World Of Warships – RUSSIAN DESTROYER – Tier 7 Kiev Gameplay

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World Of Warships – RUSSIAN DESTROYER – Tier 7 Kiev Gameplay

FLAMU Video! Check him out!
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  1. 4km torp range at tier 7 yea don’t think I am ever going to play Russian

  2. 15:00 now idiots push smok noob you f.ucking english noob i hate smok

  3. no way… that’s me in the cleveland… hi mom

  4. stuffy play..(sigh)


  6. Christoffer Rasmussen

    Can you make a video on the XP-38Gs new flight model? “The P-38G and XP-38G
    have had their aircraft models updated.” If it ain’t just a visual

  7. 18:56 Ssssssss….

  8. Entertaining. Took your advice and watched Flamu. Good stuff. You didn’t
    seem to take his advice though and keep the guns firing. Still burning up a
    lot of time on “wheel-zooming” as well :)

  9. 14:52 Ooie Get Fucked! lol

  10. HOLY SHIT HE DID… 200 damage? huh seems legit

  11. the patch is out IT IS LIVE

  12. phly patch 1.53 is out for war thunder

  13. That was a great video do more please.

  14. very modest at the beginning. i can do better on a celuron dual cor 1ghz
    with hd graphics.yeah thats right there isnt even a number just hd graphics

  15. Well it was nice when it was the Americans and Japanese, and now Russian
    bias comes to ruin the day.

  16. York has German extended sonar. probably why you were detected.

  17. Beautiful torp dodge In the beginning

  18. Pro-Tip: Buy a Shift key and USE it
    (had to end the video after 2314th shaky zoom-in-zoom-out… brain hurt)

  19. Love your enthusiasm in this game, keep it up!

  20. Right…so 130mm guns can go through the side of that battleship (what,
    300+ armour?) and 7km…? Seems fair xD Unless there’s some kind of
    weakness on that BB; this ship is total bs haha. I don’t like to call
    russian bias; but….

  21. love how you pronounce the Japanese ships names always makes me laugh. Love
    all your vids keep up the good work

  22. the CL at 15:00 might have used “Hydroacoustic search”skill, or DDick was
    spotting Phly afar

  23. Phly I saw you in a game last night in the Kiev but I didn’t see that game
    in the vid but you also died early without a kill on Hotspot so I guess why
    it didn’t make that cut.

  24. Hey guys, I finally made it past the Orlan, and just got the tier 1 Russian
    Destroyer. How should I play it and is there anything I should be careful
    of? Thanks.

  25. what is a dd?

  26. Cruiser outspots a DD in smoke with Hydroacoustic search.

  27. Hey Phly, enjoyed the game play at the beginning. just a potential tip,
    maybe take out your voice over if it’s an epic moment? idk I feel like this
    would add more effect. Love the vids, keep it up!

  28. Clashing With Keith

    How dare he use your smoke! Love the vids man :)

  29. Anyone know what tree/nation is coming out next?

  30. Clashing With Keith

    Epic torpedo dodging mate!

  31. You had your engine boost on phly. It increased your detectability range.
    At that close of range your engine boost negated the effect of your smoke.

  32. Including fires HE was still more effective than AP. With all the critical
    damage it’s a safer bet. Not saying you can’t use AP just in the heat of
    battle if unsure HE spam is the way forward.

  33. 1 Question… is it a Chicken Kiev? ;D

  34. why do you use your “mouse-wheel” to zoom ? … just press “shift” ! ….
    faster and less irretating !! ;-)

  35. Instant like, just for the opening!

  36. Hey Phly, do a game in the St. Louis where you hold down the firing key the
    entire game. No exceptions. All volley fire all the time, concealment is
    for the weak!

  37. Phly i can do 203 damage too, but 203k are fucking crazy!
    In a few years we see this in your title –> OVER 9000 DAMAGE

  38. holy shit that intro

  39. My Tirpitz keep hitting the Kiev with APs for 3000 – 4000 damages per hit

  40. did the guy in the smoke spot you with sonar?

  41. The cruiser using your smoke wasn’t the one spotting you. There was most
    likely an enemy destroyer who was spotting you for him to shoot because you
    had fired your guns meaning an enemy destroyer could spot you at a

  42. Phly I was there when you got ripped in the first 5 minutes last night in
    the Kiev 😉

    Love the vids mate.

  43. I don’t think that it should be the case that a Destroyer can start a
    gunfight against a cruiser. That a Destroyer can set you on fire multiple
    times while you can’t hit it because of it’s size/speed.

  44. is there any reason to play the USN DD’s anymore?

  45. Carriers ruined high tier games

  46. What is the science of Russian DD AP shells?

  47. Kerspaprog Balceram

    Sigh stupidly overpowered ship, just the thought that those tiny guns could
    penetrate battleship armor is just ridiculous. Sometimes in real life even
    12 inch guns had trouble penetrating some battleship armor, how could tiny
    ones like that even make a dent. Typical soviet wargaming propaganda.

  48. love the videos phly


  50. Why is everything Russian so fucking fast?

  51. Only a stronk, soviet engineered destroyer named after a Ukrainian city can
    dodge surprise torpedoes and change speed so fast, the hand of Stalin
    reaches out from hell to pull the ship backward and avoid even more

    fun video Phly. keep calm and sacrifice political dissidence.

  52. hey phly!!!! keep the vids comin plz!!!

  53. Love the kiev obe thing i found out is ig you shoot AP with the russian DDs
    into the superstructure of BBs you can do a lot of damage

  54. Dang Phly you gave away the secret, Ive been chewing through chicken Kievs
    like butter cause they think they are torpedo ships xD Now they will know
    “wait we have guns that do stuff?” Nice work though 🙂 enjoying the russian
    DDs, each have their own strategy of play thats fun to find

  55. Phlydaily is love phlydaily is life phydaily is hype

  56. Phly, you’re so bad with that Kiev, wtf man.

    You’e an above average player because you make amateur mistakes. If you
    learn from them and stop doing those mistakes, you’ll be exceptional.

  57. How could Kiev DD be designed after the Gearing if Kiev was constructed in
    1939 and Gearing was constructed in 1945, if anything then i would say the
    Gearing is constructed after the Kiev.

  58. Same best YouTuber ever

  59. that in a pretty impressive spread on those guns.

  60. i love you and your videos?a question:can play to World oft Tanks?

    Tim Leon✌

  61. And can you tell me how to improve sound quality on WoWp

  62. Can play the P-26 the one with 1x .50 and .30

  63. banter.

  64. Hey guys! Thanks for checking out the video. QUESTION? Would you guys like
    if I did a Tier series where I start off on one branch and work my way all
    the way up to the top in terms of videos?

  65. I’m early let me think of a joke

    Deez warships

  66. hi phly! <3 love your vids

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