World of Warships – Rulebreaker

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1. Never fire your guns.
2. Stay out of range.
3. Profit.

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

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  1. Why I never fight battleships like that.

  2. The title reminds me of Fate UBW.

  3. Thank you Jingle’s….I was felling crap and drinking alone…..Going to do
    the human thing and try a good 8 hour sleep……the human version
    of….have ya tried switching it off and switching it on again…….

  4. btw this is your 100th WoWs video jingles

  5. 11:02 Umm, Kamikaze uses 533m Type 92 torpedoes, NOT 610mm, Mutsuki is the
    first DD to get 610mm Type 90 torpedoes. Type 90s are what the Japanese
    Heavy cruisers carry, with 10 km range, move at 62 knots, and cause 17,233
    max damage.

    These 533mm Type 92 torpedoes have 7km range, move at 68 knots, and cause
    14,400 max damage!

  6. I’m reporting the myogi player for WASD hacks!

  7. its like what jingles always says: if it’s stupid but it works….

  8. At 3:25 you can clearly see him aiming for the New York.

  9. Would ramming count as romance?

  10. make speed 0.5 to see how Jingles is drunk

  11. Only one word can describe this: BANZAI!

  12. logan Random last name this is the Internet

    Omg dr who

  13. Anyone else say “Kirov Reporting” when Jingles mentioned the cruiser?

  14. 10:55 There is a VERY GOOD reason that the Fujin/Kamikaze R is so VERY

    And I am being serious when I say that; They are PROBABLY the single most
    easy premium to earn a LOT of profit with!

    I rarely get less than 200k profit when I play my Fujin on a premium
    account, and the few times I don’t make anything – is when the enemy team
    are all actually so good with dodging torpedoes that it does not matter if
    I was never spotted once – they all seem to drastically change course every
    single time their detection warning goes off.

    Luckily at tier 5, those sorts of matches are rare. What one REALLY must
    worry about at all times in the Kamikaze/Fujin is running into a gunboat DD
    at close range…

    I bought the Sims 3 days ago (I already owned Yubari from CBT, and the
    package was awesome, came with Sims, Yubari, 2 port slota, 2500 gold, and
    14 days premium for $40 US, and because I already owned Yubari, instead I
    got 4750 gold and 1 extra port slot, which I then filled with the Diana!)

    And I am LOVING the Sims! I never knew her gun firing arcs were so damned
    good for a DD, so that you can keep all 4 guns on target even when VERY
    heavily angled! Something the Blyskawica is not so good at, as you have to
    be pretty broad to fire all 7 guns at one target and the torpedo arcs are
    relatively narrow as well…

    Anyway between Sims amazing firing arcs, and from what I can tell, best IN
    GAME turret traverse of just 5.29 seconds for a 180, as well as those guns
    that reload in 2.93 seconds, when I was screening I literally RIPPED every
    other DD I have ran into at 8km or less to shreds in a matter of moments!

    Also, I used to think the 9.2 km torpedoes were worthless, THEY AREN’T!
    They just are NOT your main source of damage, they are best used from
    stealth against a target that cannot see you, and you do not plan to shoot
    at. Then proceed to find an area with a LOT OF enemies lit up, drop a BIG
    smoke cloud (Sims has a VERY long smoke charge) so that you can maneuver to
    avoid torps or the occasional accurate blind fire, and then just BEGIN THE
    DEATH – the Death of a million cuts and fires!

  15. At 6:05 I would have yelled BANZAI!!!!!!!!! In the chat XD

  16. Colonel Sandfurz

    I have seen that replay 3 weeks ago on “WasingSomeTime Gaming”.
    Are these players spamming all YouTubers with their replays?

  17. Where should i look for instructions on how to send replays in?

  18. anyone wants to trade shifts in the salt mine? My legs are starting to hurt

  19. 9:30 I have done that to a full HP Nagato in my Fujin, THAT was the
    easiest, what, 65k damage, that I have ever earned!

  20. Jingles when when are you going to have something for 500 subs

  21. I often do the same with smoke screens. You only need one screen to cover
    yourself from the enemy, and if the enemy destroyer provides one, why waste
    one yourself?

  22. History is a fun subject but some people need help writing their
    assignments well today is your lucky day.

  23. One day i shall get a Video shown on this channel. Must try harder. 7 kills
    in a Murmansk not good enough. 5 kills in a Imperator Nikolai I trolling
    BB, cruisers and DD with WASD hax isn’t good enough. What can I do?

