World of Warships – Sailing with the British Navy

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CaptainShack takes command of a few ships of British Navy in the latest major update for World of Warships.

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  1. They get ‘special’ AP rounds. They still kills the things. ;)

  2. “One of the world’s greatest navies” what are you a commie?(yes I know
    that’s a fact Britain did have one of the best navies)

  3. Rip Drunken Weasel.

  4. there is one with high ex shells the Belfast premium ship

  5. The reason the Brits get dicked is because WoWarships is mostly funded by
    Russian players

  6. Is anyone else getting an issue where the stream replay starts an hour in?

  7. Thank you for your service to our country

  8. Maybe you get se the japanes navy next.

  9. gasp, favorite are Aircraft Carriers!? you sir are abominable :P

  10. If you are worried about stellaris watch @1:13:12

  11. Can you do republic at war clown wars mod but play as the the droid army

  12. historical accuracy British cannons didn’t fire he

  13. I just love how chill Shack is at 1:10:52
    All the people on the deck is like “Oh gosh we gonna die, there is a big
    ass hole on the ship” evertihing is burning and all and our lovely captain
    says” It’s just a little fire, it would be fine”

  14. When you talk about the British, Why only mention the English, What about
    the Northern Irish, Scottish & welsh that fought & died for the British
    Empire.. ;-)

  15. Go for Japan Cruiser they are awesome and man people realy don’t play it on
    NA Servers

  16. English Navy… This always bugs me when Americans don’t understand that
    England is part of a Union. It’s like saying that North Carolina has it’s
    own navy.
    The “English Navy”… England hasn’t had a Navy since 1707. It’s the
    British Navy now.

  17. Really wish you guys would make more space engineers group survival vids
    that series was by far one of my favorites and by far one of the most
    creepy and intense series that series really stood out as one of a kind on
    youtube it had really good acting.

    Its really hard to find good youtube series like those it saddens me to see
    such a great series be forgotten in the abyss

  18. cant wait for another video of Stellaris love that game

  19. jarno van herreweghe

    still kinda stupid a sd has a litle blue light trail as engine

  20. One of the worlds greatest navy’s, it IS the worlds greatest navy

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