World of Warships – RX 570 / 580 vs GTX 1060 3GB / 6GB – 1440p

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— Timestamps —
4GB – 0:00
1060 – 12:45
– 20:55
– 22:24
Results – 26:28

Please do consider watching the whole video, there is more to graphics cards than charts!



  1. your hi will make my day sir, keep up the good work! love your videos about tech!

  2. I’m really just a simple man. I just uploaded a 10 min video of “Hello, Welcome to Tech Deals!!” on my channel. However, with that said.. whenever I see a video by Tech Deals, I still click like!! We are now transcending

  3. what gpu do you think pairs well with an i5 6400?

  4. Oops, he ran aground! Shore leave for all! This game does look extrememly gorgeous and so smooth! At 1440p, if you want higher minimums than this, then it’s time to step up to the next tier cards, like the 1070 or 1080 if you worry very much about it. Overall……..these are fine.

  5. Mohammad Bin Amir

    Waiting patiently for that different 570’s and 580’s comparison!

  6. right now installing new drivers, my pc cant play a 480p video smoothly 🙂

  7. Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside

    rx 580 consumes as much power a gtx 1080

  8. You know what I’d watch, Tech Deals reviewing video games.

  9. guys is the gtx 1070 overkill on 1080p 60hz monitor ?? let me know cause i want get new card about end of may because i want play every single game at ultra setting with solid 60 fps

  10. Im a simple man. I like and watch Tech deals videos all day long.

  11. Pedro Santisteban Cardesín

    please do an oc ryzen guide. you are the chosen one to do that ??

  12. Klobi for President

    Tech Deals, If someone, like John Miller, often comments under your videos, do you eventually know them?

  13. jose juan andrade

    Your videos are so damn good. Not only we see a comparison in between diferent cards we may be posible thinking to buy, find out which one is the DEAL… we see the real performance in X game, we get to see how the game realy do behaves, which is much better than just to watch a stupid chart… But here is the thing : We also get to learn a bit about a game, tru the ocasional comments on the game, the gameplay video, the funny momments… So people may discover a game that they may have not noticed before, or just get help deciding if they should try it or buy it. So in 30 mins you packated all that info and more in a deep, entertaining and informative way.

    And that’s why i’m waiting to see you include Mass Effect Andromeda in your reviews. I remember you said you had it already 🙂

    So yeah… thanks for another awesome video!

  14. Alexander Yordanov

    I wonder how my Fury would do in this. It does well in WOT.

  15. This is by far one of the best channels for technical information on hardware out there. Being a programmer/tech-enthusiast myself I can literally find tons of excellent info here, specific & to-the-point! This channel deserves way WAY more subscribers, thanks! <3

  16. Bro I love this channel

  17. I’m waiting for best 580 card video. I guess it’s xfx gtr black edition 580 which is the best one with sapphire nitro+ coming second.

  18. Result Of Giveaway ?

  19. Just got a 1440p monitor only to realize my internet is just barely not good enough… I’ll have to upgrade it, but it sucks that we can’t stream videos at something like 1440p 45 fps to save a bit of bandwidth. 60fps just isn’t as important with videos as with games.

  20. What card do you need to run this game at 4k 60?

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