World of Warships: Ryujo – Air Superiority

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I wanted to join Ranked, but accidentally joined a Random match with my air superiority Ryuujou. This is the result.

World of Warships footage of the tier 6 Japanese aircraft carrier Ryujo or Ryuujou.


  1. His Magesty King George V

    Join our cause to raise awareness against ASs Cancer.

  2. That weird guy named bob from your yoga place

    I played strike Ryujo against a strike Independence. You know who won.

  3. How’s the quality? Is it worse? Better? Anything else you noticed that’s different? I tried using a different application to edit this one, and unfortunately the easy way and “intended” way to output for Youtube from there gives much worse quality, so I had to jump through a bunch of hoops. I’m interested to hear some feedback.
    I tried using Davinci Resolve 14.

    This is what the output from it looks like when you just pick “Youtube 1080p60”:
    Compare that to the video here. Just look at the first 5 seconds of this video and the one I linked. Look at around the middle of the screen while the screen is scrolling down. The “Youtube 1080p60” has a lot more visible artifacting going on.

  4. kamil cyprowski

    The quality is nice there is nothing wrong

  5. That friendly Atlanta in 4.20 must have hit the “P” key to silence AA, you know , for reasons….. 🙂

  6. ……….You spelt the title like that on purpose, didn’t you?

  7. Yepp. You once mentioned this in one of your videos. Carriers doing air superiority do a great job wiping the enemy airplanes away but that’s it. Bottom of the line being that both the enemy as the friendly carriers are rendered useless and no one would notice if they’d just disappear out of the match.

  8. I did AS in ranked was fun. was grinding for shokaku so i sold ryujo for now. with my hiryu (222) in one of the first games, 85 plane kills, about 110k damage, 4 kills, and a loss. fun 😛

  9. I regret dedicating all of my time to grinding IJN CAs instead of CVs… I’d have Ryuujo right now and stuck with zuihou :/

  10. That strafe was a thing of beauty.

  11. RollerCoaster47

    Playing fighter loadout in randoms… cancer.

  12. The quality is fine. About the individual weight of an air superiority carrier I think you underestimate it a bit in random battles. From my experience if you have a skilled strike carrier he is worth far more than one player. Maybe the quickly evaporation of your team belied over the real worth of your actions …

  13. I bet the ATL had manual AAA and wasn’t paying attention.

  14. Alexander Schwab

    I’m pretty sure there’s an NA player with the name “ASBogueIsAssCancer”. So yeah, AS carriers are kinda dumb

  15. This is great and all…. But i want to see you go Air Superiority Kaga vs Saipan then we can talk.

  16. 10:06 that circle is bigger than my future

  17. People who play ASs should die in slow painful way.

  18. Cancur.
    I’m still of the opinion that 311 and subsequent cancur setups be removed because it’s so cancurous. 😛

  19. which is better independence or ryujo

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