World of Warships- Say Bye To FXP Ships, & Hello To Pan-Euro DDs! Update 12.4 What You Need To Know!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at what’s coming in update 12.4! Enjoy!

Update Notes:

Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Update Intro
1:38 New EU DDs
3:53 Convoys Return
7:07 Pan-Am Cruisers Full Release
7:47 Daisen Dockyard
8:20 New Battlepass
8:44 Repeated Battle Entry
11:32 Armory Additions
13:39 Brawls
14:26 SC Change


  1. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    “repeated battle entry” is just great for me. I am bad in this game and want to focuse on one class and one ship (tier5). With this mechanic I can learn from my mistakes and do better without waiting 15 minutes.

    • You’re actually more likely to just repeat the same thing over and over at a faster rate without no actual improvement. You also don’t learn anything at tier 5 because they players are extremely bad… You basically just learn at tier 10; or you don’t, some never actually improve even with thousands of games.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @dzello most people will repeat the same mistakes if they have to wait 15 minutes, or not at all. Typically they’ll reach a point where they either figure it out or look up a guide on how to play said ship. From my experience at least

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Yes, that’s my point. Wether he has to wait or not, he won’t learn more. At best, it might entice him to be less careful; at worst, it just won’t change anything. People don’t learn gradually, they just suddenly change their playstyle and get better. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one person who’s winrate just slowly goes up with their number of games.

    • Throdwobbler Mangrove

      @dzello NO! Just absolutly: NO!
      I dont buy a tier10 premiumship to start improving my gameplay. I think tier5 / 6 is the perfect place to learn.
      I am not a complet noob. I know when to use He/AP, to angle, to get unspotted …. but now I have to figure out how to position and get more situal awareness.

    • MAGIC Intelligence–6

      Tier V is nice to start out with, but Tier VI-VII is where you truly learn the tech line you’re on. I like to do random ops because bots are slightly more predictable and tend to target the closest thing to them. This is great to master gunnery, aircraft, and other basic skills in a much longer time frame. You will still die, but because you died to a bot, the mistake is most likely your own, one you can learn from. In general, random ops are useful for the time you’re engaged in combat. What you learn from it is entirely up to you.

  2. Not having to wait to get back into battle is terrific!

  3. Krzysztof Narloch

    WG is making it so we run out of flags and boosters even FASTER so we will open the wallet to buy the new ones ^^

  4. Hopefully repeated battle entry will be on operations too , in convoi mode , the attacking team shouldnt be able to see the routes so that they have to search and find them, wish they would add more permament battle modes
    also a speed detection mechanic would be nice for detecting subs underwater

  5. Reason for possibility to enter to battle with same ship is nice if you get sunken any time during lasting match, but IMHO its another way WG tries to fill numbers of active players.

    I played Collosus but I didn’t make it for wipeout any enemy ship. Tried captain dmg upgraded rockets and it did 23K at best, with rare 2cits to enemy CV.
    Bombs are ok, with top drop almost 11K to BB, torps are just ok 3x5K but 2,4km range and not great speed. My usual match was 60K.
    But I believe in more skilled players to do better, lol.
    But what I found during my Collosus match, it was my teammate with Jean Bart get 2800BXP. Sent him CG.

    I also want warn you guys, bc Friesland is broken. I had just one match of dozens played in Groningen (sister ship) making 180K dmg.

    I also absolutely murdered Musashi with Agir at 500m with single dev salvo 6cits for 60K dmg.
    Agir and Friesland are my broken – OP – recommended ships for today, but don’t try RMA to me your free XP or later coal if you find it just average or worse. Xd

    And don’t hesitate give +1 to casual Collosus player, if he helps your team as any other ship.

  6. The grom is something i was waiting for for a while, i got the blyscawica when i got the game and ever since ive been waiting for either the grom to come out and be better or for her to be buffed, i love the ship but it needs something to make playing it worth it over better dds

  7. I wish the convoy ships were researchable and a premium one for us who can’t grind tech trees due to life. I wish they would include ocean liners as well in this game that we could sail in these convoys. I feel like it would be a great part of the game if the players could pick a passenger or cargo ship and if it makes it the entire team gets some of the spoils and if they sink the ship then they get the spoils that are aboard it. Would add more depth to a game that really lacks depth. Don’t get me wrong still my favorite game ever!

  8. With convoy and airship escort, it would be nice to have a objective based battle mode.
    I would play the game a lot more if that was a thing.

  9. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    Not seeing change to the convoy mode , most attacking teams just made it an ambush at the end of the route and its a effective strategy , not going to be any different this time , you can expect exploit of the new mechanism to go battle after dying in a game and cutting down on frustration facing OP CV and SS does not made it right , yeah less frustration but still its still wrong to had CV / SS that OP over others with no proper counter measure

  10. re. Convoys – played this loads on the test server and it quickly degenerated to a BB-only event with every other type being blown out of the water by sniper-BB’s at the edge of the map or secondary BB’s (backed up by sniper BB’s at the edge of the map…..). Started as fun, quickly became NOT fun…..

  11. Thanks for the update video. I find your explanation easier to understand than reading it from their website.

    Downloading the update now. Didn’t have the 1 million free XP for the Azuma. I guess that will be my next coal ship. But before that, I had the Ragnarok drop from a container a couple days ago. I have no idea how to set it up or the commander. Most of the information is from 2020.

  12. Geoffrey Stevens

    Unlike you Sea Lord, I love the Pan-American cruisers. I’m happy that I’ll be able to go beyond the Tier VII level that I managed to get in early access via the Battle Pass. I know you don’t like the Combat Instructions feature, but I like it because it encourages brawling with your cruisers instead of just island hugging. Yes, I am looking forward to the Pan-European DD’s.

  13. Funny thing is…. all my FXP ships came from Christmas Boxes last year…… 🤣

  14. I got the Azuma last month and was going to get the Agir before tomorrow but I’m 75K FXP short. So I’ll use that XP to level up some of the 12 tier 9 ships I have to tier 10. And have a lot more choices than just one FXP ship albeit w/o the coin.

  15. My favorite ships are like congress and yoshino or similar ships and it suck to start a match and everyone focus you within the first 5 minutes. 🤣 So glad I can just roll into another

  16. The bad thing on the repeated battle entry will be people thinking they’re losing, commit suicide, re-enter looking for a battle they think will win for the big payoff. Screwing everyone trying to actually win.

  17. WEEKS of grinding free XP 😓…and I finally got the Gron ticked off🥳
    …cant wait for the release, saved up enough Steel & Coal to go shopping!!🥰

    Kia Kaha SLM 07

  18. About time they added “repeated battle entry”. Like SOME matches you just get crapped on and DIE, you can do everything “correctly” and still get screwed over. So its nice to be able to just keep going into battle when you get a Bad match.

    Although i personally love sticking around a watching my teammates and give advice.

  19. Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern

    I have a feeling that once the IJN subs come out, the T10 will be the I-401

  20. Repeated battle entry is great for yolo’ing in grinds; run it right up the middle – grab as many points as you can in 5-7 minutes and then go do it right away.

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