World of Warships Santa Crates – These are the Crates you are Looking For

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A quick mea culpa. After opening more of the crates, I was wrong about my initial assessment. These crates are the same as last year, just as good.


  1. blink twice if you´re being forced to say this

  2. TheGuardianofAzarath

    I spent about 100£ or so last year on these crates, trying to get premiums, and got nothing but camos and flags. Don’t think I’ll be doing that again this year,

  3. Last year got 6 ships in twenty $3 boxes, this year got 1 ship in 30, so yeah not great

  4. Actually agree with the first video. All I’ve managed to get is one “Mehbote”, 1k dubs, and enough frosty fugly fir tree camos to keep me awash is vomit for a year. Frosty fugly fir tree camo…..DO NOT WANT. Returns on the Santa crates for me have been very bad. Only thing useful was I used the dubs to buy a Smith. The captain from the Gallant I’ll probably just use in a cruiser. Gallant will be a port queen.

  5. I got 10 medium boxes last year and got camos and a Texas and the Indi too so not too bad . got the free ones this year and got 50 Papa flags which I really want as I am grinding free Exp for the Exp ships 🙂 so all is good . will get some over Christmas too 🙂
    Merry Christmas Captains 🙂

  6. They aren’t the same as last year, we got way more flags last year than this year. They flat out nerfed the flag drop rate. We get 30 this year, last year we got at least 50 in a crate. Pretty sure they nerfed the ship drop rate too, but only slightly. So yeah this is not at all the same as last year. I will admit the New Year camos are better though

  7. you sellout… they are nowhere near as good as last year’s crates.

  8. How much did WG pay you? 😛

  9. bought 5 crates for £16, got nothing but camo, feel ripped off

  10. Last year about €250 only looking for Gremmy, no luck. This year 25 Crates, on number 21 The Gremmy. The only ship i wanted.
    Last year u could get same ships over and over, This year if u already own the ship u get re roll. Now got all that are available in the containers . The change that already owned ships gets a re-roll makes this year 10 times better for players that own lots of premium ships.

  11. They are still loot crates though

  12. I bought five large crates and five mega crates and all I got are camo, doubloons, and signal flags. ?

  13. the most pathetic wrist slap video I ever choked myself through. lols you messed with bull zoup, now you get the horns.

  14. don’t have a ton of prem’s, got one in 30 odd crates…..

  15. Got a number of crates, and got he Okhotnik and enough doubloons to purchase the Perth, and enough xp to get to the Edinburgh, so I’m content.

  16. lol someone from WGing got a hold of this guy. Sell out.

  17. bought 5-pack of medium ones, got okhotnik, scharnhorst and 1k gd
    not bad for 12 euro invested 😛

  18. I thought I had better luck this year than last year. Last year I went crazy with crates and bought like 200 dollars worth in my moment of gambling weakness, the only premiums I got were Blys, Anshan, Marblehead, and Arizona, no premium time, and not nearly enough doubloons. (I did get Warspite and Krsipy Kreme in regular random supercontainers during the year which lowered my anger level somewhat)

    This year I only got 5 big and 5 mega crates, ended up wtih Gallant and Okhotnik. Also got 1000 doubloons. I think i’m going to take it and leave

  19. I guess that phonecall from WGNA was very….persuasive? Do they have a video of you in a Moscow hotel room as well?

  20. There is one sentence that overshadows the video. “I opened a ton more” Yeah if you open a lot and the goodies add up. But in the short term, a few crates don’t go as far as last years, that’s why people (including myself) think last year was better

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