World of Warships – Salem or DM?

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Which do you prefer between Salem and Des Moines?

I personally prefer DM because of it’s mobility. Salem gets better heal but DM also gets a better radar. Salem will get a radar buff duration soon but I still think DM is simply better.

I wonder what you dudes think.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Did I miss where you can get the Jingles voice?

  2. 4:55 “problem solved sir” and the Smolensk dies…

    Seems adequate enough to me! ?

  3. Well, you said it yourself in the ranked season 14 vid “Aircraft carrier – SMOLENSK!”. So, the Old Man just got the team wrong 😉

  4. It’s funny, we spent all that time enjoying/learning his meter and hanging off the edge of our seats listening to Jingles.
    Now, we’re learning to ignore his words and announcements in game.
    I’ll never stop watching his videos though.

  5. – Salem or DM?
    – S M O L E N S K!

  6. 4:55 “cool guys don’t look at explosions”

  7. WG should do something with Jingles’s voiceover, at least sometimes he should say the correct thing!
    Even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day!

  8. While Salem is totally fine and good to play as a “typical” US top tier heavy cruiser, the lengendary mod of Des Moines actually diverges herself from this line. With this magic propulsion model, a Des Moines could actually take the role of radar minotaur in some sense, with better guns and better protection at the same time. Now that wargaming have decided to give Salem the standard US radar, so Salem now is pretty much a Des Moines without lengendary mod but with way better heals (a tankier version of traditional Des Moines). These diffrences really made these two ships diverging in terms of gameplay. Salem is more competitive as a open water cruiser against other cruisers(it still suffers from 16 inch+ guns due to its poor maneuver), and Des Moines(with legendary mod) becomes more like a nimble DD-chaser, which grinds dmg from sudden attack as an island hugger but pushes/retreats more efficiently than any other cruisers.

  9. We sunk an allied aircraft carrier xD

  10. Oh Jinglers, you’re drunk.

  11. 4:45 Smolensk dies. “Problem solved, sir.”
    Oh, you better believe it.

  12. Were you comparing the Salem’s maneuverability to th DM with legendary module fitted ?

  13. I had a Nirvana moment yesterday.
    I was in a Buffalo and had a 6 citadel volley on a broadsiding Italian cruiser, to which Jingles goes: “That’s a paddlin”.
    Laughed too much. Got blown out of the water by a Massachusetts…

  14. Anime Profile Picture

    my problem with the Jingles voiceover is that it sounds nothing like his videos
    sounds like a different man, probably because they used a different mic or something

  15. Flambass try a Salem and Puerto Rico division.

  16. LOL that Smolensk at 4:48 bit off more than he could chew..zapped.

  17. Whoever said they messed up Jingles needs to be found, shot, hanged, sent to the salt mines, and re-educated.

  18. just missing sunk that mothertrucker!

  19. Why does Jingles say “you sunk an ALLIED ship”. when it was an enemy ship?

  20. I got dm and salem at the same time, at first I preferred salem, but when I got dm legendary… haven’t played salem since, also dropped concealment mod for steering gear mod for extra dank memes
    also since dm legendary I’ve been getting a lot more dreadnoughts in the dm than anything else lol

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