World of Warships – Run to the HILL

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USN tier 5 DD, the Hill is definitely not a bad DD. I don’t think there is anything out of the ordinary about it, as it fits in USN DD branch just fine, and it takes cares of enemies too.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Looks like a Mahan but at tier 5. Also NO PANTS HYPE!

  2. Confirmed….Flambino plays in his lucky underwear…..and nothing else!

  3. Its really funny when I heard the sound of the torpedo loading and a couple of spoons or forks at the same time. 😀 5:30

  4. Your complaining about playing this game in your underwear whilst missus citadel is putting meat in the oven?

  5. You should always visit the lower tiers. My personal opinion it can be a lot more brutal due to shorter ranges

  6. *cues Benny Hill theme*

  7. I had a 108k 7 kill game with the Phoenix not too long ago, I was blown away! haha

  8. Vulture_Grey: WOW

    Dang T5 DD’s really encourage the rush….I love it

  9. Russian Bias always protect.

    Iron Maiden “Run to the hills” <3

  10. Russian Bias always protect.

    It’s not a WiP anymore? 😮

    (1:48) Nvm XD

  11. .5 seconds after reading the name i went right to Iron Maiden and got excited for this video….sadly no Iron Maiden in the background of the video….?

  12. tyler blankenbiller

    “I’m not wearing any pants…” needs to be a new sound drop on your stream (@2:00+)

  13. Hey man im new to your channel i really enjoyed it. Thanks!

  14. Waaay too much information. We have no need to know the truth – that all streamers do it in their boxers. 😉

  15. So when are we getting some Friesland gameplay??

  16. Good ship not at all op. LOL My top dmg in a t5 is 151k in a kamikaze r. Top base xp too 4k bud hey i am not a unicum cc. player.

  17. Is there any reason to play such a ship when there is a Fletcher and Gearing 😉

  18. I love the lower tiers in both WOW and WOT. Not because of seal clubbing. Because as our man Jingles says ” If 15 people with over 20k games decided to play tier 5 it ain’t seal clubbing”. To me it is just that those vessels and tanks actually fought. Not paper things envisioned. Never did anything with this Military History degree I got 20 years ago but makes want to play the actual stuff. Be well and fun game. D.

  19. Ohkotnik benham hybrid?

  20. dat torp reload, USS Fujin/Kamikaze….

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