told us you wouldn’t show toxic behavior, while someone torpedoed a friendly ship, that he can not do any harm to.
    and here the squadron of com_soto is the most toxic thing I’ve seen this year.

    (edited some typos)

  12. “No BB in the game has radar” – Jingles…the Missouri would like a word…..

  13. The main point here is no subs or CVs… all the stuff that Jingles has mentioned regarding good dd play goes out the window when CVs are around because you can be randomly spotted at anyh time so you have to be much more cautious, as for subs – still don’t really understand the sub spotting mechanics but you can also blunder into them with no warning and then get massacred by the enemy team. All of this has meant that lots of new dds have no idea about how to play a dd when there aren’t CVs or subs around and still hide behind the bbs… Similarly as a dd your freedom of action is largely determined by the degree of firesupport you get from your team when you are spotted… otherwise all you can do is smoke and withdraw… teams nowadays do seem to not want to risk being at all exposed to support dds. (And similarly dds often run back behind those cruisers and bbs that do move to support them leaving them exposed to the enemy dds torps…)

    • Literally had a tier 10 sub suddenly appear 2km away from me and by the time I got within depth charge range of .5km I went from full hp to less than 500 hp so much fun that.

  14. I’m picturing a few noob DD captains attempting to sneak up and olbiterate a MIssouri because Jingles said there are no BBs with radar. 😀

    Don’t ever change, Jingles.

  15. General rule for me when playing DD. ALWAYS assume the British light cruisers have radar. that way when they do pop their radar you’re at least ready for it. Also i felt that radar edin played better than smoke.

  16. In the Mod station, there is a (WG approved) mod that automatically tells you if an enemy ship has the potential for radar, and the rage of said radar, the BattleFrame Minimap mod, I believe. It will tell you which 3 BBs have radar, the Borodino, Constellation, and Missouri

  17. I love all of my Japanese Destroyers and even my Sweden Naval Destroyers as speed and lots of close-order fighting but I wish I had a DD with good torps, great guns, and top that with a detection range of about 5.5km, that makes my day, Cheers Jingles and I hope my small donation helps in a small way, Regards Bob

  18. I’ve got to agree with some of the others, this game was horribly toxic. His team mate was shit talking , and he reported ships for playing the game. Come on Jingles, you’re better than showing this stuff. <3

  19. “No battleship has radar” He said… The Missouri, The constellation, and the Borodino would like to light you up with their radar.

  20. Decent plays and I’m sure it was a great opportunity to talk about the issues with most japanese destroyer players, but I’m sure you could have picked a better (less douche) player to feature.

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