World of Warships: Salem Witch – 9 vs 15

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World of Warships footage of the tier 4 Halloween Event ship The Salem Witch in action on the map New Dawn. In this match my team ends up at a pretty big numbers disadvantage. It is a 9 vs 15 player match. Our team ends up using “Teamwork” and it is super effective!


  1. still have yet to get any of the flags from the wins….this event was only
    fun for those that got the boss ship

  2. Glad they let you play the Special ships. Did you have any matches where
    someone beat you?

  3. nice game and congrats on getting to play the Witch : )

  4. Hey how do you get japanese voices? Can you make a tutorial on that?

  5. Your BBs were too slow to get all that far apart before the enemy rushed
    you, and your own ship is stupidly OP.
    Gotta feel less than thrilled to end up on the opposition in such a battle;
    I know I would be.

  6. Teamwork is ALWAYS the answer. (Plus a Des Moines in a Tier IV).

  7. czikiczing czikiczinkers

    Kappa shift 77

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