World of Warships – Saipan is a Berserker

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Saipan is my least favourite premium tier 8 CV, simply because there is nothing special about it and it has very few planes. Planes are higher but playstyle wise, it’s just a USN CV with few planes.
Something weird happen tho’, less planes I had, deadly they became, it got so weird that 1 was deadly entire squadron xD
Enjoy and have watching 😉


  1. Thought I’d seen all the Flambagoodness I was going to get today…

  2. Антон Моисеенко

    Why bother playing Saipan with T10 matchmaker when you can play Midway? They are basically the same gameplay wise.

    • Because you cant choose your MM before you press battle lol. Midway also doesnt see T6s and T5 fail divisions

    • Антон Моисеенко

      +ThatOneDude why bother? 90% of the time you end up with T10 matchmaking anyway, at least here at RU server. Old Saipan had it’s unique gameplay with T9 planes against T7 CVs. New Saipan is just a shitty version of Midway.

    • Антон Моисеенко I get 50/50 bottom and top tier on Saipan. As top tier you can wipe the enemies. 200-240k dmg

  3. berserker on shrooms or the bear armor style of berserker?
    Lategame AA is way better suited to CV play.

  4. Had a Saipan throw himself at my full AA build Baltimore over and over today… wonder how long he spent waiting on planes to cycle

  5. i had a friend in my clan buy 5 containers and he got the enterprise and the graf zepplin

  6. Technically you’re throwing s– at the wall with Saipan, it’s not a Kaga hahaha. You need to be a bit reserved with Saipan.

  7. I got the kaga and graf zeppelin and only bought 2 crates i bought the Enterprise and Saipan

  8. You played the Saipan like it was a Kaga. no respect for the planes

  9. Saipan is like playing a DD on 1/4 health – you have to pick your targets carefully.

  10. I bought 10 air drops and got the enterprise! Btw how r people getting them for free

  11. Yeah to bad i cant do that in my Ryujo. I always get up tier and go against tier 8 ships with only one or two tier 7 ships. Just mostly tier 8.

  12. 1) Pre-drop 1/3 of your attack flights from each squadron, especially at the start. 2) Use those fighters! Could have kept Gearing permaspotted until dead. 🙂

  13. 2400 base xp, worst CV in game, bottom tier CV clearly has no ability to do anything in the match. Top score…along with Graf Zepplin as well. Clearly unacceptable.

  14. Do more fails before CV vids. CV not as entertaining to watch. I’ve seen you make mistakes that worked out for u, how about a vid of mistakes that didn’t.

  15. *_Quality over Quantity_* is the The Way of Saipan…

  16. You don’t thank the successful team mates….you should give it a try.

  17. Well yea with so few planes it should be mandatory high dmg + high flood/fire chance.

  18. In this episode of the Hans Tour: A dive bomber misses a battleship, Rocket planes do more damage than a 16inch shell, and Hans still fails to attack isolated targets..

  19. KAGA is a full-size CV. The SAIPAN was a CVL (read: light carrier). Thus SAIPAN will always have a smaller air group package.


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