World of Warships – Scary

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Just in time for Halloween, here’s one of the scariest things you can see in World of Warships – A Kitakaze or Harugumo on low health with Adrenaline Rush and the Yamamato Second Wind buff active. Don’t believe me? Watch.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Its that bloody boat game again!

  2. Good morning, everybody. Have a great day!

  3. Chuck Norris has already rewatched this.

    I’ll show myself out…

  4. First time i was this early, Jingles still played World of Tanks himself

  5. It’s that bloody shark feeding game again!!

  6. Southern Pacific Lines

    I was surprised it wasn’t Royal Navy related since the DDs have gone live

  7. Up vote in memory of the 46% win rate players

  8. No dislikes!? Last time I was this early Fornite was still alive.

  9. Netherfield Junction

    Does this mean that the Jutland and Daring are going to get buffed pen on the guns? Since 113mm guns only pen 18mm of armour, so cant even pen DD hulls with HE. Even though the guns on the Jutland/Daring are supposed to be the SAME 114mm guns as the secondaries on the Neptune and Queen Elizabeth, which can pen 19mm or armour… Sounds like WG screwing us over on the guns?

  10. When Second Wind activated, did anyone notice how the 4th turret never got the chance to fire when the other 3 were firing?

    • Replay bug ?

      That turret did get hit earlier, maybe it got destroyed and it just doesn’t show in the replay ?

    • Jesper O Nope, the three front turrets were firing too fast for the last one to fire. Also, the third turret was knocked out, not the fourth.

  11. Tier 9 DD with the RoF of an E 25? oh HELL NO. Those poor loaders, I wonder how their arms manage to stay intact after any extended period of shooting.

    • prob auto loaders

    • The shells arent too heavy and awkward for machinary to opperate on a dd.

    • 5. Kill: Yamamoto starts yelling “Banzai” from the brige.
      Whole crew joins him.
      Mechanics start welding the ship back together.
      Loaders feel a divine wind powering there arms.

      All the while close by ships just hear B A N Z A I from the ship.

    • At this point, human loading is just straight up impossible. They just loaded up some racks that feed straight into the guns and let them cycle the rounds in themselves or something. Absolute insanity…

    • 5 kills: Yamamoto starts yelling “lets show them what overpowered little ships are all about bitches”
      the engineers from prometheus start descending and fixing the ship
      captain america,superman,thor join the loading team while hulk,iron man and wonder woman join the fight on deck…….

  12. It was reloading so fast that, when holding down the mouse button, the no. 1 turret reloaded before no. 4 could fire so that rate of fire was just from 3 turrets

  13. That right there is one of the most impressive games I’ve ever seen!

  14. I think it would be better if they have buffed only the AP on those guns so they could reliably pen the superstructure of even BBs. It would make those DDs more balanced and encourage a smarter playstyle having to chose between more or less consistant damage dealing and the chance of setting fires. Just a thought…

  15. 1.2 reload speed. Sheesh, talk automatic fire. That’s like the MG 42 of the sea.

  16. I’m just sad that I didn’t see Yamamoto Isoroku used fully this match.
    He spent more than half of the match firing from only 3 of his turrets.
    The reload on those guns is so insane (1.2sec) that if you get Kraken, you need to double-tap your left mouse button like a mad man in order to get the maximum DPM out of those guns. He basically got heal out of that captain and that’s it, 4 turrets would have the same effect on half HP with AR as those 3 did in the end.
    Well played nonetheless.

  17. The torp hits were 40k, when engaging the mogami, reload was 1.1 seconds.

  18. That is insane. My main issue is that by having these massively powerful DD’s you are really encouraging BB players to hold back. I am an aggressive player generally but going forward into that level of fire just stupid. Also the last time I saw the Kitakaze in battle, it was playing behind the cruisers and BB’s (we lost the battle but the Kitakaze came second on our team).

  19. Am I the only one that cringed so hard because of holding the mouse button down?
    He had 4 turrets and was only firing with 3 because the reload was so fast the first turret reloaded before the last one got the chance to fire. If he’d been double-clicking he would’ve had better DPM. He screwed the quick reload…

  20. Someone needs to make a video of this ship firing with the “BBRRRRTTT!!” of an A-10’s gun dubbed over it.

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