World of Warships – Salem First Impression

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Salem is the final premium to be shown off with 6.14, it appears to be a Des Moines ship. Hope you have a wonderful day and IR;ll catch you next time!

Tier X Cruiser Salem Replay


  1. wait…so what are the ships for the new U.S. cruiser line?

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Mammoth Mk3 and Lolanta old torps

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan Who care about the torp? Most of US Cruiser have no torp anyway, and that 12 203mm barrel alone can make you shit your pant if they are pointing your way. XD

    • Basically another WG unoriginal

    • Mammoth Mk3 meeting imagine 10 203mm guns in T5. Pensacola at T6 is lol

    • The Buffalo is not a heavy cruiser. Originally it was a Cleveland class that was converted to an Independence class light carrier. The second one was a Wichita class light cruiser. The Buffalo was started but stopped and scrapped. WG is making up a ship with the name Buffalo. I found nothing in the naval archives or any other source that was slated to be a heavy cruiser named the Buffalo.

  2. Fucking hell man, you sound like you’ve never been near a girl before.

  3. Here at wargaming we see realize that the Salem is a copy and paste premium ship. To differentiate it from the Des Moines we decided to give it torpedo reload consumable. Now it is different XD

  4. Ugh ranked rewards aren’t interesting to the majority of players who don’t have the time to grind out rank 1 in every single season. And who knows if the game will still be alive 7 seasons from now, so starting to play ranked now just to get the reward ships might not even work.

    • ranked is boring and not fun…which is why i didnt bother getting to rank one even once.
      rewards are nice but its not worth suffering so much for it.

  5. nice game and a win. I did notice that if you would not have had premium you would have lost money on that game.

    looks like the high tier economy is still broke.

    • mike henthorn maybe Salem has special camo even more than tier 10 already

    • Wtf u talking about, can u read? Without premium he wouldst made 220k profit.

    • Mthammere2010 read previous comments before being smart, I said the same and they explained they were right.

    • yes you need to pay to play high tier because unlike the other ships in the t10 bracket, there is no tier above you. If you could reliably make decent credits in tier 10, no one would play the other tiers.
      the other tiers are already a glorified tutorial system up to t10 bracket of t8+ anyway with all the unskilled players down there. There’s an obvious line in the sand between skilled t10 players that can do well in that bracket and the players that are barely stepping into t10. T2-T7 is totally an extended tutorial. It’s not their fault they havent learned their ship by T7, that’s not even 50% the experience needed to get the T10 for that line.

    • silent555 I have made losses (only of 20k silver, mind) in my amagi with 150k damage before, and you see no issues with that? If I have to spend all this time grinding out a tier 10, then spend the HUGE amount of credits to buy one (isn’t the yamato like 20.5m?) Then I should at least be rewarded with a guarantee of at least breaking even on a win as long as I carried my weight a far amount. He did 120k I’m thay match, sure not the BEST at t10 but it shouldn’t incur a loss

  6. Sail ’em!

  7. (sarcasm mode on!) So it’s called: “World of Warships – Attack of the clones (of Des Moines)”. I can’t wait until they add USS Newport News CA-148 too…

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      Supreme Flagship Hmm… You are aware that there will be a CL/CA split, right? And that Worcester will be a new tier X, right? Do you also know that they removed Kitakami 2 years ago because 20 61cm torps for each side was a bit OP, right? You certainly are aware as well that WG will implement the Soviet BB line AFTER the French and Italian ones, right? Featuring Gangut, Soviet Soyuz, etc.

      Perhaps you should do some research in the reddit/foruns before complaining about a ship that will be a REWARD SHIP for achieving rank 1 one 7 times, alongside Flint and Black. Just giving some piece of advice, no offenses intended m8.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz I’m aware about all those things. IMHO they should focus more on releasing unique ships, not sisterships/clones. That is what I wanted to say. I accept sisterships/clones only when they have a very different gameplay/stats. Like Kuma/Kitakami for example. Yes, they are sisterships. But at the same time, they are very different. Kuma is more of a gunboat, and Kitakami is torpedo boat (compare their armament and you’ll see). That’s what I like – different/unique ships, not 175 sisterships of Fletcher class destroyers, each with same stats and gameplay. I used Worcester and Project 23 BB just as examples. To be honest, IMHO Worcester will be American “Minotaur” – same shitty ballistics (gun arcs) and probably low range on it’s guns. I know my warships pretty well, so I don’t need to read Reddit/WG forums (there are a ton of WG fanboys and local idiots in there).

    • Just on the Worcester/Minotaur point … the arcs are not shitty just floaty (make them work and oh my do they work) and the USN flavor of light cruiser is something i´m (at least) really looking forward to … not another smoke camper and deff AA for a change (might be if you are one of those poor US server scrubs that you don´t see high tier CVs but for EU she will prob be a lot of fun). And if you want to avoid creating just another new “this op everyone has to play it” line you have to make the ships simillar in style and only slightly different in power (works for tanks and look how many lines they got) otherwise it´s just more and more powercreep and no one needs that.

    • João Pedro Couto Cruz

      Supreme Flagship I see where you are coming from. The problem is, said “unique” ships are only added as premiums or if there are more of them with similar playstile, like how the Japanese DDs had a 2nd line. Since I can read Japanese and have studied military history for years, I don’t need to read about any ship anymore as well.

      The game is about progression. Logical progression to be more precise. From tier II to X, all ships must share some key characteristics. The way Arcade games like WoWs and WoT work is: Balance/Logical Progression > Historical Accuracy. But we are talking about WG, and they like to fuck up things. I have been defending the release of a 2nd IJN CV line for years and the only thing I got was Kaga as tier 7 Premium, when she could fit alongside Akagi, Shinano, Soryū and others in the new line. We all suffer on WGs hands, should I say.

    • Andreas Müller Try to hit enemy DD at 12+ km range with Worcester/Minotaur arcs… I wish you luck.

  8. From what I understand test ships always give rewards of a tech tree ship whether it is planned as a premium or not

  9. I just want HMS vanguard

  10. Notser do you think they will add the vanguard anytime soon

  11. Fun fact, if I recall correctly, it was the Salem that portayed the Graf Spee in the movie “Battle of the Platte.”

  12. As a Massachusetts native, I am so excited for her. Keep up to stellar work Notser!

  13. WG is running out of ways to make premiums different which is why I haven’t spent a penny on this game in almost 10 months lol

  14. Des Moines has to be the most boring ship out there.
    Point your nose towards enemy and don’t move whole game. Yawn.

    • DM can’t bow tank, do u play this game?

    • well watch some Flamu DM clips … she is the most team supporting/team reliant T10 cruiser in the game and needs a Skipper who actually knows how to a) read a map and b) play for his team … gl finding one in random games. But well played she sure is a power house.

  15. The USS Salem is still afloat in Northern Mass and I recommend y’all see her in all her glory if you get the chance! It’s worth it.

  16. Can you tell WG to give me every ship I don’t have the time to grind or at least us cruisers but I know that’s never going to happen

  17. Premium? I thought this was the tier X cruiser for the upcoming US cruiser split?

    • The Class lead Des Moines is allready in the tech tree as the T10 silver ship (and that will become the “CA” (heavy cruiser) line). So making basically a clone for the split off (which will be “CL”(light cruiser)) wouldn´t make much sense now.

    • The Worcester is the new one

  18. Should’ve used IFHE, it might feel better than on Des Moines.

  19. Notsor, you sound like the Joker on the enemy side…

  20. 9:05 he never hit the roma and still got a fire. balanced.

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