World of warships – Salem WiP

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  1. You spelled “tried” wrong silly

  2. who cares about what heal is this, bunch of citadel and you cant heal it back anyway :v only advantage is you wont easily die by fire because you can heal 100% of fire, well I and some people are AP whore so some of us doesnt care about heal :v

  3. So the lack of tanking battleships is eliminated by tanking cruisers?

  4. One second before you got Citadelled I was thinking to myself: “Battleship Salem”.

    Hows your ranked going sofar? I’m bored to death how I have to play my Bismark to not get deleted… *I HATE THIS META SO MUCH* And I’am Rank 14 currently after 10/7 win/lose

  5. Everyone knows in WOW’s the primary job for crusiers is to tank for battleships. Love BBs with full health in the back.

    • I’am a Battleship main and I can tell you at least that I hate this shit too. I play german Battleships and *I want to brawl* but as soon as I’am 1st, 2nd or 3rd in line these fire cunts shoot the living shit out of me and noone has the balls to back me up.

      So basicially: BBs are forced to do what Cruisers do because Cruisers do it and we simply can outrange you.

    • Oh yeah, new meta

  6. What. No speshul tictac! I is disappointed.

  7. so it is confirmed that this is a reward ship?

  8. If its the RN super heal, then Ideally you want to take no AP pens but lots and lots of Fire and Flood damage

  9. Flambass, didn’t you get the memo?? BB=Big Bitches

  10. With the new ranked season underway …Salem (SAY lem) is likely reward for reaching R1 x times like Black and Flint is my guess.

  11. Hey Flambass, what spechul key are do you hold to shoot at target without looking, what keeps it locked? Cheers from Bay Area USA! I really enjoy your videos.

    • When you’re locked at the target and you aim properly, you can just press and hold right mouse button and do whatever you like and the aim will stay on the target as long as it’s in your range and it’s visible. Will you be hitting it however depends if they will change the course and speed, cause your aim won’t get adjusted

    • Thanks buddy, quickest reply ever while i’m still watching the video 🙂

    • Well if I’m behind PC and not doing anything important I like to respond to comments ASAP before they pile up (I’m still not that big that I can’t answer faster than they come in 😉

    • Hope to see you in game one day if you play on NA, I will be Pirate Admiral NeckBeard, good holidays to you

  12. Pronounced Say-Lem. As in Salem, Oregon. 🙂

  13. With this magic heal the people of her patron town probably feel an urge to set fire to her…

  14. It’s pronounced “Say-lem”.

  15. Sometimes I wish if there is a chat command says ‘ Why you play BB if you such a Pussy ‘  staying in back lines trying snipe DD at +10 km ..

  16. Its a long A in Salem. Hate to be the grammar guy. Just trying to help.

  17. Christopher Mavromatis

    Salem has anti-EU American Piercing shells

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