World of Warships – Saving Transylvania (Super Hard Mode) We had no idea what was waiting for us

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This was my first attempt with some viewers from my chat at SUPER HARD MODE of Saving Transylvania, and I can tell you right now. We had no idea what was waiting for us at the end. We played Normal and Hard difficulty right before this one. We had some minor difficulties but we managed. Then we played this.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I tried with my clan mates too but we did 3 star and killed him and kind of potato at start

  2. Looks like a pair of DDs escorting Transylvania to the portal and alternating smoke is the way to go at the end, while the rest of the team block him by ramming

  3. 5 stared it yesterday! 2 Blades, 1 Igor and rest BBs. All BBs go for Rasputin ram… only Igor and one DD (on 4HP) survived… Also, only kept Igor
    with Transilvania, so sh doesn’t go too fast…

  4. Tips : Dont use DCP for 1 fire

    Trans : got it!

  5. Well, you also potatoed like 70% of your torps on Rasputin, so there is that… People got too close 🙂

    • Arvids Godjuks while true, you need 3 Nassau’s with ram flags to hit him at the same time to finish this well since his heal is percentage based (so higher the health, the bigger the heal) while he’s also being torped to hell

    • @NotaFrosty Just saying they wasted a lot of damage potential by missing and torpedoing each other. If those hits went through, it would got low enough on health that they probably would be able to kill it 🙂 It still would have been carnage, but at least they would have had a chance. Looked like the classic Jingles moment: “A sudden rush of shit to the brain” 😀

    • And set max fires constantly with the cruisers. As well as try to get multiple floodings.

  6. Playing this yesterday Hard mode and a DD was trying to destroy a catapult by torping it……I face palmed…. WG trolling us me thinks

  7. I did kill the Rasputin with a team, he ate basically about 10 torps at the same time twice, plus the salvos from two BBs I think.

  8. I don’t feel so bad now! My clan(STW-D) managed four stars but had the same problem with we couldn’t put enough DPM on Rasputin to kill her.

  9. To sink him you need all 3 bbs to ram full speed his side , speed flags AND ram flag

  10. managed to kill that son of a b*tch and get 4 star but transyl health down below 50%

    inner me : *inaudible rage*

  11. The citadel of the Rasputin are easy

  12. We ram that Rasputin with all 3 BBs (mounted with ramming flag), he still alive and heal up like nothing happened

  13. ram the rasputin i do and the another 2 dds topr him.

  14. 1) You must wait till the BBs and DDs to get ahead of Trans before you enter the circle.
    2) All 3 BBs with ramming flags must ram Rasputin AT THE SAME TIME while torpedoes are making contact

  15. Apostolis Midnight

    If Conqueror and Minotaur had a baby Rasputin would be that baby

  16. Dang Rasputin has Quantum Heal Good grief. Has anyone beating Super Hard yet.

  17. Man, that was as unkillable as the real rasputin

  18. OP russian ships. Imperator is like every other russian BBs

  19. Envious you guys can even try this, doing normal mode with randoms is like pulling teeth. Yet to 5 start it this time around (only like 8 battles in so still early)

  20. Dammit Flambass, the only way to kill him is to put some poison into his wine.

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