World of Warships Santa Crates and Tier 10 Snowflakes

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I grinded 27 coop rounds and earned 27 Santa Crates. Insane? Judging by the amount of others doing the same, not really. It was actually a little enjoyable. These are the results and my haul.


  1. Have 1 T10, Feels bad man…..

  2. Just wait until you see the ridiculous requirements for the Puerto Rico missions.

  3. All i’ve got is 4 camos in all mine, crappy for tier 10 ships rather get steel or coal then crappy camo

  4. You know what chance isn’t there? Getting away with the PR for free. ?

  5. opend up 10 big sanat grates, what did i get camo and flags. rip off

  6. All I can say is: WG xmas 2019 RIP

  7. I got from my 23 containers :
    -10k coal
    -10k free xp
    -100 papa papa
    -150 zulu
    -150 zulu hotel
    20 ny camo
    8 fr camo
    300 dobloons
    and SC with Marblehead lima …
    I would rather get more premium time …

  8. I got 300 flags, and some camos…

  9. 4 camo’s out of a tier X container? what a joke. I wish they repeated last years event.

    • Exactly, I barely have any tier X and then you get shit like that. Camos are so weak they should atleast give 20-50 of them so you actually feel you’re getting something nice. Now the feeling is just, ugh, I’ve played my tier X for nothing.

  10. I do not think you saw the PR directives, this was going to far why forces me to buy the T7 Italian to make it easy and after directive 3 they go insane not all of us have so many camos and signals and yeah GJ WG and RIP

  11. Hey Zoup, you wanted to know what they did to the steel? They put it in the last Directive, all 2250 of it. More or less.

  12. I only have 2 T10 ships, i got a handfull of camo’s. This Xmas event is a huge let down, but at least i got a handfull of coal and steel and teh privilage to abandone life and grind my ass of for that Puerto Rico… right? RIGHT?

  13. Well this pr bs has cost them revenue they just pulled down there dock yard vudeo

  14. The Puerto Rico…the ship that killed Christmas. RIP WG 2019.

    • Puerto Rico the ship that finally showed WG for what they are and killed World of Warships

    • @Not A Bot to be fair on WG, they have shown their true face for the last year or so now, its just that most people haven’t realised it. They’re only just now starting to finally understand the true nature of WG. I stopped spending money a while back now and hopefully more people come to their senses too.

    • @The Don it has been a few months since I spent money on the game either. The problem is that WG doesn’t give a shit about the player base that they already have. They will just bring new players to replace the whales that spent thousands on the game since its launch. They keep making it easier and easier for new players to reach the high tiers without ever having to learn even the basics of the game. That’s why the average win rate of players you’ll get on a team these days is between 30-45% if I’m being generous. WG has destroyed their own game in the pursuit of a quick buck.
      I’ve been playing WoWs since Beta and the way it’s going I can’t really see the game being around for much longer.
      How fucking hard is it for WG to recommend their player’s to go watch a CC’s videos so that they can learn how to play. Gawd fucking knows WG has no interest in teaching new players how to play.
      Co-op is where new players should learn how to play instead it just teaches them the most effective way to suicide in the first 2 minutes of the game

  15. Did you look at the directives for Puerto Rico? Open each mission. Theyre literally impossible to make the PR.

  16. All I can say is that WG was obviously in contact with Zoup since his last video on this, because boy how his tune has changed. The rewards from the containers he opened were shit. No amount of positive spin is going to convince anyone otherwise

  17. dont forget to press that button “collect free containers” to get more crates. it should say “Purchase containers” when you have redeemed them so you still have crates to get Zoup.

  18. Thanks Zoup – I appreciate the info, and you’re right – this is a nice return if you have lots of T10 ships, and we should appreciate that. I am still worried about the Pay-to-Rico debacle though, and the complete inability of WG to see the storm coming over the way that they have structured the season’s rewards. I imagine that most players are seething at the moment and that’s just such a wasted opportunity for a game that I love. It also does not give me the confidence to invest any more money in the game, which ofc is WG’s loss. Thx again for the great videos.

  19. I was very, very fortunate: 8 crates yielded four ships: Kamakazi, Yahagi, Mutsu, and Blyskewicza. Decent for me. I’m happy.

  20. Got 30days with the free crates thinking it’s gonna help with the PR grind…. boy I was wrong!

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