World of Warships Save the USS Texas

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Go here and support the . 100% of profits goes towards saving the .


  1. Already had the Texas, bought the 39.99 package anyway.

  2. Definitely helping this ship even all the way from South America. I hope it will stay afloat for more 100 years, and if for any reason they can’t keep her afloat anymore, I hope they can put her in concrete like the Mikasa. Either way, this ship is worth preserving at all costs.

  3. wtf only na ? but i am EU and i wanna help :/ also i want the lonestar camo

  4. The hull at the waterline is essentially gone after ~70 years of being moored in brackish water, and wet/dry, wet/dry.  It’s so bad sometimes new holes get rags stuffed into them to try and slow the ingress of water.  Ship needs permanent drydock, as does the USS Olympia.

    • Here in Australia, we have ex-HMAS Diamantina in permament drydock as the feature piece of the Queensland Maritime Museum. A wonderful ship with a wonderful history in her own right.
      Texas deserves the same retirement.
      Hull damage can be repaired, plates can be replaced. What matters is that we preserve her the way Texas was built. The only way to do this is to provide her with a permament drydock.

  5. Цветослав Цачев

    Respect to WG for this initiative and to Zoup for his support! I hope it would be available on the other regions.

  6. Just bought the flag and the camo. As a resident of Texas, I didn’t even need to think. If anyone can, please. Help save the Texas…save some history.

    • I’m a Canadian and never visted her but I’d do anything to save the last dreadnought. I bought the camo and the flag for my Texas.

  7. For those not on the NA server, you can also donate directly to the Texas via the Battleship Texas Foundation at

  8. I have her. I’ll get the camo though. She’s worth saving.

  9. I already had the Texas so I bought the camo, hope it helps some

  10. Paln to buy for the Texas went I can

  11. hopefully I can donate, but I don’t know wether it will come to the Asia server’s premium shop

  12. outstanding !! well done all, only one question is the lone star camo magnetic? the orion seem to have trouble there for a moment 🙂

  13. I would buy the lone star camo, but I love in Oz and am on the Asia server, and it is not available on it.

  14. PickelJars ForHillary

    Charlie Baker was our call sign.
    Now WG needs to do Olympia.

  15. The USS Texas holds a special place to U.S. Marines in WW II – the First Marine Division was activated on the Texas on February 1, 1941. She also provided shore bombardment at Iwo Jima and Okinawa after service in the Atlantic Ocean.

  16. Hey Zoup, any word on the pending US Cruiser line split?

  17. I was on the Texas this past summer (2017) and it was right after she re-opened after an emergency repair, she needs a lot of work. Please buy….

  18. I’m currently broke AF after returning to work this week after being laid off for 3 months while the company I work for tried to get its head out of its ass, but definitely flag bought. Will do at least that much for any and all efforts for any other museum ship WG would help. I got room for lots of flags.

  19. Another way to support is to long onto AmazonSmile and pick the Battleship Texas historical foundation as your charity pick. A portion of the $ you spend will go to the foundation. Plus you can donate directly or buy the bundles.
    I’ll at least get the project Valor flag and the camo if my budget allows. I already have the Texas, just be cool to deck her out some more.

  20. Long live the Texas. The USS Olympia is also in dire need of help.

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