  24. Kamikaze R is for Plebian Scrublords! Fujin is the REAL DEAL for actually

    It is a well known fact that the mouth at the bow of the Fujin was
    scientifically designed to swallow Battleship souls in a single gulp, that
    it kills them so hard that they detonate the next 3 matches in that ship in
    a row!

    Seriously though, if you see a Fujin, you are looking at an OG Torp-Master!
    If you see a Kamikaze R, you are looking at a Torp-Master wannabe, one who
    only jumped on the torpedo dispenser bandwagon because they were killed
    mercilessly by OG Torp-Masters such as myself!

  25. Harbinger Reaper

    So…if I’m late, do I get a reply from Jingles?

    Am I doing it wrong?

  26. Actually this guy’s playing the Kami how she’s meant to be played. GG. And
    rumor has it Jingles was spotted on the PT server this week by NA server
    players. Is it true? In any case, you ARE enjoying summer aren’t you?

  27. Total balance spoiled game supported with planty of unvalivable cheats
    making destoyers even fast to win 1vs1 duels agaist battleships.

    Total stiupidity any histry never notices!!!

  28. nice :-)

  29. oh wow this game seems pretty awesome! where can i buy it?

  30. Oh shit im early! Better think of something funny, fast…

    I would make a joke about the tog, but im afraid it would be too long….*failed
    2012 joke*….badum tss???? Fuck I dont know what im doing.

  31. Jingles, how much would I have to pay you to be in a “Adult film”?

  32. Hey Jingles, do you accept PvE replays at all, I have a great match from
    the WoWS Test Server.

  33. Wait jingles there was romantic when he was heading to that New York at was
    line they were run to each arm an they the guy or girl turns away an she we
    can’t be together am on the other team , so bad wolf goes ok an shoots
    toros at him or she

  34. I was just enjoying my morning, eating cereal watching World of Warships
    before leaving to help set up a fireworks stand and then my spoon fell in
    the cereal bowl and is now covered in milk…..fuck my life.

  35. Sigh…Why don’t I ever see BB drivers this “target focused”???

  36. At least one 15pt Kamikaze captain per side :>

  37. Thanks RA Jingles….again. Very much enjoy watching and listening to your

  38. i suppose that in a sense it is bad that in world of warships and its
    replays it is far easier to make fun of the misfortunes (RNG) and ignorance
    (noobs and newbs alike) of captains when you compare with tank commanders
    from wot.

  39. Just got back from having all of my wisdom teeth out, return to see a
    jingles video, thanks :)

  40. The Kamikaze R , another one of the Ships that are so overpowered that
    Wargaming only puts them up for sale when they are in need for a little bit
    of extra Money to finance one of there many Events like Tank Fest etc.

  41. Jingles?
    Just so’s you know, that gif…yeah.
    Oh, and I was wondering, that Stalin action figure you mentioned in the
    Tank Fest video? Who makes it?

  42. op torpedo abuse , it is killing the game. Unlimited torpedo ammo is the
    biggest Greek tragedy since World of War Planes went public. You want
    balance? Make all ammo types limited to a cap based on size, class of the

  43. I am offended by the level of ineptitude displayed by some battleship

  44. I can only imagine the number of noobs that will try to do exactly as he
    did and fail miserably.

  45. Mission Impossible references? I see that :)

  46. Patrick Grænge Hansen

    wait jingles is below 500k subs!!!

  47. A wild BB appears!
    Player chooses DD!
    BB used Early game Barrage!
    DD spotted BB!
    DD used Suicide run!
    BB used Kill it with fire!
    DD`s attack wasn’t very effective
    BB`s attack missed!
    DD used ramming speed!
    BB dodged the attack!
    DD used smoke screen!
    BB used Broadside barrage!
    DD used torpedoes!
    BB`s attack wasn’t very effective!
    DD`s attack was SUPER EFFECTIVE!

    BB was killed
    DD won the fight!

  48. We demand more!!

  49. Jingles, last four torpedoes from the first spread were launched at the
    battleship, didn’t you see how Bad Wulf aimed BEHIND the Omaha?

  50. I’m so jelly. Wish I had teamates like that guy. In 2-3 hours my win ratio
    went from a 56% to 51%. All due to incompetent teammates. sigh.

