World of Warships: Saipan Is Still Good

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still feels good. You have to be careful with your planes, because replacements are scarce, but other than that she’s good. Even in a mixed T8-T10 match she’s quite okay.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 American aircraft carrier Saipan.
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  1. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Last time I was this early, the Midway had jet planes Now it has nukes!! Ahh sorry, vídeo about Saipan Derp

  2. hello from Trinidad.

  3. Saipan was taken away from Japan after ww2, they took it away from the German Empire after ww1, they bought it from Spain after the US occupied it during the Spanish American War and Spain crashed into it in the 1600s and caused most of the natives to die and sent the rest to Guam (also now a US territory)

  4. Gotta love Wargaming keeping the Saipan’s naive trait of having higher tier aircraft then the carrier. Good job WG

  5. The Saipan hull was laid the week after the battle for the Saipan island was won. I would say that is a very good notion it was named after that battle…;)

  6. Funny you should mention Saipan being an Island owned by the US, since we also have the USS Iwo Jima

  7. I got this from a summer sale. Struggling to do much more than harass dd.

    In SEA server blobs were meta even before cv rework. Winrate still high (maybe spotting/herding enemy is helping) but PR in toilet!

  8. Serious question. Why did you make that first attack run right at the very start.

  9. Sounds like the planes on the Saipan means it’s a American kaga

  10. Why do you pre-drop way before engaging in this game? Is it to save planes?

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      And to prove the “unlimited plane reserve’ is just a myth. Saipan has the slowest plane restoration time of all T8 CVs.

    • It is to save planes. I would likely not be able to do a third drop anyway without throwing away planes, so this saves me on some.

  11. This ship reminded me a clanmate, played Saipan like thousand battles until the CV rework. Stratmania.
    He’s super unicum with this ship.

  12. planes need torpedo indicator too 🙁

  13. British tier 8 has an armoured deck

  14. The Computer Man

    Glad you got to meet some of the competitive folks from my clan! (the Bourgogne and Des Moines)

    BTW, we’re always looking for divmates 😛

  15. MrFoxtanz Pexitron

    Bougonia??? No say :” Bourrr Go gneu” this end is tricky for brits because they inverse the lettres E and A in prononciation.

  16. I have the Saipan, Graf Zeppelin, and the Kaga as Prem. CV` s and the Saipan is my favourite

  17. Your CV play is much, MUCH better than mine! Although I am still disappointed in the fighter consumable in general.

  18. Jonathan Spangenberg

    Why do CV players sit still, you STILL have engines

    • Make no mistake, my positioning there wasn’t a sudden “oh no, he’s so close”, it was deliberate. I don’t want to sail closer as a CV, because it often gets me killed, but sailing closer also usually means that my ship’s bow will be pointed in a direction the enemies are not at. This makes planes take longer to get to the target. As a result it’s best to just sit still and maybe go forward or in reverse a little bit.

  19. That poor poor poor DD.. I feel it man

  20. Love my Saipan even after the cv. Focus fire nerf it still earns me more credits than any other t8 ship including my Mass. Yep sucks when your in a t10 game spend more time scouting and fighter drops but if my team wins and I can help influence the outcome all the better and a game win at t10 gets you even more credits even if your damage is low. As mentioned the main goal is to save your planes for the last minutes of the game where the real fun begins those few t10 planes you get are God tier and I notice Unicom players can do a serious amount of damage in the Saipan. I always start out scouting and DD hunting with rocket planes. When i see my DD or isolated ships getting plane harassed I drop a fighter on them. Yep when attacking always 1 attack run then hit F key as most of your planes are killed after the attack if you circle for another one. Keep your cv close to the action on the strong flank way in the back or tucked by an island. You really don’t want to sit in one place to long though. Next I go for the torp planes fire them into DD smoke look for isolated ships. If I get hits go to bombers. If your loosing to many planes use rocket planes and break stuff on there ship or do more scouting and fighter drops. At the end of game whennships are thrashed and isolated you can circle for more attacks because you have good plane management

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