World of Warships – Run stream-snipers RUUUUN !!!

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Apparently there were stream-snipers in enemy team so I decided to take him out 😉
It came to a point where enemy teams are being disgusted with stream-snipers that they themselves report it to me within the match itself. Hats down for fair play, you guys have my respect.
Enjoy and have fun watching


  1. There’s at least 1 in every match I play.
    I understand why you guys are not happy with minimap but that’s ranked for you….ppl have no shame
    And in premier league (where it rly matter because you’re close) I have to cover it because I don’t want to screw my teammates over by giving away their positions.
    If it makes you any happier, at least it works (considering your comments) and we were jumping through ranks a lot faster once they realized it won’t help them

    • +Prove Me WrongI love the poker analogies, good thing poker championsips are also broadcasted live. Yet competitors are not allowed to watch the live show are they? I wonder why, maybe because it would be considered cheating?

    • +Prove Me Wrong define cheating for us as mentioned in the games terms of service then get back to us with that weak arsed argument 😂

    • stream sniping’s pants. I don’t know if it’s possible to remove hans for the youtube playback videos (obviously long after the event) completely understand why you have to do it and happy enough but watching a procession of ships getting sunk although great is hard to learn from/appreciate without being able to see the wider context from the minimap (for me).

    • Is there a technic or setting option (or own procedure) to hide it for livestream, but free the map for utube redif next ?! I don’t follow livestream (I am never free when it happens anyway), only on utube, that could be great to see the map for the replay on utube 😊 (if possible utube without both ?Dunno)

    • +kilen a quick way around it would be to record the replay and overlay the map over the recording he uploads here but tbh with the way YouTube is just now he won’t get a lot in return for the effort.

      @flambass Maybe a middle ground for next season could be delay the footage locally and still be live on the mic for interaction with chat. We’d be a bit behind but at least we can still interact with you when we get caught up. What I did like seeing was the number of ppl on enemy teams that were calling out their own team mates 😉 gj guys, keep it up 👍

  2. I was on a winning streak in ranked tonight. The last game, just as the countdown went to zero the fucking internet service went out in the area and of course I got reported afk when we lost. I was more pissed than that team, but wargaming doesn’t give you a chance to message the other players because you don’t know who they are. Can’t even appeal. It is very difficult to communicate with wargaming in these situations. How the Hell could I help the damn ISP dropping the ball? Right now I’m so pissed I could spit nails.

    • I have experienced a similar thing, tried appealing and basically got the middle finger from them.

    • I played a match today and just as I was shooting enemy DD the ping spiked to 1.5k. Still won but would have been much faster if it was normal

    • Whenever my internet connection goes off I turn pink for next three matches. Wargaming must understand I don’t like the colour PINK, blue/red is better. 😀

  3. Stream snipers suck.

  4. Inside every cynical DD driver, there’s a damaged BB…

  5. i rather have a delay than not seeing the Map….

  6. No mini map not watching

  7. I can live without the minimap as long as you keep up the good music and the awesome gameplay 😀

  8. i am not here to see the mini map i want to see Flambass play screw the stream snipers if it is harder for them then go for it Flambass.

  9. When you fail even at stream sniping hahaha! And I thought I’m bad…

  10. My brain’s a little slow, too much time at work I guess. Took me awhile to figure out why we had the Island Hugger instead of a map.

  11. skeletaur skull night

    No kraken. …

  12. John Chucky Tomlinson

    I hate those dirty firty stream snipers.. And i love when you make them pay!! Because they are cheets, and you have to corver your mini map and I’m use to look at it to keep track of what’s happening.. And all i get to see now is poopsy lol!! Love when you play DD….🚢

  13. No 5 minute delay?
    edit: heard Your comment: respect!

  14. Thanks, Flambass. I needed cheering up and your video came just when I needed it.

  15. Have you reported the stream snipers and sent the evidence to WGing?

  16. Flambass…take a pic of a minimap of your team to a cap and past that on there. Have one for each map. Might be funny as hell if it works. That will teach em. Until they catch on anyway.

  17. A general point not related to this video but why to bb and cruiser captains sit back from caps, then when the dd’s been killed decide to move forward, if they came forward right from be begining they’d have a dd there to spot for them and make their lives so much easier….

  18. TrungVN the Purpdonkey

    A bit uncomfortable not seeing the minimap but welp it’s for the better

  19. XD stream snipers you say all i see is people trapped in a room with you 😛 than they gotta get out

  20. Haha, I usually do that as well just to end the game sooner as well. If I know my damage was not enough to appease the WG emperor, nothing I do will change it.

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