World of Warships Santa Crates and Waiting for Answers

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The big news from the weekend is that allegations were made that Santa Crates are “rigged” and use a tier system for giving ships. I’m going to withhold judgement and wait for Wargaming imminent announcement regarding the situation. It might already have been made, possibly not. Either way, its my hopes that it was a simple mistake in some sort of algorithm. I guess we will see.


  1. There’s no “rigged” about it. It is predetermined. It’s shady practice at best.

  2. If it’s not rigged, then it’s some crazy RNG giving all those Makarovs. Giving the lesser ships first off encourages people to buy more crates could be their motivation?

    • I don’t think the logic is to force people to buy more ships. The logic is to increase the number of people who own a ship that is not popular so that the ship does not look like a total failure and WG hopes to see them on the battleground.

    • @Wes George they will say it wasnt intentional but we all know it was

    • @VuHien2011 buy more ship? More like buy more chests.

    • @Rene D I meant to say the purpose is not to force people to buy more crates, but to have more people owning those unpopular ships so that they don’t look like failed ships.

    • it is to give shitty rewards first so people keep spending…
      they intentionally rig it to drop the worst and/or less popular ships first…and only after u got them all…u will have a reasonable chance of getting anything else that might be worth it.
      technically if u have one of the shit/rare ships, u can get other ships…but u need to be lucky and its very likely that u will soon get the rest of the shit/rare ships dropped.

      this makes players want to spend more instead of being satisfied with their shitty ships so they keep buying more and more…
      it basically makes sure that players will have to buy a LOT of crates to get anything they actually want. maximum profit for minimal rewards…

      they dont really care about players owning the shit ships…as they will probably not play them much anyway.
      its done purely for profit

  3. The issue is the transparency. When 10 people get the same ship, maybe just RNG. When 100 get the exact same ships, you can start to look at the data, when they gave out thousands of the same ships that is a problem. They worded it “chances”. But you have no idea the odds. They say you can win an ship, but that is not true. The CC’s have to follow the marching orders, or they will lose all their free stuff. People reported this issue on the PT server, but the feed back was ignored. Then it went live with this mess. WG is greedy, they want you to either buy more gold to buy low level ships no one will ever use just to get a “chances” to get something better. It is classic bait and switch. This is a rigged contest , or rigged rewards which is illegal in the US on a state and local level, and in the EU. How come we do not have a reroll option like they do for Tanks? This is not a mistake, it is done on purpose. Someone at WG had to have made the code, their bosses had to run QA on the employees work, then that goes to an internal tester. That makes all the built in levels of stupidity hard to believe it was just an oversight, an error.

  4. ”An honest mistake”. Your a company man through and through.

  5. I had the exact same results as Flamu on my alt account. This is completely predetermined a.k.a rigged.

  6. They aren’t just allegations, they’re allegations backed by evidence

  7. and that is what happens when you base your channel on one game only….

  8. i saw in comments of Reddit that your going to defend wg as always, and here we are “honest mistake”

  9. You should have seen him bending over backwards defending the Puerto Rico event.

  10. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Who would have thought that Zoup will stand by WG lol… Dude, it is perfectly and evidently clear that these are rigged. I got the Makarov and California as well even though i have very few ships…..
    You have no chance (ZERO) of receiving the advertised 107 ships if you don’t have the shortlisted ships. NONE
    After so many fiascos and you still saying this was an Honest mistake, yes just piss off already thanks

  11. funny video…. how about puerto rico? maybe you can make a video trying to defend that too 🙂 glhf man.

  12. Come on Zoup, if this really was a mistake they would have come out and said it right away, otherwise why would they go out of their way with chat bans for the Verizon live stream and try to silence anybody who speaks about it?
    They rigged the system to entice new players, whales and completionists who only hear of the legendary unavailable ships like Missouri, Kutuzov and Belfast by giving them first a pre determined ship to skew the drop rates and make them buy more crates.
    Simple as that, might as well stop beating around the bush and say it.

    • Been the same every year. No mistake. You have to read the rules, its a tiered system. Last year it was. The Emden or some other low tier ship. I have no idea why people are acting like its not 4 years into this with crap Santa crate policy.

  13. you must be new, he is a massive shill for a long time. he is so bias and loves WG so much he cant see it equally any more. zoup is not a voice of player base (thank god) he is just another person who works for WG

  14. @Armadio Yeah that shit was hilarious. I’m not surprised he’s defending WG again.

  15. “These are not necessarily loot crates”.


  16. You’re verging on Wargaming apologist. Honestly, the evidence is overwhelming – the most damning part to me is that as the reddit post stated – the “non-shortlist” ships don’t come in Santa Crates, they come in supercontainers. That isn’t just RNG accidentally set to always roll Makarov, that’s the games UI showing different results. Also, per last year the Krispy Kreme being on the same rigged shortlist – that happened to me and 3 friends getting all KK’s.

  17. It is rigged. Only shameless WG apologists would suggest otherwise. At least Flamu had the balls to be honest about it.

  18. NoGutsFromYou,
    Even if you choose not to make a choice, YOU STILL HAVE MADE A CHOICE.
    Grow a pair.

  19. No, I won't tell you my name.

    “That would be completely tone deaf.”

    Dude. After this long, you’re seriously expecting different from them?

  20. You shouldn’t have put out this video. Watching you shill for WG feels gross.

  21. You should have stayed quiet man if you’re going to come on YouTube and defend wargaming.


  22. WG sent Zoup some free lube for this one lol.

  23. the fact you can sit there and defend WG on this, tells me everything i need to know about you

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