World of Warships Santas Wanted Crates and Which to Buy

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Guys… take a tip from me. Stock up on the $3 . Those in my opinion are the best value.

I open just shy of 20 and let you know my thoughts. I had a very good run and these crates are actually a very good value.


  1. not bad deals but I got 4 of the same battleship

  2. Hey Zoup – thanks for this, great idea and very very helpful!

  3. zoup your awesome!! i took your advise and got 3 of the 3 dollar crates and
    got 2 supercontainers that gave me the sims and marblehead with 10 point

  4. I bought 5x $3 crates and I got a Texas and 2000 doubloons! Hell yeah!

  5. Got 3 of the 5 usd once.. Got 2000 doubloons, 180 days premium and the

  6. walked away with 5k doublooms and a marblehead. I am very pleased

  7. I just did three 3 dollar ones, Got 1k doubloons, 1 Edmen with 10 point
    captain (but I already have that ship so I got 1.5k doubloons), and 50

  8. I got 3 $5 and got a Blys, an Anshan, and 35 gamescom camo.

  9. People are pulling Nikolai s and Gremmy

    I got 30 Charlie London flags for $3 . . in the store i can get 210 (150 +
    60 bonus flags) for $5

  11. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    Seems that many people are having pretty good luck with these crates!

  12. Or using said doubloons for XP conversion to get Mo…

  13. I just bought a load of these… first crate was Atago plus 10pt capt !

  14. 10 $3 crates and no ships. :(

  15. I got 1500 doubloons on a $5 crate Zoup and I have a lot of premium ships.

  16. Not sure if it’s the case that you get mainly Gamescon camo if you have
    most of the premium ships – all I have is the Tirpitz and Kutuzov, and I
    bought 6 Admiral crates,: I got 4 batches of Gamescon camo and 2 batches of
    the camo offering 250% captain experience (the orange camo). My sampling
    isn’t that large, of course, but neither is my budget. I might spring for a
    few $3 crates to see what happens there, but I get enough flags from my
    daily containers that I don’t need to get any $1 crates.

  17. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    For me, I’d prefer 5 dollar containers if you’re looking for ships.
    For me, 3 dollar containers will almost always give you Emdens if its a

  18. im going to open 7 today! im exited! and yup. gonna record it.

  19. I got Sims and Emden

  20. I could really only afford one $3. It had an Indy, which makes me very
    happy. Merry Christmas everyone.

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