World of Warships – Running Amok – Akatsuki

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Sometimes going against the flow is the best way to get a lot damage.

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  1. First

  2. quite good. I just had a nice match in my Hatsuharu. so nice to see a good Akatsuki

  3. Good play. I agree with his shot onto the A cap despite being spotted. The cap was about to tick to captured and if he had landed those shots he would have saved his team around 40 points which is like a ship loss. So it was worth it as the Blys couldnt have returned fire in time and the BBs were too far away to land a shot realistically.

    I’m mostly a DD player having all the JPN DDs and I found the Akat to be my least favourite. I think it was just that I didnt give it a chance.

  4. Very good play! Now I wish bbs would sail I straight lines for me on my IGN dds 😂 how’s life slash? Busy busy?

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