World of Warships Salute a Mentor

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I want to give everyone a chance to give a shout out to that one player who has impacted them in a positive way.

Who is that player that taught you the ropes, made you better or you just have a hell of a lot of fun playing with? Let us all know!


  1. I don’t have any mentor, all I learned I learned myself

  2. Great idea,here goes. Smudge,,,,,,,cheers buddy for all the help

  3. For me in beta i did watch youtube videos from Jingles and Phly/Baron. i allready knew them from war thunder and world of tanks videos, but just like the rest of us, they were also pretty newb.

    But there was this one guy who seemed he had it all figured out, named IceyJones, on the EU server. he was rushing the japanese destroyer line, while i was rushing the american dd line.
    we didnt really queue up together but since the player base was minor and not allot of ppl going on the speed we were powerleveling. i saw him almost every match i played.

    when he was on the enemy team he was my rival, i would hunt him down and he would hunt me down.
    but when we were on the same team together, we would go out together and win almost every game. esp when we reached the shima/gearing combo.

    He was my silent mentor, and by trying to kill the best, and playing with the best. i got allot better in a short time.

    I salute you IceyJones.

  4. I guess a big thanks to IChase, Mighty Jingles, Notser, of course Flamu, Phly and Baron when they were a team, and PLEASE check TheSailingRobin he is new but does great video
    sorry for my English,
    Zoup nice idea

  5. Vegard Løfaldli

    First real mentor was DeleRT83! Really wish he would stream again

  6. I think like a lot of people it was Jingles who got me into the game, but by the time I joined Jingles was… not the best of teachers. He’d stopped doing ship reviews (unless it was a newly released ship) and a lot of the information he’d give out would be mis-remembered, outdated, or just flat out wrong. The people who truly helped my level of gameplay were people like you, Zoup, Whiskey’s Gaming Lounge, and Flamu. As an example my average game in the Mogami (a ship I only got relatively recently – within the last two months) was terrible, 20k damage at best. Thanks to Flamu’s videos, I’m regularly netting 60-120k damage games, even in tier X thanks to his insight.

    Really, I think for World of Warships people should have multiple mentors because every person in World of Warships is different. To use my mentors as an example, Jingles is good for new players because he can give basic knowledge (engage WASD hax and watch all the torps you dodge, etc), but not much else. Flamu is great for those seeking to improve their play to high levels of skill, since he’s a great player. Whiskey’s helps with specific ships thanks to his how-to-play series. You’ve helped by just being a pretty chill dude while pointing people in the right direction, which is an attitude I will salute any day.

  7. Jingles, iChase & Flamu were my first youtube tutors. ?

  8. Михаил Серафимов


  9. Notser and Flamu rules the game ! both in differents ways.


  11. Notser for game mechanics. Zoup keeps me grounded (it’s just a game). flamuu for displaying how not to behave toward fellow captains (but he sure as hell knows how to affect a match).

  12. Notser, iChase, Flamu. All excellent tutors. Salute!

  13. Big thanks to Flamu, Notser, Aerroon, Kenliero, iChase, Whiskey Gaming Lounge, iEarlGrey and ofcorse Zoup 😉 and many many others i might forgot! and special thanks to Eurobeat (Yuro) for the laughs ;)))

  14. You, iChase, Flamu, Notser, Aeroon, Yuro (atsf)..

  15. Christopher Stanwich II

    Notser and Flamu for their pointers and near polar opposite styles.

  16. WG WOWS videos.
    mentored me through their chsnnels.

  17. I’ll give a shout out to von Kaiser.

    I can identify strongly with his style of play. Even if I cannot match his skill.

    You had me dancing in your Kiev recently.

  18. L0s3r666 for showng me this game and helping me find my own footing. Thanks my friend

  19. <---- Gyphon_GF......and I think Notser and Flamu would be the ones I watched most.

  20. A big thankyou to you Zoup.Jingles,Ichase and Notser.I still suck not because of you guys, but to my older age(63).

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