World of Warships – Saint-Louis Preview Impression

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on Islands of Ice moves out to try and get some damage down for the team. The Cruisers feel very familiar and that is part of the problem. They just don’t have enough different to want to recommend them at this time. I’m hoping will give them something unique. I hope this was interesting and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX French Saint-Louis Replay


  1. As I write this comment I am no longer 1st 🙁

  2. a shittier Baltimore without radar or AP, so good!

  3. Notser is still being honest. That’s what we need from a reviewer.

  4. *Gasp* Notser, you just kick a DD out of her smoke. That’s mean :V

  5. so they made the french cruisers able to be long range harassers.. but without the speed… OK

  6. The French flavor is… beautiful premium camos.

  7. This was from the stream 😀

  8. Her gun would absorb any missile deep inside without exploding

  9. wtf kinda name is that

    What did wows do for April fools?

  10. I think WG is very aware of power creep, and is attempting to rein it in by not introducing “better than ship x” lines lately. The more tiers we get, the harder it is to maintain balance.

  11. Do they not have the option to choose Radar/Hydro over AA?

  12. being boring is the worst thing a ship can be, i don’t care if its a bit worse than other lines, or harder to play or watever. But playing a boring line.. no thanks.

  13. Lol notser just punted that dd out of his smoke

  14. WG butchered the Saint Louis and didn’t even followed the basic specifications chosed for this ship by the French admiralty in 1940. Basically it should be very close to the Baltimore :

    It should have a displacement of around 17000 tons, some sources even say 19000 tons full load (not 16000) so over 42000 HP (not 40900), engine power of 130000 shp (not 120000) giving it a max speed of 34 knots (not 33), turret face armor 210 mm (not 140), belt armor around 150 mm (not 100 !)

    The whole goal of the Saint Louis was to be a better, stronger Algérie, with more guns and more armor… and here they gave it less belt armor than the Algérie with a more exposed citadel ?!

    The result, you have cruisers that can’t tank anything, with a big exposed citadel easy to hit from the front and who can’t even take plundging fire even so The Algérie had the best deck armor of its time…
    Once again WG proved they didn’t gave a fuck about France and nerf their stuff right off the bat… bravo WG
    No need to expect anything from other future French lines, they will suffer the same fate as this one.

  15. Something really fishy is going on if both you, Flamu, and the rest of the community have a different viewpoint than iChase on the French cruisers. Really hoping that WG catches wind of all this feedback in this testing stage.

  16. WG will probably change them last minute like they did with RN cruisers and German dds. Hopefully theyll make them significantly faster than they are now

  17. LordTyphoon WoWSasia

    Nice review notser. In their current state, not looking forward to frenchie cruisers 🙁

  18. WG should just give all French cruises destroyer maneuverability; American destroyer maneuverability.

  19. what are you talking about? where this nonsense came from? 33 knots is slow? roon and baltimore are slower than that, neptune just half knot faster, only ibuki at 35 and donskoi at 36 are faster, but these are really extreme speeds for a cruiser and you can get there with the boost. the speed boost consumable just made false impression that these cruisers should be super fast – not sure whats the point of it though. maybe wg wanted to represent that some of these cruisers exceeded their max speed during limited period of time during sea trials

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