World of Warships – Ruthless Jean Bart

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A short but action packed skirmish between the reefs of Loop. Enjoy 🙂 #worldofwarships.
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  1. The only fun way to play with the jean bart:

    Secondary build

    • VaizardXen aka HSB

      Nope, i would not recommend a sec-build on JB. The secondaries are mainly 100mm with 16mm pen that means u need IFHE to even pen DDs and that means u need at least a 18point captain for the sec-build to be even useful. So dont do that! It doesnt stop either, the Hull is completly 32mm that means u cant tank very well even bounce 460mm. It may be fun to play but u waste to much to be successful

    • Rxsh: Secondary build on the lowest HP T9 BB that is also covered in 32mm armour? Sure, going to back to port in 5 minutes is fun.

  2. When will you be streaming on official wows twitch Robin? Now 2 noobs (Conway, crysantos) are streaming and it is so boring¯_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_/¯

  3. Robin: “That’s a poor shot”
    Few seconds later
    Robin: ” 😂😂🤣 that one shell! “

  4. Good match with the Jean Bart. It’s encouraging me to get her👍🏼😃

  5. General Torfstecher

    Whoa, hold on, what it’s going on? Second video this week, we lucky few.

  6. what a fantastic battle and an appropriate music. GG

  7. Guess you’re in the rollin mode again

  8. A lot of luck with rng in this game…

  9. D.junior gonzales

    How do i get Jean Bart?

  10. SkyRaider Eclipse

    I wanna jb

  11. that battle screen result montage was sooo cool while the battle was in the BG ….GG robin

  12. Cough? COoooViiiiiiiD 19 😂😂😂

  13. Smooth sailing, smooth talking. I learned a lot in this video, thank you! 🙂

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