World of Warships- Russia, Ukraine, And Wargaming

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Hey guys, today we discuss the current Russian invasion of Ukraine and how it might affect the game, and also address some common comments I have seen here on the channel, stream, and around the community, enjoy.


Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Lesta is a russian company – its the developer of WoWs. WG is only a publisher.

    Lesta in the past recieved grants from the Russian Ministry of Defence – it was even visible on both of theirs sites.

  2. I’m a supporter of Club Brugge, or Club Bruges for the English people. One of our players, Eduard Sobol is Ukrainian and apparently and obviously he’s extremely worried about his home country. We have a game tomorrow, and I’m not sure if he will play, but you can be rest assured we have his back! And that goes for everyone in Ukraine!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to talk about this issue in a calm and rational manner. As you said, the world is crazy atm.

  4. The last few games I’ve been giving extra extra prejudice in hunting down % destroying Russian ships in game… Afterwards I kinda was thinking where did that come from? But it felt good.

  5. So the “Ghost of Kyiv” got a kraken. Well done to him

  6. It is a very nicely detailed video – I am happy you made a statement and this analysis on this matter. My opinion as a simple guy, only marginally affected yet by the conflict as a hungarian living in Hungary, that everyone (person, company, country) should make a statement on their behalf and in their capacity. For simple customers like most of us and streamers like you – making a statement urging for peace. For WG – yes, the bulk of their business operations is outside Russia/Belerus proper – it is still a russian company – I would expect a statement for urging for peace/ending of hostilities from their side as well -> I wonder if it will happen … if they do there is a chance that their studios will be closed by the respective government in Russia or Belarus, and there assets seized or frozen in those countries … we will see, it might be a “moment of truth”. On country level all of them should at least condemn Russia, if not even sending humanitarian aid or making other steps. I will continue playing the game, I do not plan to make any purchases in the recent future (not related any way to the last few days), I also refused to play russian ships in the past (again not related to the war, but because of the blatant russian bias for russian ships) … all-in-all I hope all prominent streamers, similarly to you, will make a statement in this question (and WG as well) … Greetings from Hungary!

  7. Thanks for the video and information. I agree with your thoughts on the matter. I’ve been checking out as many videos and information on the war from outside news services. I’m trying to limit mainstream media. From what I’ve read and heard, several Russian troops captured have stated they didn’t realize they were even in Ukraine and didn’t wish to fight. One captured soldier referred to Ukraine as brothers. So, who knows what to believe….

  8. Thanks for saying what a lot of us were thinking and expressing it in a balanced way. Political disclaimer was also thoughtful. Keep up the great streaming, SLM!

  9. While my opinion of Russia has been largely positive and I’ve always believed that the NATO has been trying to keep Russia in a corner even after the Soviet Union broke up, it’s horrible to resort to war after they showed signs of easing the tension.

    On top of that, I’m horrified with the fact that all the western powers are doing is throwing sanctions, leaving Ukraine to fight for its survival on it’s own. If sanctions had any significant meaning, Crimea would’ve been a part of Ukraine again by 2020.

  10. Thank you for this comment and also a shout out to the people in Russia which went to the streets to protest against the war, they are aware of the consequences they and their loved ones have to face. My deepest respect.

  11. This is a very good video and puts the issue into perspective.

    I think your comment about the real world economics and financial links is illuminating. The folks in WG (like all capitalist) are trying to keep their money coming in. To those individuals I would say time to move your operations.

    Like some in the post I will relish sinking Russian vessels. But if you want to irritate real Russians then go on to the test site.

    For some real world perspective. Wars are not fought on schedule. No plan survives contact. Even though the Russians may succeed they will only succeed due to mass nothing more. But it is apparent that the Ukrainian General staff have used 8 YEARS to prepare their army and country for war and it shows. The Russians have not kept to their time table and now have to fight for every inch of Ukrainian ground. Ukrainian soldiers and civilians will have died as Patriots. Russian families will have to ask what did my son die for?

    As Napoleon said: Morale is to physical as three is to one.

    Or as we say in Texas: Come and take it.

  12. Well said and thank you. I debated a pause on playing the game and came to the conclusion simply not fund to WG during the conflict. The money instead will go to the Red Cross to support their efforts providing support for the people affected by this pointless and uncalled for conflict in Ukraine.

  13. I have been playing WoWs for 6 years now. I enjoy the games and the friends that I share the game with. Most likely I will continue to play.
    I will also probably have some flashes of guilt for doing so.
    However, instead of spending any money with WG, I have donated $50 to International Red Cross. Not just to ease my guilty conscience, but to genuinely give some small assistance to the people of Ukraine. (TBH I’d rather send them a case of bullets)
    If you feel strongly about the Russian aggression, or worry about supporting the Russian Gov’t., this is a way to protest and really help the Ukrainian people. I am quite sure that any amount would be welcomed and well used. And it doesn’t have to only be the Red Cross – there are many other worthy organizations that are supplying aid and assistance. Don’t just talk about it, do something real and meaningful.

  14. Well said. I do wonder what WG’s plans are if this really goes south. I would think that they have all their intellectual property backed up in Cyprus. I imagine that satellite WoT and WoWs studios are being set up to support the non-RU servers.

  15. Well Said. SLM. Keep up the great content, and enjoy yourself. This war is blamed on a few people but will effect a lot. Think about this, it took the U.S. Military 3 weeks to go 90 miles into Baghdad. It took Russia’s military 2 days. Something Fishy is at play here.

  16. Godspeed to the People of Ukraine, who are showing themselves to be incredibly brave. Personally, I will not spend another cent on the game until Russia has left Ukraine, so it may be along time. Happy to keep playing, as that simply imposes a cost on the company. I can fund quite a lot of playing by selling my Russian ships. Good discussion and people should follow their conscience.

    • Same here. I’m a clan commander and have dropped several thousand on this game over the years. Not one cent more as long as they’re in Ukraine and/or Putin is not held accountable.

    • Same for me. I stopped playing the Game. I just do not enjoy playing the game anymore. Be it clever it not. Belarus and Russia have to change their way of politics. That is just my personal opinion being a dude living a good life without war for the last 30 years in Europe. Till now.

  17. @AdmiralFloofz sadly you are correct all that can stop him as long he has the finger on the nuke button are the russian people. i believe in them they stood up and said no in the 80s they can do it again.

  18. The form of economic sanctions against Russian-Belarusian aggressors is not playing and ignoring their product such as WOT or WOWS

  19. Salut din Arad!!

  20. While you are correct that Wargaming is only a small part of Russia’s overall income, the point is that sanctions, embargoes, and blockades are meant to stir the Russian people into acting. This is the time for civil disobedience. When you stop supporting a Russian company, that makes the company push back against the dictators and push for internal change. Personally I feel that everyone should simply stop playing WoWs and force Wargaming to take a stance. To push for the betterment of Russia.

  21. Оттон фон Унрат

    @Jeff Allen um, where then the others? U are funny too.

  22. An insightful and respectfully balanced commentary, thank you for sharing. (PS. I love the name, I saw him in the flesh once when I was a kid coming off the Royal Yacht Britannia in Cowes, he was a gentleman)

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