World of Warships – Run, Rabbit, Run!

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A ship’s gotta do what a ship’s gotta do. And sometimes what a ship’s gotta do is RUN AWAY! The problem is that most players have no idea when that time has come…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. If the Ohio sailed during WWII, this would of been the American’s way of saying “Good Morning” to the IJN.
    Edit [Hint]: Google how to say “Good Morning” in Japanese.

    • @Curious Entertainment can you imagine the outcry if 12 eighteen inch shells were heading towards your team? 🙂

    • Al Gaean a tremor in the force as thousands of sailors cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

    • Now if the Tillman battleships have sailed during WW2 that definitely would be the American’s way of saying “Good Morning” to IJN.

    • if they had sailed ships with guns that big in ww2 they would have broken down & taken a very long time to repair since they didn’t exactly carry those guns in stock 😛
      thus iowa 16″ guns & planned montana with 16″ guns

    • @Jaurl Z I wouldn’t be so sure. The Tillman Battleships were a series of concepts that were drawn up around 1916-17. The final concept was armed with 18″ guns, and had maybe one or two been built the necessary infrastructure to supply and maintain these guns would be in place before WWII. By the time we actually started development of an 18″ gun the 16″ guns were well established and considered sufficient. That and since it proved air power would win the Pacific, there really was no use for an 18″ gun by the time Georgia or Ohio would be designed.

  2. 123 views club! Wait, end scores were 882 to 863, how did the runners team not win?

  3. Die Jingles forget again that the GK has 12 guns even using the 420mm guns?

  4. “German BBs cannot be citadeled”
    Does that even matter? The German BBs are the msot power crippled ships in the game now… You don’t take a 15k citadel but you take 22k dmg from normal pens …

  5. Jingles, how many times do we have to tell you both 406 and 420 on GK are 3 gun turrets ie.12 guns for both options

    • @MadCourier 6 jingles: I just love the young people

    • Umm? Mario k, if you have a useful piece of string handy .. measure it out, carefully .. until you have ‘enough’; that will give a rough estimate of just how many times are likely to be needed to make a TMJ turn (full-steam ahead, on a steady course, and enjoying hits on a nice broadside). He’s a real treasure. ;0)
      In other words: don’t give up .. but don’t hold your breath .. you’ll lose either way – but one of the options can kill you.

    • Although to be fair, I think the 406’s fire faster, so the “Throw more shit at the wall” still applies. Same amount of shit per volley, but more shits per minute thrown.

    • Perhaps he’ll get it now it isn’t an option on Conqueror.

    • @jtc120880 A real TMJ type answer .. Bravo!

  6. At a range of 5.6km the Bismark probably managed to get torpedos away… Really Jingles… lol

  7. That Hipper not only threw away the win, he threw away a Solo Warrior.

    Also, I wonder why the last match was counted as a defeat (if it indeed was… you don’t show us a scorecard, do you Jingles?). They clearly had 882 vs 863, and he even killed the cancer with 1 second left.

  8. bismarck doesnt have torpedoes
    GK always has 12 guns
    it was a daring, not a gearing
    german armor is not really that amazing

    never change

    • @Scott Drone-Silvers That’s like witnessing a robbery and advising another witness to walk away instead of calling the police. Thanks, mate, but we can all decide what to do for ourselves, so you can take your notes about others’ opinions and sod off into the sunset.

    • @Fones R Phunny Well yeah, you try being an older retired navy gentleman making commentary on a video using a small window to review said video. He clearly knows a lot about both major Wargaming titles with all you see that’s correct in videos, not to mention he occasionally drops (not at all incorrect) information about the history of some of these ships.

      Not to mention Jingles doesn’t exactly pretend to be a good player, but officers who aren’t marksmen aren’t told “piss off you can’t shoot like me, don’t tell me how to do my job in relation to overall strategy”

    • Nothing German in this game is amazing. Downright shit actually. The Russian stuff however…….

  9. And on that bombshell the enemy team actually lost. Jingles never change.

  10. Jingles: “And Absoluti there in the Gearing…” *looks at screen* Oh Jingles, never change 😀

  11. Jingles… dear… the end score at the end of the video was 882 – 863

    Runner’s team DID win lol.

  12. dumb video making 101

    If you pause at 26:54 you’ll see that the friendly team actually did overtake the enemy team on points there, so they did actually win.

  13. Actually Jingles, They DID win. The final Score is 882 : 863 for green.
    Never Change, Jingles

    • I was wondering if I was the only one who noticed that. LOL! Jingles, you are so crap!

    • @GONE SEXUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL What’s going on here is that you’re talking about the first match in this video but the comment you’re responding to is talking about the second match.

    • I was just about to comment on that. Jingles, you sure that bed isn’t a double bunk? Take you time, I’ll wait right over here with Absolutee and his Daring.

    • @David Whitfield , perfect call. This one is so close it is a matter of code implementation. It looks like the clock timer has priority.
      When the clock ticks to 1 second left, the killing shots have not landed. Before the clock expires (ticks to 0 seconds) the killing shots land. So, technically the red team should have lost. However, from this I suspect the code is implemented as follows. The shot connects the code first sets the ship to dead at the top of the screen. This happened nearly instantly. Before the clock reads 0, the CV was toggled to a dead ship. Next, the code updates the score. I got lucky and caught one frame (26:53) where Runner357’s team was ahead on points 875 to 871 just before the clock goes to 0 seconds. It is likely after updating the score, the code sends a flag to check win conditions. The code was likely in the process of checking win conditions when the clock ticks from 1 to 0. When the clock ticks to 0 the code checks the winning team. Because it didn’t have time to update, the winner, from the code’s perspective was still red.
      This code may have been brought over from WoT and nobody knows where to look to fix it. The reason I think this is that WoT did put in a work around where you have to survive 3-5 seconds after the clock expires to win.

    • @Dennis Uerling Yep I think they lost by the barest of margins. Jingles maybe crap (in a good way of course!) but mixing up a defeat from a victory screen is something even he couldn’t do … Also the guy who submitted it must have stated that his team lost after blowing such an unbeatable lead.

  14. Jingles, look at the score at the end

    Runner’s team won lol

  15. Actually Jingles, if you look closesly at the score at 26:54 you’ll see Runners team leading with 882 points to the enemy’s 863 points. Having more points as the game ends should result in a victory, unless the rules has been changed in the last 48 hours… Also, of all the ships to misidentify you pick HMS Daring and confuse it with USS Gearing? Shame on you. Next you’ll misidentify ships for classes that aren’t even in the game 😛

  16. Jingles you are undermining your own point a little here because they won the last match: 882 : 863

  17. If you play a Bismark and the enemy fear your torps. You probably playing against Jingles fans

  18. Jesus, this video is potentially the most jam-packed of Jingles moments of them all.

  19. Saying that the guy in the first video was mad at this team throwing when he committed suicide just to try and rack up damage numbers?… that’s really the Asashio calling the kettle black there…

    • I was thinking the same thing only it was more like wtf did the asashio do to save the game. He should have disengaged as he had the best chance of staying alive. Instead he got himself killed for nothing. Typical. I get so tired of idiots yelling and dieing then blaming everyone else for not saving their dumasses.

    • Was going to say the same thing.

  20. I dont think the ashashio has right to complain at his team loosing after throwing away his ship like that

    • Yes he does. He thought the game was in the bag, so he was taking a chance to eliminate a big bad BB. If he died, so what, his team could NOT be stupid enough to lose. But they were.

    • @Cameron LeCocq The mantra of wargamings player base, “It’s only stupid when other people do it”

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