World of Warships – Run Rabbit, Run

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In which Dr.Rabbit takes the Nelski out for a spin and plays his best game ever.

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  1. Morning Jingles! Hope you’re having a good one.

  2. That battleship skin should come with -5 concealment

    • Darkness Nighthingale

      Trying to pull a red baron. If everyone can see identify you, your kills are easier to confirm.
      Just don’t see how it’d be smart for a ship..

    • Yeah thats the Christmas/new years camo i belive.

    • it’s kitschy and tasteless.

    • The Russians like looking at it from their space station

    • When Wargaming released ‘clear’ camos, I was just flabbergasted.

      For those who don’t know, ‘clear’ camos are clear coats of ‘paint’ that give your concealment a boost without changing the ‘natural’ colours of your tank/ship. It is EXACTLY as stupid as it sounds.

  3. The Nelski is proof that Russia made the best paper battleships.

  4. Wow, the clawback to victory by Dr. Rabbit

  5. I love the constant dinging of the engine order telegraph (throttle control) for most of the game. lol

  6. Panagiotis Deligiannis

    What the dude pulled off was great. Sure it requires some luck as his teammate later implies in the chat. But he is indeed really skillful; I love the fact that given the gameplay he appears to be calm and focused in each one of his shots.

    • That guy is from the clan EMPOR which is ranking in the top5 on EU server when we talk competitive gameplay

  7. G.I. In The Wasatch

    I find it very amusing that the Cherboug said “play lotto man” at 13:04 after the Nelski mentioned that this was their first game in 4 days. 😂

  8. No Expert Gaming

    “The Musashi, the Yamato or higher…” Do you reckon we will get orbital lasers before this game runs out of steam? (Pun intended) 😜

    • Shiki and Incomparable maybe?

    • Thomas Kositzki

      You’re unrealistic!
      Nuclear torpedos, that’s more sensible. 😛
      They actually existed, Soviet submarines equiped those since the 50’s to blow US Carrier Groups out of the water. I bet WeeGee reads this and thinks “Very balans, we will add soon!” XD

    • @Thomas Kositzki I mean, Yuro tweeted something about nuclear carriers with F-4 Phantoms recently (just shopped, but hey!), which doesn’t even sound that far off for WG rn, so who even knows at this point? I’m just glad I got out of the game before all this nonsense started…

  9. All I could hear in my head when the rampage started was “Jesus Christ…That’s Jason Bourne!”

  10. Finally, everyone is capable of using 100% of their brain cells at the end.

    This is a rare sight indeed.

  11. WoW! That was an amazing game, was there some luck sure, but a shed load of skill, situational awareness and consumable usage too. Manouvering a bb like that is alot more difficult now with the new sub compatible grounding system. Really really impressive game! One of the best ever on this chanel I think. Apparently according to chat it was his first game in 4 days so he should probably take breaks more often.

  12. 9 kills sweet! – amazing how many flay broadsides were given to a Lenin at that sort of range though.. madness – well played

  13. Deserved more base xp for that performance – hell of a game

  14. I like the way he managed his shots. I always just unload a full salvo, even if it’s too much for a low-health target. I’ll have to try firing single shots too.

    • That is the correct thinking. Seeing someone doing it correctly for the situation and then trying to do it yourself. Very good

  15. I love watching these. I haven’t played World of Warships for years but watching these matches is great!

  16. Put an excellent player, who is able enough to give RNG the time to decided whether to kiss him or not in a very stronk ship (some might even say OP), make him top tier and you’ll get a match like this one.
    And allthough the map awareness was exceptional, what really made me giggle is the fact, that his entire battle took place in more or less two map squares and the enemies just kept throwing them self at him.

    Anybody seen Tucker & Dale vs. Evil? ( highly recommended, if not! )

    Tucker: All right… I know what this is.
    Dale: What?
    Tucker: This is a suicide pact.
    Dale: It’s a what?
    Tucker: These kids are coming out here, and killing themselves all over the woods.
    Dale: My God, that makes so much sense.


  17. SanitaryCockroach

    Good game, props to the Farragut for playing like a champ at bottom tier. Congrats to Rabbit and his team for pulling through. Thanks for the fun video Jingles!

  18. Definitely a harmless MC-kun

    damn~ he’s definitely the protagonist of this story… Good work brother Dr.Rabbit.. Great respect to the two enemies too~

  19. I had a 17 torp high and 176k damage game in my t5 T22 DD yesterday… and it was a loss.

    I just got up and walked away.

  20. I had a run of what was, in likelihood, mostly my own incompetent play and sold my Nelski in a rage-sell moment. While I still remember being barbecued by HE cruisers, I wish I had not been so hasty.

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