World of Warships – Rule the Waves

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  1. god! Gotta love these cinematics of wargaming! You guys should make a movie!

  2. When will this come to console

  3. When is world of warships blitz hit the us App Store?

  4. 0:34 “HabAAA be DERP HAAAble da BURP”

  5. 항공모함김대환급

    For her majesty her majesty

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  7. Trailer: Everything according to plan, looks like a simulator.
    In game: One BB tapping E until the rudder is set for a full turn to starboard and ramming another, pushing it to the torpedoes with chat chaos afterwards. 😛

  8. Nice, actual actors!

  9. As a naval history nut that’s never played the game this looks fantastic with only one obvious anomaly

    that facial stubble on the captain ..

    that absolutely is not happening in Royal Navy of that era 🙂

    Big crazy beard -y
    dashing tache -y
    scraped clean shaven -y

    stubble – no chance, (unless he’s just escaped from Bridge Over The River Kwai)

  10. Spanish Armada will Rule the waves again!!!!!!!

    What Wargaming understand: Italian/Soviet Battleships will domianted the waves!


  12. It just sf movie. in game Turret traverse speed 72s. plz rule the turret first.

  13. 1:12 HE Shells v:

  14. LOL I love this!!!
    I’m a battleship fan 😀
    So I know more than a standard person would
    Unless you’re one too ;-;
    #gibberish speaking on a loud battleship
    And yes I do understand why we hear gibberish

  15. Bring back the enterprise it was lunched on my birthday I’m descent to own one plz war gameing

  16. I wish Every ship will have cinematics like Italian bb etc

  17. 0:42
    no Initial D

  18. 0:50 Torpedobeat intensifies

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