World of Warships: Saint Louis – A Fun Match

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A very welcome match, where neither side camped excessively. Both sides went for a showdown and it was pretty close.

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 French cruiser Saint Louis.


  1. His Majesty King George V

    *Pats Mori*

  2. (Sees title)

    Immediately goes “Seriously, Aeroon ya go in the St Louis to go sealclubbing at T3?”

    Clicks in video and realizes it’s the T9 French cruiser.

    Why do they have literally same names……

  3. Came for T3 cruiser, was disappointed.

  4. About not healing, sometimes if I am safe from damage I don’t use it to have a bit of improved reload thanks to Adrenaline Rush, maybe you thought the same here.

  5. 10:27 in the chat “start running frenchie” what a fucking idiot
    and nice video btw x)

  6. About the NC xp, that might be because the NC had a full capture point (aka Captured ribbon) on B which gives it more XP than the Assisted one. Still a very entertaining match, keep up the good work!

  7. Oh okay for a moment I thought that I was like *_Whoa wait a minute here, How can a Tier III US Cruiser be also a Tier IX ship too._* But then I read the description and saw that you were in the French Cruiser. XP

  8. 13:26 Russian Bias intensifies

  9. Nice game! I didn’t like the French cruisers much until I got to Tier 6, and it is starting to get fun now! NC’s are great! He also did a good job going into B when the Gearing was under attack from Cruisers to protect the Gearing.

  10. this Moskva should have gone to the other side of the NC potato move to park in front of those guns XD

  11. OK, who’s Keikaku?

  12. you didnt heal because u didnt have max usage for the repair party yet.
    i would have torped the Moskva, focused fire on him, then maybe turned left to use more torps on him or yamato, then gun the yamato.
    Yamato isnt a priority as she just fired and its turrets are too slow at those ranges. secondaries alone wont easily finish u off, and it was stopped so cant maneuver to use guns on u

  13. Nice vid. Good to see you back.

  14. Aerroon you a savage 🙂

  15. IF that Moskva at the end went on the starboard side of the N.C, you might have lost this game 🙂

  16. for the whole game i was like

  17. Izumo like a noob…

  18. not my best roon battle… good game good video

  19. Another “look at me I am so good at this!!”. Nothing to see here….

  20. おん!! NEWごち

    Great KEIKAKU!!

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