World of Warships – Santa Crates brought me almost everything I wanted

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Here is this years Santa boxes opening video where I got a whole bunch of things, including few things I didn’t own, which made me happy.
Wish you all best of luck and have fun watching 😉


  1. On the right Flamu is recommended with “Who STOLE MY RNG?!”.Guess who lol.

  2. I’m sorry, but I like game comment not gambling advertising.

    Seriously, let the lootbox bullshit be EA domain.
    But glad you’re happy. Personally will not put a dime into this lootbox BS gambling system.

    • locomotiveAlex1996

      The usual analogy for this type of ‘Gambling’ is to compare it to a casino, where in which you part with money for a chance of getting more in return. But the risk of just loosing your money altogether is far higher.

      Like it or not this is a transaction where you pay for a ‘Chance’ of getting these ships, however the containers will always give you something in return regardless of what that may be such as Camouflage, Dragon Flags .etc

      A true Gambling system would never EVER be that generous, and besides no one said you have to buy them, i for one will also be waiting for the next update to drop with the New Year event starting at the same time to see what happens. We could even see discounts for conventional purchasing of premium ships.

      If you dont like it just do what anyone else would do in your position and vote with your wallet, no one is forcing you to buy them.

    • +locomotiveAlex1996 thank you for a much educated answer

      To that douche who claim to understand maths and statistics, this is what you should get informed and get out more

    • +TheRobbiUno haters never understand, they just hate things they don’t have.

    • @jordan lewis: Worth is subjective

  3. no its not, we are going from the standpoint that you WANT what they offer.
    if you think that the ships are worth it then this is the best deal and 120% worth it.

    its like if u not need a car and someone offer you a new bmw for 10.000 $ and your like “why do i want this shit” …. thats not how “worth” works my dear

    worth means that the container are more then what you would pay if u buy it normaly

  4. These crates are like claw machine – you have to spend enough money to actually win something useful. I don’t think 30 hydras is worth the price of mega box.

  5. +combatmikearms true, but that is not what flambass was saying 😉 And obviously people do think that these pixels are worth the price, so why complain about it? Thats how WG monetizes the game, if you have such a big problem with that, just dont buy anything

  6. +Itachi Uchiha Its not the problem I have, heck I spent a pretty good amount myself, but that doesnt make it a true statement, and that is the problem I have

  7. I got the Monaghan too… Go to YouTube, seach “Flambass Monaghan” and then watch a video telling me how it’s the shittest premium DD in the game and my Santa Boner just went soooo floppy….

  8. +combatmikearms i think you know exactly what flambass meant, at this point i think you are just complaining for the sake of complaining

  9. So it was YOU who stole Flamu’s RNG!!!! Good job Hans

  10. Just a quick info on all the hate:
    I’m showing you what you can get here and wishing you best of luck while telling you what WG said on the whole matter.
    I’m giving you info and insight on the whole matter so you can decide on your own if you’re going to buy any or not. I’m most definitely not scamming anyone and if you don’t want to buy something then don’t buy it. Nobody can make you.
    Are they worth or not is up to you to decide by watching the video. THAT is the whole point of the video, not to make you buy them. I don’t know how can that be so hard to understand but I guess it is.
    I have ppl reporting they got all the best stuff and I have ppl reporting they didn’t get any ships at all.
    I guess Black Friday boxes were too good.
    Anyway I’ll wish you all GOOD LUCK once more and remind you that it’s up to YOU to decide if you want to get any or not, but I don’t see a reason why you’d hate me for showing you what’s inside if you DO decide to get any.
    Also I will be giving away some of these Santa boxes on my twitch, as well as CC crates and sub camos so if you feel that you do NOT want to buy any but still want to have some, stop by 😉

    • +MoA-Reload… Or not. Enjoy the 5$ useless flags brah.

    • I dunno why so many people are bitching. Warships is free to play. This isn’t some EA or Activision nonsense.

    • But in essence you are supporting and advertising gambling to an audience without any age specific regulation.

      Besides, this pay money and hope to get something nice in return policy is gambling and is praying on people’s greed and ignorance.

      This was pretty much pioneered by seriously customer hating publishers. War gaming saw that this crap is profitable praying on the young and/or stupid and wants to try it too.
      They have already turned wot into a p2w product and they are trying to ruin the only decent game they have.

      And they are using community contributors such as yourself to promote this. And it is downright unethical and cheap. Most countries have gambling ads heavily regulated and this is a cheap workaround.

      Dear flambass. As an adult I expected you to be better and smarter than this. But as an adult you should understand why it pisses a lot of people off.

      I do love seeing the gameplay but seeing a dirty, cheap gambling ad was cheap.

      Sincerely and with kind regards,
      A worried fan

    • With all due respect. You are showing us what _you_ can get, not what _we_ can get. I am not in any way convinced WG _isn’t_ tipping the scales.

  11. This is so unfair to all the people that play the game.. people who invest lots of money into the game. I dont think you invest as much as the standard players do. I bought and sent creates and never got anything good.

  12. When I’ll open my crates, i’ll let YOUR vid in the background, Flamu has lost his RNG this Xmas 😀

  13. “Getting your money’s worth” doesn’t mean anything. If for example they sell some camos for a price that nobody wants to buy them at, but then put them into a container that costs as much as the camos, it is not “getting your money’s worth”.

  14. 45 Containers – not ONE single ship!!! WTF

  15. Note that premium CV are not in the list of the ships we can earn in these boxes.

  16. Okay, the chance will NOT be unknown. I am a programmer, and I can assure you that getting a Monaghan is not the same chance as a Missouri. Each of the ships will almost certainly have a specifc probability, for the Missouri, for example maybe 0.1%, in the huge boxes. The chance will be different for each type of box, I think half for the middle boxes, and a sixth for the small boxes.

    If WG says that no one knows what the chance is, then it is because they don’t want to tell you. Computers don’t work on incomplete information, you must tell them exactly what to do.

  17. Giannis Triantafillidis

    worst waist of money ever 20 mega fail containers gg WG

  18. Nobody wants to shit storm Flambass. Most gamers of WoWs are happy to have such humble and skillful guys as CCs, esp Flambass. However, some CCs seemed to have lost connection with the real costs of goodies as they get most of the stuff for free. Since 2016 rewards for x-mas containers went downhill, mostly unnoticed. Yes WG is a profit making enterprise, but there is a difference between a fair pricing policy and exploitative one. No one can tell me that 4.50 EUR is a fair price for 5 Asian camos, or 12500 coal or 20 streamer camos.

  19. I got a Z-39 in 5 medium boxes for $12.75, plus 12,500 coal and some flags and stuff. I’m happy.

  20. I got a Monaghan…

  21. You can get lucky I guess, bought 5 Mega boxes got 2000 dubs first box, then camo , T61 ship, another 2000 dubs and last one was Roma ship so i`m laughing.

  22. They said Santa will give you coals if you’re naughty, but me in WOWS? I desperately need them.

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