World of Warships – Russian balance = Perfect balance

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This ship almost never sizes to amazes me. It’s just….so….BALANCED
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Flamba, no need to count how many people you hit in a battle. U can just add the no. of ships killed(warships destroyed- 2 in this case) and no. of ships damaged(warships damaged-9 in this case) as seen in the 14:06 screen

  2. Please WG more russian bias, much balans ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  3. Today I got 6 cits on Moskva in 2 attacks with Haku:)

  4. “can we go low tier now?”, “what T9?” – based Peppa the shameless guy lol xD

  5. Memegrad bias balans division…lel

  6. Yeah… Stalingrad as CA while Shinyhorse as BB

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Last time I checked, Shinyhorse was german, and of course the Germans can’t have nice things because they invaded glorious Russia twice

    • Would you prefer a “cruiser” Scharnhorst at T10? No thanks I’m happy with where she is.

  7. You triple stalingrad savages…

  8. didn’t kill Moskva on 1 salvo, Stalingrad really needs a buff

  9. Working as intended and balanced is not the same thing. I can say that the Stalingrad is working as intended!

  10. but wgs comunity will fight you till blood for completely balanced stalingrad….

  11. As long as the money rolls in, nothing will get fixed how hard is that to understand?

  12. I can`t stop giggling in myself after deciding to take out the Stalin for a spin,
    that`s why i don`t play it often, i hate people that giggle.
    But balanced, yeah, sure.

  13. Stalingrad is perfectly balanced comrade. put ship on log, front and back not touch ground. see. Perfect Balance.

  14. 10:18 Pimp hand of Stalin shielding the little comrades.

  15. They should just add a radar cruiser class to the match maker, it’s not perfect but it would help.

  16. Any idea if we will be seeing a legendary mod for Harugumo Dareing, stalingrad any time soon.. well maybe not for stalin but tttt one can hope 🙂 ???????????

  17. This is the type of MM that make people quit.

  18. Saor Campos Oliveira

    Flambass: Triple Stalingrad division
    Me: what kind of evil you brought upon this cursed land?

  19. Poor Monkey is always getting picked on ??

  20. Played a game in my Kab with a Stalingrad on the other team. I was doing 44 to 48 kts changing course left and right and at 14 km the Stalingrad blew me apart like I was 3 km away. The shell velocity must be 1000 meters per second on that thing. The power creep is just getting out of control, and mix that with the CV “rework”, and the game is getting old very fast.

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