  51. Top job to Bad_Wolf. He played really smart.
    But I also felt like vomiting as soon as those Battleships started turning
    broadside on to him despite every possible opportunity being given to them
    to make the most it.
    But as it goes in WoWs. Battleships will continue sailing in straight lines
    and think that their torpedo belts are interpenetrate.

  52. I have a boner

  53. Love your content jingles. You should do a Video about your fav tanks and
    show game play of them. Please jingles would love to hear from your
    perspective. If you can’t can you please show a T-30 game play. Love your

  54. I always fire me guns in a JNP, if they pointed in the right direction,
    ‘cos guns are quicker to shoot. :)

  55. What you mean it lacked romance? It had a lot of pointy sticks hitting soft
    underbelly of the ships…..

  56. Jack Clark (Jackarooneyroo)

    Ah, fuck you Jingles. It’s 3:3o AM here, I need my sleep! Anyways, great
    video! Stupid battleship drivers, haha… But, I do have a question. I took
    advantage of the Steam Summer Sale event and got Fallout 4 for half price.
    Do you have any mods you recommend? I have a few in mind, but I’d like to
    know your favorites. Anywho, have a good day and see ya next time!

  57. is jingles married?

  58. There is nothing more suspicious than a destroyer who isnt firing his guns
    at you…or when there is a long pause between salvoes.

    But seriously, you need to stop promoting basic manouvering tactics,
    Jingles. You will ruin my DD statistics.

  59. I luv use Kamikaze to charge at BBs and deliver torpedoes at point-blank
    range, this satisfy me a lot… ;)

  60. Harrison Rawlinson

    Yay, that ship game

  61. it had romance, Romance of the torpedos and mindless battleship captains!

  62. Badwolf: “Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!”

  63. who the fuck is up right now? its 3:47 for me in the morning

  64. Seal clubbing :)

  65. He’s using a captain with concealment expert btw.

  66. Interesting DIY project: Take a pair of goggles. Glue a used toilet paper
    roll to each of the lenses. Put on the goggles. Congatulations! You now
    have the same cone of awareness as a battleship captain!

  67. “rule for jap DDs: never fire your guns”…yeah, that maybe counts for low
    tiers, but if you never ever use your guns on the Fubuki/Kagero/Shimakaze,
    you are doing something wrong. They are not gun boats by any means, but
    that doesn’t mean that their guns suck. Infact, the guns are quite

  68. Nevermind that Japanese destroyers have the best fire chance of the three
    DD lines. Get them to flood, wait for DC to run out then set fires that
    can’t be stopped.

  69. Quick! Someone Que the Torpedobeat!

  70. General Cartman Lee

    The battleships have an excuse, they were too far away from the map border
    and that’s something BB drivers like these are very unfamiliar with.

  71. Meatballs for life

    Bad_Wulf, the bigdogg of WoWs, (you will know bigdogg if you watched the
    first replay competition in WoT)


  73. Jingles, the commentary is in advance of the action.

  74. It really does amaze me how many BB players tunnel vision, dont keep one
    eye on the map and dont use the steering… Meanwhile, im just laughing my
    ass off as two Hatsuharus and a Fubuki are all launching torps and shooting
    me at less than 6 km with my Tirpitz, killing all three of them with
    gunfire and one torpedo, while only eating one torp myself…

  75. I love to watch WoT and WoW. And i love to watch People WHO doesnt scream
    all the time… How is this the first vid of yours i watch? xD

  76. I still have a better game with a lower tier and without a 15 skill

  77. Jingles, you scrub.
    3) ????
    4) Profit
    Learn your memes.

  78. Kamikaze + CE -> Profit…

  79. Bad Wolf Bad Wolf Bad Wolf Bad Wolf Bad Wolf Bad Wolf Bad Wolf Bad Wolf

    ‘It’s the end of the Universe’

  80. bad_wulf probably has seen mad max

  81. Miroslav Makovec (Acada)

    Jingles, please, stop promoting the WASD hack. As DD driver I found it more
    difficult to aim properly and drink my tea at the same time.

  82. In the trenches with Cas

    Mate first time I have ever seen world of warships I may be converted..

  83. wish we could see a warships video from jingles that wasn’t in a low tier

  84. you know what’s funny? changing your course and speed ISN’T THAT HARD in a
    BB if you’re paying attention, And i’m a NEWB so why is it that people keep
    sailing in straight lines when there’s DD’s in their location.

