World of Warships Santa Crate Freakout Reaction – DeuS_CaNoN Loses his Shit :D

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During one of my longtime viewers sent DeuS_CaNoN 2 crates, after learning that DeuS had spent over $150 and not gotten the ship he wanted from crates (EDIT: he did get other ships, just not the one he’s been waiting for)…well…watch this and find out what happens 😀


  1. Fog Battleship NCarolina


  2. Why can’t I get that luck ??

  3. great, i spent 450 euros on crates to get the nikolai……

  4. Deus, go clean yourself up

  5. Chase, I will be sending you some crates because I got a raise today so I
    feel great. :D

  6. LOL all those emden captains… I got the Nikolai four times in my first 20
    boxes since it was the only ship on the list that I was missing

  7. I fucking opend 20 general boxes but i get 5 izisuchi.

  8. Touchdown!

  9. Wow, my Santa crate got me 150 repair parties :(

  10. I got a random box exiting one game as well. Not sure if someone actually
    bought me it or if it was some kind of game girf. Either way, it was 300
    gold so it is what it is.

  11. Sounds like a poodle being raped

  12. Nice … I only got flags and credits from the containers :P

  13. loosing your virginity in one video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. iChaseGaming, where is the video with all the darn Ishuzuchi and Emdens you

  15. Thanks to this video, we now know the sound that occurs when a man
    transforms into a rabbit.

  16. Bas Van De Kreeke

    i always get fucking signal flsgs in super contsiners :/

  17. RNGesus be praised!
    Gather here, to praise RNGesus.

  18. My RNG is terrible. I would be happy if I got any premium ship but now I
    have enough camo to last me until my hair turns gray.

  19. all i got was some camos. lame…

  20. It’s just a tier 4 ship that is not so relevant. Cause no way there would
    be russian BB branch. Warspite is more useful to have cause British BBs are
    coming this year for sure.

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