World of Warships – Salem Witch – Terror on the High Seas

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The Salem Witch is the cruiser portion of the Phantom Fortress Event, this ship was given to Wargaming staff, supertesters and some Youtubers/Streamers. The Witch is basically a Des Moines, tier 10 USN cruiser, at half speed in tier 4 battles, which means in the right hands an absolutely terrifying ship. So sit back, relax and watch me club some seals in my Salem Witch.

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Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. 1 and 1 vs witch.

  2. Chase show us the battle stats so we can see the damage

  3. I played the event once, and we did what you had said. We capped all 3
    points, and just hid from the witch, as they attempted to re cap the

  4. Damn iChase! epic just a fan! Love your vids and everything you do
    for us wowarship gamers…Got to ask is there anyone player better than

  5. 11 kill!? Incredible

  6. I only got to see one ship during this event, was lucky we killed it really
    easy, the dds just rushed it and torped it instantly. Our plan at start was
    to avoid it, and kill the rest of team first, which worked, then we just
    overwelmed it by rushing.

  7. The Salem I killed was bouncing AP shells off my beta

  8. Fun event! I killed two witches and a Phantom carrier. Got four packs –

  9. But how is it fun ? you’re already a great player and now with a power
    house Cruiser it’s not even a fair match.

  10. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    Chase, what is your opinion on the fact that WG so far still has not
    delivered on their promise of a unified gold account with WoT even though
    the game has been in OB for 4 months and has been released 2 months ago? Do
    you think that there is a valid reason or that it just is WG being greedy?

  11. I did a lot of playing but have still yet to see either of the event ships.
    Disappointing. I think they should give more out next time. I wonder if I
    was just unlucky.

  12. Actually I would like to see a video of one on the youtubers beating the
    witch. Sealclubbing with a t10 in t4 is easy, any scrub can do that. This
    turkey shoot is only fun for the witch player.

  13. He did not men you were a bot. He ment you had an aimbot. Cause 90% players
    can’t shoot even close to the way you can

  14. Can someone please stroke this high-pitched retard’s ego?

  15. Looks a lot like seal clubbing to me. Yeah it can be defeated, but I have
    yet to see a video where that happens.

  16. cant participate in the event anyway since its not available on the Asian

  17. any chance of a review for the Tzar’s Pride?

  18. Never met one anyway.

  19. I Think Salem Witch Is USS Salem

  20. I think I played with you escorting you while you were in the phantom

  21. Had a game with a witch. We had more ships than the enemy and we had the
    witch. Go figure. Matchmaker go home – your drunk :-)

  22. Dirty blue liner scum!! lol

  23. I had someone in a witch on my team yesterday and he did ZERO kills … it
    was pretty pathetic :P

  24. this event work in games like WoW, Everquest etc cus guilds there go
    bosshunting all the time just or fun and gear. In WoT and WoWs however
    people dont work as a team and ofc 95% of the time the boss team

  25. wow! you rekked them so bad lol. thanks for the upload

  26. Chase this was no seal-clubbing, you were doing a favor and gave people a
    changes to earn tons of flags.
    I was not fortunate enough to see any of these special ships in a battle.
    Thanks for playing it!

  27. The only way a cruiser can stand against the Witch, is when I’m sailing the

  28. Be careful using decimated. I have seen major shit poured on youtubers who
    use that word when not referring to one 10th of a force being killed.

  29. You have to sink the witch to get the reward do you not?

  30. The salt in the match is real.
    Nice shooting man!

  31. Would do a review on Tier 4 Russian BB Emperor Nikolai I ? It’s on EU

  32. Giving the pros a legit reason to seal club as well as a bigger club.

  33. i played everyday throught the event in my ships and never saw a salem
    witch i am dissapointed

  34. you dirty, dirty player… did you take a shower after this DPM porn? :P

  35. Yes you carriered the team in this battle and did tons of damage, but you
    did also ran into the mapborder :-/ lol

  36. rly nice ship.To sad i didnt see any1 🙁


  37. So glad I only met the CV, and it being on the enemy team and not in your
    hands, it was a win.

  38. Did not enjoy this event in the slightest. Couldn’t get great matches in
    higher tiers because a lot of players were in the lower tiers trying for
    the event. Then when I do drop to lower tiers to attempt to get to fight
    the witch or fortress, no matches after HOURS of doing drops. How is it fun
    or fair for players who want to do this event not being able to

  39. Had a game tonite where the witch was on the side with the most ships. He
    managed to get sunk and we lost the game. Haven’t seen that before.

  40. Poorly done event. Should have been limited to WG Staff doing the event.
    The minute they gave out the ships to every Tom, Dick & Harry with a Twitch
    stream, it ruined the event….

  41. chase is a noobscrub who is bordergliding report!!1

  42. iChase playing AI’s :D

  43. I can’t think of an appropriate word to capture how not enjoyable this
    event had been, and how depressing it is to watch the videos of super
    players in super ships bullying unskilled beginners in the name of ‘fun’.
    So glad it’s ending.

  44. I was in a minekaze and tried to ambush the essex… and… OMG that
    secondary… so accurate, so scary. ( Yeah, I was killed by essex by his
    127mm guns. :(

  45. Nice play, good vid??

  46. “We can’t repeal firepower of that magnitude!” says every wows player up
    against the Witch.

  47. Did not enjoy this event.

  48. What mods do you us chase… As in ui mods for the damage in the top right

  49. Great to see you having fun. There are already too many vicious and toxic
    players in the game. Most of them forgets that they are there to have fun.
    Not throwing stink bombs at other people they meet. Nice of you to give out
    tips to defeat these monsters too.

  50. ez game, ez win

  51. I haven’t watched the vid yet but I know it’s a nice Epic vid :D

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