World of Warships – Rush middle

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You can rush middle on more than just two Brothers. You can go middle on pretty much any map, in fact it's advisable to go middle AND both flanks. Sometimes teams completely forget about 1 side and if you're watching minimap (that thing that some players get and some obviously don't) you can exploit it rather well.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. It is said that when you utter the name Flambass three times during a match in Two Brothers he will appear in the channel.

  2. 5 min game is that a world record?!? was so cool to watch laughed my head off 😀

    • Just think of it – they really didn’t need to sink that AFK cruiser and they didn’t have to shoot that DD, because he would never reach them in time. They could actually have that 0 damage win 🙂

    • I’ve once had similar five and half minutes game but that was just because the enemies dropped so fast they reached 0 points at the time… 😀 There was only 2 minutes of actual fighting, rest of the time went on the teams positioning themselves. It’s ridiculous and quite confusing when it happens.

  3. There are already Chinese ships in the game – some of the Pan-Asian line are communist Chinese and others are Taiwanese.

  4. Balázs Viserálek

    What is wrong with the hungarian navy? 🙂 We have great ships with archers.

    • The ships are too big and unruly.They have those huge decks (like Carriers)…after all,where else would the Hungarian horse archers would ride their horses?!?

  5. Monkey wrote in chat “See the Magic happen” I usually get a chuckle out of it, if somebody who writes stuff like that, then “Magically” dissapears from the minimap. because of “Magical” detection range, or “Magical” torps. The typical: I got this…oops i don’t! – moments make this game so funny.

  6. The enemy trembles and the waves in the sea swell even higher because of your tactic’s and leadership of others whom fight by your side. When the bloody hell are they going to learn to just cut tail and run from you? Bloody frickin good game Sir. Sail on and conquer the sea’s.

  7. When will we get Chinese ships? “Right after Hungarian Navy” I laughed out loud. But they did make up ships for a Soviet line? May not be too far off!

  8. that was unholy, and incredibly entertaining

  9. when I saw rush middle I was expecting a different map. 😉

  10. 3 DDs smoking…. literally chain smoker.

  11. “When will Chinese ships come …” “Submarines will never be introduced in WoWS …”

  12. “Oh Mr. Iowa we’ve got chocolate chip cookies, with caramel.” ?

  13. I am doing this fast capping in Standard battle ever so often when I see the enemy team spreads nicely to the flanks. As Flambass mentioned it is rather an educational thing because many players simply forget about the main objective. Last time I did this was in a tier 9 battle. I really got the 0 damage. Never tried to do that in a CV game, though. If you have 2 or 3 DDs and can perma-smoke it helps, of course.

  14. As a Hungarian, watching the great Soviet warships: why shouldnt we have an own tech tree? Or – seriously – no one knows the famous warships of my country: SMS Goulash, SMS Pálinka or SMS Puskás? They are at least as historical accurate as many ships are in the game. 😀

  15. “I love some hot dd action” lmfao!

  16. According to the spread sheet that North Carolina had fun

  17. Luís Fernando Rubin

    19:46 New series. “Things you can say in bed and in online games”

  18. Petition to place a ‘Property of Flambass’ sign in the middle of every map

  19. Spreadsheet says they all had a really good time.

  20. I did basically the same thing on a different map with in the mahan, though I was with a random teammate and the match was a bit further in, but both teams were very healthy and had some 8 ships on each side. They had a bb right by the cap, but he never went into it, and never blind fired. Plus they had a cv, who never even tried to spot the cap or reset or anything.
    Edite: #MidrushMondays

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