World of Warships: Satsuma – Japanese Super Battleship (A-150?)

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Satsuma is the Japanese super battleship in Grand Battles. She’s effectively an overgrown Shikishima. She’s alright, but I think Hannover is more fun.

0:00 Satsuma Match
10:59 End Screen
12:16 Satsuma Captain Skills & Upgrades
12:47 Satsuma In Port
16:59 Outro

World of Warships footage of the special tier Japanese super battleship Satsuma (A-150).


  1. 👍👍👍👍👍

  2. And that’s it for the month of May.
    I’ve heard her being called the A-150, but I’m not sure myself. You can clarify it in the comments!

    • @USS_FITZPATRICK It’s on the Public Test Server. You’ve gotta get the PTS client to do it.

    • @Aerroon Yup, but sadly its closing tomorrow

    • SonOfAB_tch2ndClass

      This was one of the 2nd of the A-150 designs of which 3 were known.
      The First one would have had a 9x 510mm guns in a 3×3 layout but this was rejected as it was impossible because they calculated that making a triple 20 inch turret would be impossibly heavy at about 4000 long tons for a single turret.
      The Second design which is called Satsuma in game was the 2nd design that would have had a 2 x 4 layout that we see in game but this was also rejected as the ship would have displaced 80,000 long tons at minimum since the twin turrets would have been as heavy as Yamato’s triple 18 inch guns
      The 3rd Design is as we know as the Shikishima was essentially a Yamato with the 6 20.1 inch guns rather than 9 18 inch guns.

      Design A-150 overall was scrapped as Aircraft Carriers were prioritized post Midway and Frankly a realistic Reload time for a 20 inch gun would be at about 50 seconds.

    • @USS_FITZPATRICK Its just on the test sever for now, public server next patch i think, unless they need to make more changes.

    • Steve Franchise

      @Kristof Kolumbus Shouldn’t shikishima have 2 more 100mm secondaries? I’ve read somewhere the 127s would be replaced by the 100mm on a 1-1 basis even though they were heavier.

  3. Pretty sure the A-150 designation is basically the Shikishima in-game rn. This Satsuma design is purely fictional.

  4. It is a variant of the A-150 armed with four turrets instead of three. Even so, there is almost no information on the A-150 design as such, only that it would be a kind of improved Yamato with better AA defense, improved secondaries and 510mm guns. There are rumors that two cannons of this type were built, but it is still a rumor. Despite this, the Satsuma has a somewhat strange design, since it is supposed to be a Shikishima with another turret. After this, you make good content, keep it up.

  5. Wait untill WG creates an overgrown Thunderer as British version of super battleship

    • “We are glad to introduce the first ship with a 110% fire chance” “(It also has 30km range, 150m max dispersion and a sigma of 2.8 as well as a super heal that regenerates the ship’s hp completely)”
      It’s called FUNderer

    • HMS incomparable

    • @The Orb sufferer

    • I dont have problem with tuunder and i will not have it with super one. The tunderer has one diamond ant its AP+ super cruiser dispersion, as HE spamer Conq is much better and even conq is not most Best BB in game. When ships which super armor are in game, its necesary to counter with over time dmg

  6. I want the American one to be a proper Tillman, one of the ones with 24 16-inchers perhaps

  7. Who the hell designed the secondary layout on this ship? Its got a similar layout to Kronstadt for some reason.

  8. There’s a 100k ton BB design armed with 12 508mm, do you think that’s enough?

    • Perhaps. It depends on what the intent is. If it’s about fun then I think priority #1 should be tankiness and close range fighting capability. Those are usually the most fun things.

  9. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    All it needs to have Tillman and HMS Incomparable

  10. Basically longer Shikishima that doesn’t get anything besides one more turret which is nice, but both Shiki and Yamato are bow-focused BBs that don’t really like to show the broadside. And satsuma makes showing broadside very tempting as you lose 50% of your firepower by not showing it. In fact Hannower makes it pretty pointless, as Yamato is very special as it gets the most powerful battery at tier 10 being able to overmatch 32, while recieving terrible citadel shape in return. Meanwhile german counterpart gets both – powerful overmatch and very good armor.

  11. Mr. Potato Head

    The C.Colombo and Republique in your team were testing their camping skils

  12. The whole special perks thing on both ships is designed extremely poorly. Hannover depends on the main battery guns to activate the perks for the secondary batteries but unless the ship is built for secondary batteries the perk is completely pointless. For the Satsuma the whole thing is useless since you can barely get one high accuracy salvo off. I don’t see the point to these ships when their gimmicks are this bad.

  13. Nazhira Rifqi Diazfari

    the 7 second reload on the secondary explains the 7 flak bubbles, if they have 3 second reload there should be 14 flak bubbles

  14. Артём Шепелев

    Shikishima 3+1: You Can (Not) Show Cheek

  15. Yeah the other buff the Hannover has over the GK is that they eliminated the smaller caliber secondaries, and it now has 16 128mm german secondaries per side, that also act as long range heavy AA. Not just improved secondaries, like break most ships in two secondaries. And the special also makes them 10x more deadly when it activates…

  16. what a clown. Charges the front line like a destroyer in the most snipery biggest ship in the game

  17. I see things about all ships that could, and should have been done different, however for everything ‘we’ say needs changed someone else will say there is no problem with it while having a problem with something entirely different, so we are back to square #1. with many of us asking what ‘they’ are not happy with, all of us like this but not that. All of ‘us’ need to take time and see if what we do not like is as much of a problem as we thought.

  18. The way Aerroon says “Which is nice” is hilarious for some reason

  19. Luke Ueda-Sarson

    Wtf – the Satsuma on the stern is the wrong way round! Japan didn’t change to left to right readings until AFTER WW2. (E.g. take a look at the stern of (IRL) Mikasa, or the side of Fubuki – they look “wrong” to modern eyes)

  20. Never rely on your random teammates to finish off one enemy ship. I was in my Nelson pushing a flank when I requested 3 of my teammates following me to take out a half health schors. Guess who was still alive when I turned around after defeating that flank.

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