World of Warships – Salem Review – More Aggressive Des Moines

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Salem trades DM’s radar for Atlanta’s and some power for a fantastic that shifts her play style a more aggressive Des Moines. See what I think about this ship.


  1. games and drandom stuff

    First like

  2. (edit: *ichase*. Derped there for a moment). Notser, I think you need to finish your initial thought in the description about trading off… (Just a heads up!)

  3. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    You are realy lucky. When you fight with the Baguette you show perfect side to that Iowa… And he just ignore you.
    When I play in the same situation ofc they both focus me, and I just die. :/

    • So naturally, you must be an excellent player. Ichase was at the distance where he was baiting shells into his 30mm deck. Furthermore, the Iowa had Ichase’s allies to worry about. You potatoing to death isn’t premediated like Ichase’s push was

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      I’m not potatoing, simply the Iowa missed a chance. He had a good chance to shoot a maybe citadel salvo. And no, Ichase’s allies were too far behind islands. The Iowa had the perfect chance and a not perfect but good option to shoot 1-2 citadel on Ichase.
      You mention distance, but the Iowa was nearly 10 km away. Perfect distance to shoot a good aimed salvo and with a little RNG it could be a total citadel.
      I didn’t said Ichase did something wrong, I just said he had luck because the Iowa ignored him.
      I bet the Iowa didn’t dare to shoot over that small island and that’s why he not shooted Ichase.

    • OldSchool Gaming

      I saw that too, i was just waiting for that dev.strike from that Iowa, he must have been tunnelvisioning A-F. That was a killshot missed if i ever saw one!

  4. Icelandic Farmer

    Nice work mate 🙂

  5. So, a brawling Des Memes?
    Interesting, but if it’s availability to players is dependent on skill and/or clan activity i don’t see a way to obtain it for myself, tho. I am solo player and pretty average one, too…

  6. Very interesting! Thanks for the video, much informative, very happy!

  7. I dunno Chase. Your aggro push wasn’t met with the best of results, and luck played something of a role. The Minotaur torps or that Conqueror salvo would have wiped you out, so I feel you put a little too much faith on the heal. That sort of heal is more effective on RN cruisers because they can create their own cover if they go too low, whereas the Salem cannot withdraw and disengage easily or create it’s own cover.

  8. Hmm… Might have to rethink the Salem as a want.

  9. Salem comes out in update 0.7.6

  10. Silverfox Hoffos2vp

    Did you get a chance to look at the RN dd leak? What are your thoughts?

  11. What’s the Salem a Premium ship or ??

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      Tier 10 Premium Des Moines wich is awailable in the new Arzenal for more than 200 000 coils. At least this was the last info about it.

  12. Salem’s hydro is slightly better than the DM’s. might just go Hydro instead of radar if I get a Salem

  13. hmmm, still unsure if its worth the 240,000 coal just to get basically a clone of the des moines… I wish there was something that made it more unique. Right now the consumbles are the only thing that differs the ships, which in my opinion is a little gimmicky

  14. leavin a comment

  15. A Des Moines with all the benefits of a Premium ship + extra heal? I like it.

  16. I would have focused that conquerer right at the start lol

  17. Idk, i’ve never been a fan of USN cruisers (or USN ships in general in this game), they seem very limited, and encourage a very passive playstyle, meh, i prefer Germans

  18. Crate pls

  19. Seems like a DM that trades a bit of team play utility for more staying power

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