World of Warships – Russian BBs preview

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Here is the preview of tier 6-10 russian BBs.
It’s only in port but we will go through their stats, armor and looks in detail.
Leave you thought in comments below and have fun watching 😉


  1. Stronk STEEL!

  2. stalinium stronk glorious battlewagons….

    kremil= you build yamato….hold ma beer….

  3. Let me guess, Russian bias everywhere they could dare..

    Watches video: Yup… Including the hidden RNG favoritism all Russian vehicles get in their games. Yay!

    • +Joe That’s surprising because the sigma that I’ve heard about was 1.7.

    • Guys its a Russian ship.. trust me, the accuracy stat is not realistic to ingame performance lol.. Need I remind you of World of Tanks, with the Russian guns supposedly having 2x worse “accuracy” than German tanks, yet somehow magically shooting more accurate 8/10 times?

    • +Glupi Medo

      Stay bow on at medium to long range (their accuracy isn’t bad) GG no torps to worry about…

      Plus the wasd hacks doesn’t matter how horrid your turning radius is if you’re not keeping to the same speed.

      Are you playing the same GAME I am?

    • +Eternally Angelic i think i am 😛 Well, we will see when the RuBBs come live.

  4. I really dont mind having week more braindead gameplay!!

  5. Is this a dream? Flamba on PTS??

  6. Can someone tell me if signals and camouflages that are gained with containers get put in the inventories of every ship you have? Or do they get added only to the ship or nation you are currently playing to earn those containers?

    • Signals and camos are available to all ships, unless it’s a special camo tied to a certain ship. But those are usually premium special camos designed for certain ships and you can not get more than 1. If you’re getting multiple camos of same type that means they are a consumable and can be used on any ship.

  7. Those early tier ranges are pretty bad… you’ll be out ranged by higher tier cruisers pretty easily… As well as lower tier BB’s…

  8. “It Looks rather Small for a T9”
    That’s a 59,000 ton ship.
    Oh Flam you Funny.

  9. Amount of shell damage is not only dependent on the width of the shell but length of the shell body too.
    In a longer shell body you can cram more high explosives.
    For example the American Heavy series 457mm experimental shell weighed 1,750 kg because it has a longer body
    than the Yamato’s 460mm 1,460 kg shell.
    The American shell can do way more damage despite being 3mm smaller.
    The Yamato would have had NO immunity zone against an American battleship armed with 457mm guns firing the Super Heavy AP

    • The ships definitely had limited firepower, unload all shells present in the ships would increase the ships drastically.

  10. Conqueror: “I’m A Firestarter. Twisted Firestarter!”
    Kremlin: “Hold My Vodka”

  11. Can we all agree finally someone surpassed Izumo in ugliness ? Sorry Lenin

  12. TIER 6 IZMAIL 00:00 – 13:48
    TIER 7 SINOP 13:48 – 25:02
    TIER 8 VLADIVOSTOK 25:02 – 34:05
    TIER 8 PREMIUM LENIN 34:05 – 41:20
    TIER 9 S.SOYYZ 41:20 – 50:51
    TIER 10 KREML 50:51 – 01:01:44
    COMPARING SHIPS 01:01:44 – END

  13. GG Wargayming. WW2 and post-war Soviet BBs were known for their marvelous AA xD

  14. Glorious, comrade!
    Man, I’d cut these BBs fire chance by 50%. At least.
    Has AA always essentially (except for flak) been an area of effect? I never paid attention until the carrier rework

  15. Guys it’s easy to read the ship names, they’re pronounced “Russian Bias”

  16. @flambass the izmail doesnt have better dispersion as Bismarck because if you devide the mac dispersion throug the range you get avrg dispersion per km and then multiply it so its on Bismarcks gun range you end up with *slithly* worse dispersion!

    You forgot to do the math dude

  17. Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS]

    You forgot one huge thing, is Russian comrade. Will bounce these capitalist citadel shots.

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