World of Warships – Russian Destroyer Split Preview

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Previewing the Russian split, please keep in mind that all ships are still subject to change, but all in all I think I have a decent feel for what WG is trying to accomplish with the split. Making one line the more traditional , while the new line becomes a line. Anyways, enjoy the preview.


  1. Another anti-carrier line. Because carriers were evidently too powerful, and USN cruisers were so very popular.

  2. Meanwhile the USS Flint, Black and HMS Belfast are slowly breaking the game

  3. Given how hard these Russian names are to pronounce, I suggest we start coming up with NATO-style reporting names.

  4. Lol it’s extremely windy where I am too. Scared the hell out of my cat, causing him to rip my stomach open xD

  5. best wishes to you and you close one.

  6. *EDIT: I just noticed that the Minsk actually has 0.1km WORSE surface detection! SO 0.1km better range, 0.1km worse detection and crap torps!*

    Don’t know about the Minsk, but Leningrad has a 25 second stock 180, so Expert Marksman is needed, at which point it goes down to just 20 seconds which is very manageable

  7. But why change the names? haha

  8. Yep, looks boring.

  9. Ok, 3 battleship lines and 6 destroyers lines ? Seriously ?

  10. I was hoping tier 9 would have Woking torpedo

  11. Basically on the Main line:
    Gnevy Nerf
    Ognevoi Nerf
    Kiev Nerf
    Tashkent Buff
    Udaloi Nerf
    Khab the same

    The Grozovoi seems to suck what can you do with 10.3km main battery range? even with AFT you are not gonna be able to evade shells from max range, even if you smoke yourself from max range to shoot, you are gonna get radared.

  12. Yay, excally what we need, more glorious russian stalinium vessel instead of the following
    RN BB and CV and DD
    Fixing CV in General
    Italy navy
    Fixing IJN DD (probably not gona happen)

  13. John Wick Chapter 1: A Dog’s Purpose

  14. 10.3km range on the tier 10? Tier 5 DDs can outrange it. What the fuck.

  15. Regarding premium camo on altered ships:

    The current T6 Ognevoy is going to be the alternative T8 Opasny. But since it will be renamed, it means that it is a “New” ship, not a transferred one. So:

    The premium camo on the current Ognevoy will NOT be transferred to the Opasny. Instead i will get a ship that i probably don´t like (Gordy) – i will sell it – and end up having a camo for 1000 dubloons that will rot in the inventory.

    For the Opasny (which is the Ognevoy i liked) i will have to rebuy the camo – for 3000 dubloons.

    Am i right?

  16. lumpy1space2princess

    Damn. Just wish theyd buff the increasingly underpowered japanese DDs already.

    Seriously, The only worthwhile ships in the entire line are Fubuki, Shiryatsuyu, Akizuki and Shimakaze. All the others are shit.

  17. The English auto-caption for “Tashkent” is “Trash Can”

  18. I think shoehorning destroyers into a support only role is a bad move. Light tanks in WoT are rather bland and rely heavily on the team to do damage for you. I don’t want destroyers to become like that.

  19. The reason they moved Gnevny into Tier 6 is just because Ognevoi isn’t there anymore. Of course moving Ognevoi to Tier 8 is bizarre in its own right. And I really see no reason for the split to happen all the way up at Tier 8, instead of starting at Tier 5 or 6.

    Also, Grozovoi’s guns historically had a rate of fire of 15 rounds/minute rather than 12. I know that Grozovoi is a paper ship, but those guns and turrets are very real.

  20. Nishitha Sapukotanage

    John Wick best movie ever

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