World of Warships- Rush B!

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Some epic moments from Sunday’s Livestream!

P.S. I have no idea whats up with framerate in this vid, I apologize

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  1. The live stream was awesome…lol

  2. Glad to see your oh shit moment before the copyright hit. Not going to lie, that song has been in the background of many of my games.

  3. Hey your video is awesome💙

  4. SLM…..have you heard anything about when the Christmas Containers are arriving …?

  5. Butbutbut… where are the Glorious ships of the Soviet Navy? That doesn’t count !

  6. Thanks for the vid. Just a few times u dont time your firing with the speed of the enemy. Its an important skill to play this game. U can have more kills, but that stop you for having it.

  7. After all that pain to grind through Izumo i can only hope for compensation with YA-MA-TOOoooooo

  8. This is my clans’ plan going into games, but when someone gets shot at they all turn around and it all goes south.
    Then me the little DD is all alone trying to stealth torp the enemy.

  9. Holy. the more of the haragumo i see the more i want it that steady stream of HE is crazy.

  10. Love it and the music best yet. Well done.

  11. 😱😱 Me and my clan decided to do 1 bb 4 dds and the rest CA in our cv on Saturday xD. Two harus, two gearingskr a gearing/shima

  12. I love your video’s and if you keep this work up you can become as big as Notser.😁

  13. Just remember, DO-IT regularly does KOTS, and I would like to think we earn our position there.
    Whomstve your fighting matters just as much as their lineup of ships. 🙂

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