World of Warships – Santa Crates 2018 are here!

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  1. Funny,i cannot buy those containers,in Belgium it is not allowed to buy them because it’s gambling pfff.Atleast it is good for my wallet.

  2. I keep debating on getting some, but I don’t really want the the Monaghan, let alone three. 😀

  3. Think the ones you called medium were the small boxes. (around 3:55)

    • Though I’m sure you’ll figure it out when you get to the medium crates. I mean, who’d watch the whole video before commenting, right? 🙂 @Vulgarr the Viking

    • Nope, you didn’t. 🙂

    • Vulgarr the Viking

      +EvilTimNum666 At the time of recording, I had not seen the model in the store of what each container was supposed to look like as we were given these in advance and told we could open them but not show them off until after they were available to purchase. So I was going by what they have always done, opened from largest to smallest. Don’t know why they went out of sequence this time.

    • +Vulgarr the Viking To be fair, I haven’t seen anyone else opening crates get them in your order – all others were Big / Med / Small … WG: professional trolls. 🙂

  4. You got your small and big boxes mixed up the gave you giant followed by small followed by big for some reason.

  5. That many monoghans must be a bug,its out of 56 ships, the odds of getting the same one four times are astronomical.

    • Vulgarr the Viking

      Last year I got 3 Gremy’s in a row

    • I have kept an eye on the forums and I have seen allot of box video’s already, the Krasny Krim and the Monoghan drop very often. I think they have a high drop rate. If you don’t have them yet, you will get them soon haha

    • If you already have all the ships in the same list as the Monaghan you get the doubloon value for that ship… that is why you saw as many as you did…

    • +Cosmin Lesutan
      it shouldnt be like that. u should get the value of the original ship u were supposed to get, if there are no replacements that u dont have

  6. I will probably get some. How long will they be available for? And it looks like you will get a different ship if you already have the ship you get from the Xmas container. They will come in Supercontainers then.

    • But this may only before some of them, I’m not sure. It says it in the Santa Crate notification in the Container Section of Port. There is bold and regular print. SOme ships are bold, some are not. The notice about the super containers is in bold. So it’s a bit confusing.

    • +Kyle Curry well I won’t know anymore because the Kronsthadt was the only ship you can win that I didn’t already have. So from now on every single container I open won’t have a ship for me.

  7. If you already have a certain ship, it’s supposed to roll again until it finds one you don’t have and give you that one.

    If you have ALL the ships you can win, then it’s supposed to give you the original ship it rolled and give you the doubloons for that.

    According to WG at least.

    • Vulgarr the Viking

      Which is why I got doubloons for every ship I got because the only premium ship I don’t own, is the Kaga.

    • +Vulgarr the Viking But you said that you didn’t have the Kronstadt and this ship was also available from the container so it’s strange that you didn’t recieve Kronstadt instead of that first Monaghan…
      // yes, I also recieved Monaghan (and only this one ship) from my containers… meh…

    • I think wg has made 3 lists, 1 ultra rare premium which will rarely drop, 1 containing most premium ships with not to high drop rate, and 1 with the Krasny Krim and Monoghan with a high drop rate. If you drop the last one, you will get gold if you already have those.

  8. And I got 5 Spring Sky Camos from my first. Mega Container. Darn

  9. Mostly flags and camos – not worth the money.

  10. Love the vids man! good to see a relatively small YouTube channel being a CC.   Keep up the videos! I am trying to build a Warships channel any tips? (not under this name, don’t want to advertise in your comment section).  Awesome channel keep it up

  11. Well, did it….got a 20 pack, Z-61, the dreaded M word (Monaghan) & Murmansk….not a great haul for ships, but lota of coal, camo & other nice stuff!

  12. You are one lucky @#&$. 4 ships out of the Huge, 1 Kronschtadt (sp) out of the Big and 2 out of the small when I haven’t seen anybody get a ship out of a small.

    • I’m not gonna deny my luck with containers. I am after all the first person in the world to win a ship from containers. The very first day they were released I won the Nikolai, which was the ship that was least likely to drop.

  13. Hahaha thats a great ending Congratulations. I heard that the boxes now don’t give repeats but cycle to a ship that you don’t have 3 Monaghans showed that its not true but then again the ending so hmmm.

  14. thats some crazy luck you got there

  15. What is the most important if you don’t have Musashi or Kronstadt according to you?? Or maybe save for the JB instead??

    • Vulgarr the Viking

      Jean Bart is a great ship but I believe it’s in the arsenal for coal. However if you’re looking to unload some free xp, Alaska might be going that route. Not sure yet. But we’ll probably know soon since Musashi and Kronshtadt are being removed from sale.
      But if we’re talking which is my favorite over Musashi or Kron, I like Musashi. I’m a BB main and the Yamato is my favorite. So Musashi is the easy choice for me.

    • if u want a T9 yamato, go for musashi.
      kron is different so not everyone enjoys it.
      save fxp and test the ships in the test server first.

    • So if I understand correctly and like unique ships like Missouri (which I have):

      – Grind Yamato (Musashi is clone)
      – Coal JB (unique reload boost)
      – Free exp Kron or Alaska

      Is that correctly understood?

  16. Congrats on the Kronstadt! Im gonna buy 120 small boxes and 20 mega. Wish me luck! Hoping for that Missouri

  17. last 20 box ar not smole ar medium lol

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