  85. romance = getting close up and sliding on the side of a friendly battleship

  86. Hate to say it, but this is Kamikaze Tactics 1on1, if you play it
    successfully, you play it like this, sad to say I had more impressive games
    in it 😉 *cough *cough

    Still, great highlight Jingles!

  87. Jignles wanna look at a god BB battle go to World of warships replay
    website and look at tor223

  88. i had this on full screen …. and i tried to click the battle on button :)

  89. Badwulf and Bespin both had concealment expert, suggesting 15point or more
    captains. No surprise badwulf could charge the other guy like he did, guy
    knows exactly what he’s doing. :)

  90. You need incompetent players to be able to do this.
    My own record is about 120k damage, but that was in the Minekaze or the

  91. RemusKingOfRome5

    bot clubbing

  92. Where Are you from?

  93. Or average

  94. In wot is 57.10 win rate good of bad?

  95. Clement Chong Ke Ming

    Jingles! I know it’s your thing to get stuff wrong but the Kamikaze has
    533mm torps not 610mm ones.

  96. “610mm torpedoes”

    Actually Jingles, the Kamikaze is only equipped with 533mm torpedoes…


  97. This is such crap, the Kamikaze on the NA server has a 6.1km detection
    range with 7km range torps. The EU server Kamikaze has it easy compared to
    the NA server ships.
    It’s still impressive that he did so well but…

  98. Jingles you forgot the ??? step.

  99. One of my favorite YouTubers.

  100. thanks for the upload. special thanks to the excellent play of the kamikaze
    r. gg.

  101. how does this ship differ from the minekaze?

  102. It’s true, playing a Japanese destroyer like an American destroyer seems
    stupid ( and it definitely is), but it can be pretty funny and satisfying
    when it works.

  103. 15 min and so many comments… wow you people have big mouths

  104. I’m sorry but every time I see Rulebreaker, I’m reminded of the Fate//stay
    night series……………….. It’s that bloody boat game again! XD

  105. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    You wanna break rules in wot ? PLAY USSR , IT HAS USSR BIAS

  106. On the first salvo 4 of the torps were aimed at the New York and 2 at the
    Omaha…pay attention :)

  107. I love the surprise when people realize I’m an actual competent BB player.

  108. Suicidal tactics in a ship called Kamikaze? Why am I not surprised.

  109. Legend has it if you’re this early you may get a reply from the Mighty
    Jingles himself….

  110. It’s that bloody boat game again….

  111. Oh look an early video still lemme check if the legend is true…ahhhh SALT

  112. RandomAppleGaming

    six hundred and fifty eighth!

  113. Jingles do Smoking reviews!

  114. Who needs sleep when there’s a jingles video. :)

  115. ACyually Jingles…those 4 torpedoes looked like they were aimed at the new

  116. 27th to comment!

  117. Jingles xcom 2 is coming to consoles. Should I get it?

  118. Cédric Coulombe

    I just started playing world of warship again for the weirdest reason
    i bought Hearts of Iron IV

  119. Battleship Nagato

    I’m early, time to make a joke:

    The Labour party leadership!

  120. hi jingles

  121. paul you are doing good work. I enjoy your videos and I hope you are happy.
    hope Rita is doing well. I have a question. WERE YOU EVER IN COMBAT IN THE

  122. Yay, jingles uploaded a video, now I can watch it and go to bed

  123. I heard if you asked jingles nice enough he won’t put you in the salt mines
    please jingles

  124. I think you should redo the WoWS intros

  125. YEAH!

  126. Last time I came thid early my girlfriend broke up with me

  127. Oh the amount of cash I’d pay to be Jingles’ neighbour xD

  128. EEhhhh… Let’s make a joke:

    Infinite Warfare.

  129. almost first

  130. damn I’m early

  131. yohannes winters


  132. Actually guys, Jingles in first…

  133. Hooray,114

  134. Ђорђе Добрић

    Jinglesa you shoud really bring us some war thunder stuff,at least one
    video for god sake -_-

  135. The Killing Joke

    I’m first, better make a joke….

    Jeremy Corbyn.

  136. buttblaster biggs


  137. Video uploaded 52 sec ago and already 58 views

  138. I’m second ?

  139. hello jingles!!!

  140. 777

  141. 32 seconds and all ready 17 views

  142. Hey

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