World of Warships- San Martin First Impressions: I Did Not Expect This!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Pan American Tier X Techline Light Cruiser San Martin! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Ship Intro
2:15 Exterior/Economy
3:59 Armor
4:50 Ship Stats
7:03 Consumables
9:02 Commander/Module Build
12:38 Gameplay Review


  1. Sardauker Legion

    Looks like a Worcester, but played like a Radar Minotaur?
    Not the Droid i’m looking for.

  2. Krzysztof Narloch

    Its almost like the art department stoped caring about perma camos…

  3. I’ll add to the downsides that it doesn’t really kill anything quickly. You have to get a long game to get good damage. DDs laugh at your radar because you’ll only overpen them, can’t really do much against cruisers or BBs unless they show broadside (but at that point what doesn’t do good damage?).

    • because nothing is killing it quickly either
      it still needs to be balanced, I know rare that WeeGee does that

    • @ObinAtor I would rather have something that actually kills stuff than this shit, finally grinded to the T10 and it is pure suffering. Just get the Mino if you want something actually good. Not dying when you can’t hurt anyone is a bad trade.

  4. Hi Sealord, Could you pls Do one,to explain a few good tacticts,how to succeed, when your either on the CONVOI protect or defend side?
    Greetings from Austria

  5. Black Perma camo actually looks pretty dang good…

  6. I’m grinding it now. I kinda like the line. Flimsy and take huge amounts of damage if another ship so much as looks at the but the guns will chew up BS cruisers.

  7. Thanks for the reminder, need to buy that IX pan-american cruiser now that the line is open.

  8. The bridge is enclosed and armoured. A tropical bridge or fly bridge was an open conning position. You also then had the GDP or Gun Direction Platform.

  9. I’m at tier6 and i love it.

  10. What I do not like about it is its slow turning radius. If it was more maneuverable then it would be decent ship

  11. Geoffrey Stevens

    What did I tell you before about the Pan-American cruisers, Sea Lord? Yeah, the combat instructions feature actually promotes brawling, in very squishy ships! They are actually my favorite tech line ships in the game. I really enjoy the Tier VI Almirante Cochrane, and especially the Tier VII Coronel Bolognesi. Now the rest of the tech line is open, I’ll grind the higher tiers. I can already buy the Tier VIII if I like.

  12. djbjunior Barbosa

    Maintain just an idea, imagine a “support Destroyer”, a line full of really good main battery/gunboat dds with ap only, short fuse of course, and they can go up to 150mm, and with torpedoes that specialize in knocking out modules but they dont apply flooding and have low damage but great speed, but their main attraction: -“calling out fighters” like after tier 6, you can call fighters and place them at 7km max to cover teammates from CVs or spot targets, and the tier 10 can do place fighters at 12km, those are like fast acting fighters, they deploy fast and shoot enemy planes fast, like on tier 6 you get 2 fighters and tier 10 you get 6 fighters.

  13. I actually like the black camo.

  14. I have to say I’m confused on your sample games. the whole point of the gimmick is to use it (unlimited uses) to accelerate your consumables (particularly heal). Yet in multiple times you have the gimmick powered up, you are have 2min for heal again and your health is low. WHAT? LOL. What? Why didn’t you use it?

  15. Michelle Bernson -QueenJuliana

    I love my Pan-American cruisers! They are my favorite line to play in the game.

  16. Healing with combat instructions take a lot longer than 25 seconds. Heal has an duration then a cooldown. So does the combat instructions. You cannot just click combat instructions and use heal right away.

  17. Hey I had one of these catch me off guard in my Iowa while I was in a bad spot after my CA and DD either took off or were sunk. He shot the fuck out of my superstructure and chewed me up pretty good.

  18. kingofcastlechaos

    If you use the Aslain’s modpack, you can zoom really far into the ship and zoom out to see the entire port and city around it. I have no idea why the game does not include it that way as default, since it is AMAZING how much work the art department did that is hidden. Criminal offense to hide their work in my opinion.

  19. Michael McNally

    I think there great to play. Santander has become my ranked ship. Really does need you to get the hits in to get the gimmick loaded however once is loaded then can use the consumables and get them online much quicker.

    Is a long game ship in that not going to be a quick hit and does require careful manoeuvre so that don’t expose broadside otherwise quick trip to port.

    Having said that got some brutal citadels in against cruisers with the t9 and t10. When grinding the mission then at T5 ruined the other t5 cruisers game when they foolishly broadsides and took about 95% of his health with citadels.

  20. paschoal polito

    As a brazillian i have to say, that i am very excited to play the pan american line

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