World of Warships – Run, Rabbit, Run!

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In which Mrs Butchers’ Boy racks up a frankly disgusting number of kills against the most endangered species in World of Warships.

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  1. Poor Tier V cruisers. A moment of silence for those Tier V cruisers citideld during these battle.

    • And for the new players who have no prospects of getting anything better.

    • Random ChineseBoi

      lol this is actually stupid, whenever I get in my BBs and meet the tier 5 Cruisers, all i get is overpen even though I aim at the citadels…

  2. Overlord Jingles, you are quite Mighty ( like the Mouse, the Ducks, Morphin Power Rangers, and homophonically similar to the Sharp barbershop in Coming To America) are you still a Rear Admiral or just being humble since your promotion to Full Frontal?

  3. Nothing as enjoyable as hearing our Gnome Master laughing his arse off over these kills, so pure.

  4. Oh Mighty Gnome Overlord, have you had a change of heart? Or has the Tube of You decided to allow us to clip your videos without your consent, again?

  5. Celebes is named after an Indonesian island (Sulawesi), as part of the Java-class cruisers. Never build though, the order was cancelled after Java and Sumatra were finished.

  6. 6:44 This ship is named after an island in the Dutch Indies just east of Borneo, and I’ve predominantly heard it pronounced “seh-leh-bees”. It comes from the old Indonesian name for the island “Sulawesi”.

  7. I wish for more broadsiding cruisers in my games but they tend to be on my team ;-;

  8. Should’ve named this clipped, “cruiser crusher”?

  9. Austria might not be known for its navy now, but nearly everyone, I think, has heard the name of an Austrian U-boat ace… Georg von Trapp. WW 1 11 cargo ships plus 2 cruisers sunk and one merchant vessel captured.

    • And of course, as each one sank, he and his crew sang toward it in unison, “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.”

    • @Wolfeson28 ha! The hills are alive with the sound of mucus… (never much cared for the movie. I started calling it the sound of mucus when I was a kid.)

    • Fips von Fipsenstein

      Only Americans can do that …
      As a child I already knew the tragic story of the SMS Szent Ishtvan (4th and last sister ship of the Viribus Unitis). The KuK Navy had enough (real) ships for a complete research tree up to Tier V (partly up to VI) incl. DD split. At least the SMS Tatra has already made it into the game. And for the rest there are designs, which were taken over from the Yugoslavian Navy and later even built there in some cases.
      I learned about the Trapp family only in my twenties, through an ancient movie that is shown here every 30 years or so, and that my mother desperately wanted to see at that time.

  10. Jingles identifying ships:”You’ll have to take my word for it.”
    Yeah right, Pull the other one, it’s got bells on!

  11. Jingles, as someone who plays almost exclusively in British Light Cruisers, please stop telling people to shoot at us, hard mode doesn’t need to be any harder! XD

  12. Was that in CBT? I remember playing her in 2016 I think, and she had the double turrets in C hull or something.

    Also, she used to have awful armor IIRC, but it was buffed A LOT at some point.

  13. Tier V cruisers: if I just let them citadel me enough, I will eventually be able to grind out of having to play a tier V cruiser

  14. I had exactly the same experience with the Furutaka. It was considered the worst Tier 5 ship back then. One week after I made it to the Aoba, they changed it to the current configuration.

    One terrible thing about old Furutaka was that unless you show a lot of broadside, you would only have two single gun turrets available to fire.

  15. After seeing this. All I can ask is why can’t I get that kind of shell grouping with my VB?

  16. A BB player who knows when to load the HE? This guy is going places.

  17. Gustavo Santos da Silva

    I remember that. it was an awful grind!

  18. I absolutely hate low tier cruisers with gun arrangements like that even if it comes with some advantages on some ships

  19. Should have her. You can still have fun at mid tiers.

  20. I’ve realized something. I can’t watch steamers of WoWs play their matches because they usually aren’t running a nice commentary during the match. Especially ones where they get factoids wrong but sound great while doing it.

  21. I need the voiceline: “Enemy vehicle spotted!” on my Jingles Captain now.

  22. Tier 5 cruisers be like: ” Most things in here don’t react well to bulletsh.”

  23. Being the most heavily armoured Tier V cruiser is like being the smartest Kardashian.

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