World of Warships – Savage Battle mode is HELLA FUN

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Here is the brand new called SAVAGE mode. It’s theme is post apocalyptic scenery and I love the idea of fighting around skyscrapers, altho’ they could definitely step up the graphics on certain things as I’m sure you’ll see for yourself as well. It is currently available only on PTS but will most likely arrive in regular WoWS, I just don’t know when and for what occasion.
I think it’s really fun to play and I would love if WG would allow us to use this to play with friends and organize tournaments.
I hope you have fun and enjoy watching 😉


  1. A Sentient F-14 Tomcat

    World of Warships: Battle Royale.


  2. This looks 1000000 times more FUN than the stupidity called ranked

  3. This looks fun! Hysterical fun, but still fun.

  4. Salty Flambass with bukkake gangbanging? HELL YEAH!

  5. Wanders off alone, “i could really use some help now”….

  6. while it is fun it is also hella frustrating, I would of preferred the other operations to come back over this.

  7. Michael Søndergaard

    seems alot like the space battle mode with the torp insanity. but nice looking maps

  8. “fire, fire, fire” means your ship is burning. Jingles acknowledged that it can be confusing for players with no navy experience, i.e. everybody but himself 🙂

    • willythemailboy2

      They need to put in “A Jingles Moment” as a special for Commander Jingles, where your crew fires all the guns regardless of aim the first time Jingles calls “fire fire fire”

    • @willythemailboy2 I’m just glad they put in “that’s a paddlin”

  9. No CVs? Sign me in!

  10. Knife fight in a telephone box!

  11. What is that? Battle Royal with Space Torpedo soup combined? When does this come to us?

  12. Kiddi game mode ! The map look Nice.

  13. Congrats on having your Papyren!

  14. Lol imagine this map in randoms

  15. Looks really nice, like a mix of “Water World” and “Mad Max” ^^

  16. When WG get jelly of Crossout

  17. Bigsmily2001 [aka King_Beaufort]

    WAAAAAAIt, did i hear the new jingles commander???

  18. 4 teams of 3 on the same map, eh. WG are really going out there in terms of tradition

  19. The Tank Commander

    I hear Jingles’s voice! Flambass got the ultimate captain! Great job my Croatian comrade! You’ll really enjoy it now LOL ?! You have a Captain that is also the King of The Gnomes! -The Tank Commander

  20. Gotta love that new jingles capt!! haha noticed during the 2nd clip xD

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