World of Warships- Scharnhorst- Master of All

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here with a game for you. I used this cause someone was thinking getting an or the Scharnhorst. This is so wait for the right time to push and when we do magic happens.

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  1. Nice game Puddin.
    People underestimate Scharny’s potential due to its gun caliber. Thats why they close the distance and forget that it also packs german secondaries and torps.
    Even at high tier games, in close distances it still has the ability to make the enemy ships scram.
    Tier per tier I find it the best brawler along with Gneisenau.

  2. Ohhh. Scharn can cit a real BB. Alright. I thought it couldnt

  3. The Atlanta is (much) more challenging to play than the Scharnhorst. Less HP, no heal, less range, much less armor ….

  4. Good game Puddin Who hoo

  5. Nice finish ??

  6. Some of the best times in WoWs has been in a Scharnhorst that is allowed to get within secondary and torp range. For a more Manly ShinyHorse Captain build Drop Concealment and pick up Manual Secondary Control for extra lolzs.

  7. my highest wr bb…this shit is good as long as idiots give you broadside.

  8. eh wtf u took demo expert? scharns guns are about ap not its he

  9. Hello There your very Team Friendly and very Relaxed . You get a lot of Respect from me. I like your Videos and how you explain everything. Please keep up the Good Work.

  10. From the POV of my nice comfortable chair in retrospective I’d say you took unnecessarily much dmg in that NY, Wyoming, Byarn situation. Why give so much broadside for those torp salvo’s? But wow what an awesome match!

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