World of Warships – Run, Forrest, Run!

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The USS Forrest Sherman, a Cold War destroyer built for AAW and ASW that only has three guns. How are they going to make this work?

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  1. They need to add the USS Hull to the game with it’s single 8 in gun for the memes of course

    • @The Hallow Phoenix I think you are talking about the Soviet destroyer Engles, fitted with a 305mm recoilless gun

    • @Kujo Marisa and then there was the germans of all people attempting to slap 14 inch recoilless rifles under ju288’s to take out ships with

    • Despite of “fun” aspect of 8in guns, the reload on these guns is terribly slow (like 12 rpm). WG can make them work with super accuracy, range and dmg per shell, but i think it will be
      frustrating at close range.

    • @Nitryl44 12 rpm is 1 a round every five seconds even faster than the Des Moines if I recall correctly

    • @raptor4916 so it’ll be a mini-Elbing then (Cruiser killer with large caliber guns and improved pen angle US cruiser’s AP). Sounds like it’ll be interesting.

  2. Fresh out of production! Love it when it’s still warm!

  3. so funny when jingles refers to flambas only as montanaprincess XD

  4. Hello Jingles! Just wanted to say thank you for bringing a smile to my face during these trying days. I have been rewatching some of your older content to be specific, the Farcry 6 series. I found the “Revolution” jokes hilarious. Thank you Marcus from Sweden.

    PS. Love seeing the Swedish destroyers especially the Halland, since I was born in that county!

  5. The title should have been “Gun, Forrest, Gun!”

  6. Judging by the direction this game is heading, missiles wouldn’t really be surprising tbh

  7. Well, MontanaPrincess is Flambass 🙂

  8. That destroyer captain displayed phenomenal situational awareness and positioning.

  9. @Bobby M i wasnt paying attention to his ign during his vid lol

  10. Hope you are doing well in your new house, Jingles!

  11. Shocking how the Midway threw the match.
    One of the most relevant damage dealers at Tier 10, and he moves into gun range from a flank while the enemies move into said flank.

  12. 12:30 Yes, that is really happening, I was watching this “live”(I watched Flambass’s clip from his livestream on his channel). The guns are firing every roughly 0.8 seconds consistently. For some perspective of how much DPM this ship can put out, that’s 225 shells per minute.

  13. I love that you can hear Jingles rubbing his hands together with glee at 6:40.

  14. The strange torpedo tube arrangement is historically accurate for the class as built. The fixed tubes were used with homing torpedoes, which are not on the ship in-game.

  15. Thank you Jingles for taking care of us during your moving, I hope everything goes smooth and as planned 🙂

  16. If you’re talking monitors don’t forget Lord Clive with its 18″ gun.

  17. @Bobby M I want to know the story behind the name… 🙂

  18. @Charles Gilley Just postet it under another comment lol
    He changes his names based on community votes. He hates the Montana. Of course the community suggests and then votes for such a name 😀

  19. He does this periodically to try to keep people from figuring out that it is him so he can actually get to enjoy some battles without everyone shrieking, “IT’S FLAMBASS!” Also, it lets him sneak up on unsuspecting “unicorns.”

  20. Never ask the internet for name suggestions….. Ever…….

  21. BB’s don’t have a counter play for much atm….

  22. What’s funny about this is the fact it was my 1st ever match in F. Sherman, which is why at the beginning you see me checking out ship close-up, guns, torps, angles etc.
    Also I didn’t yet know how good SAP is which is why I spent early game shooting HE.
    This thing truly is a little monster.
    Thanks old man, for showing this match and enriching it with your commentary <3

  23. – WG introduces missiles
    – community rages, but WG insists they’re a fine addition to the game
    – community uses missiles to snipe CVs at the start of the battle
    – WG removes missiles saying they were…. too popular

  24. @Charles Gilley he basicly let his viewers change his name every month by voting..

  25. I guess BoatyMcBoatface was already taken…

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