World of Warships – Saving Private Parks AGAIN

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Here is the good old operation Dynamo where British forces are trying to retreat across the channel back into England, or should I say Dover.
However there is 1 guy in particular who kind of panics at the start and goes straight into the minefield.
Well…..not on my watch.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. how many attempts that take too keep him alive ?

  2. any chance of you streaming with video dressed as Hans?
    please like so he does it, you know you want it

  3. Parks is a liability lol. Love this campaign. Great xp earner. Just farmed 26.5K xp, 17.6K free xp and 57K commander xp in 1 battle. Sims is a god in this.

  4. Yaayyyy and Private Parks lives again .. Well done guys and 5 stars too .. you are all OP WG Please nerf .hahahaha

  5. Now try to save real players in Arms Race!

  6. 5:25 Poor Wilkerson got torpedoed while Hans was busy stopping Parks.

  7. Netherfield Junction

    If you ram Parks BEFORE he tries to bail himself, you can interrupt the code and he will follow the fleet like the rest of the ships. However it also breaks the code so you cant get 5 stars. Got across without losing any player or civil ships (Mission give you a award for doing that – everyone surviving and getting 5 stars), however the end screen only awarded 4 stars, saying we lost too many civil ships… If you save Parks it seems to glitch the game so cant get that 5th star…

    • We did exactly the same thing, Parks sailed with us but we still ended up with 5 stars shown on the end result screen.

    • General Cartman Lee

      You get the tactical expertise award for completing all secondary goals while all player ships survive. You can still lose some transports.
      To get 5 stars you have to lose at least one transport ships as losing a transport ship triggers the “at least 7 civil ships survive” goal. If you don’t lose any civil ship this goal will never be active.
      You can see the goal popping up at 5:24 after losing Wilkerson.

  8. Should have been named Seaman Timmie. Why a private in the navy. Seaman timmie was always the fictional sailor you’d make fun of while I was in.

  9. In my game we just shot and rammed him before he even tried to flee and all of a sudden he cooperated and happily sailed with the rest of the fleet 😀

  10. This is so weird, we got 5 stars on first try on new op and we didn’t need to do all this stuff.Not saying it’s not entertaining, but why the heck did Parks not suicide when we ( scrubs ) played this op after the patch?

  11. if you can do 5 stars and save parks you should get a supercontainer.

  12. It is a good idea to post videos of the weekly operation with which so many credits are earned

  13. Niiiice one. Loved the Dunkirk operation back when it came the first time, loved it now, but you just made it better.

  14. WEEGEE Should have added **sixth star with secondary mission Save the suicidal superhero**

  15. one of them is 100% native german, the accent is insane if ur german urself

  16. Wargaming design a scenario whereby one of the NPCs is meant to suicide as part of the mission.
    However, what does the WoWs player community say? Challange accepted…
    No matter what, or how, a developer team design, or envision, their game to be, the gaming community will always find a way to scupper their ideas, or find a way around it that was never considered.

  17. It’s called the Goliath because it can push three warships 4 times it’s size into a minefield without breaking a sweat lol.

  18. is this “Saving private Ryan” the naval version?

  19. chur bro nice video

  20. You Sirs are heros.

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