World of Warships – Scharnhorst Millionaire Moment

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on Neighbors moves out to engage the enemy on the Northeastern flank. The enemy is already going in mass and I’m forced to retreat or lose the ship. A couple enemies break through and rotate around to work down stragglers that went northeast. I get a chance to engage three enemy cruisers who think they can kill me but I try my best to prove them wrong. Hope you enjoy this close game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Scharnhorst Replay


  1. damn I was unsubbed from you. Thats weird.

  2. I see that Alabama sneak peek at the end of the video, Mr. Notser. No ship escapes my eye!


  4. name recognition may have helped; they were so intent on sinking a notser that his own largely useless team was able to goof around and still win

  5. pulling a notser infront of notser goes onto my bucketlist…bad idea#4sure

  6. Sehr gut, sehr gut…

  7. It is always funny if you accidently push random instead of ranked. Then somehow the game is so different in the meaning of EASY 😀

  8. gut gespielt

  9. Notser, were you getting laid while drunk when playing this battle? 😛

  10. UnexpectedInquisition

    “Just Chillin. Up for some Netflix?” AHAHAHA

  11. This 5 Ships near Point A i will give a permanent Bann for Stupid Noobgame

  12. Wow. That really is a cruiser killer. Not bad at all. Thanks for the replay. Also like the in game commentary.

  13. That bounce on the cleveland at 13:49 was priceless XD

  14. JJ Abrams direct this? Such lens flare at the end!

  15. I love that it turned out to be a successful game but the damage per salvo was skin crawling-ly annoying, even taking into account that this ship isn’t known for it’s DPM. I couldn’t help to think during so many of those 0-2000 damage rolls that HE would have been substantially more helpful with 3200 & 20% I’ve come to expect misses and bounces with the 283’s at any bow on target of the type that were chasing you.

  16. WOW. What a game! Thanks for sharing Notser 🙂

  17. Why so much investment in Scharnhorst secondaries?? I toyed around with the idea, but ultimately main guns and survivability matters most IMO anyway – for the Scharnhorst anyway. Now if you were in the Bismarck, Friedrich, or Kurfurst – then totally – build up those Secondaries as much as possible as soon as possible! But for Scharn, main guns and torpedoes are your life mostly, and the 5.8km range that you get with the accuracy module certainly is not bad, and not much worse than the, what – 7.2 or 7.6km you have with the full secondary build? I mean sure Scharnhorst is meant to get close and brawl, that’s why I feel like heal and concealment are important for when you DO get banged up badly and have a chance to disengage.

    Now if the Scharn could reach out like the Bismarck – then it would be the ONLY build because German Secondaries are OP! All use HE, and even the 105mm has over 25mm of pen due to 1/4 instead of 1/6 shell diameter HE pen – not to mention those 105s have like 9% fire chance stock with 17+ rounds/min! Of course the 128s are better still, but my point is that even the 105s are OP – being able to pen better than NORMAL 152mm GUNS!

    German 105mm secondary pen stock = 26.25mm HE pen

    Any other 152mm HE shell in the game stock = 25.3333~mm HE pen

    Which is ALSO to say that the 128s pen ALMOST as well as IFHE 152mm guns on ANY other ship! And of course, the 150mm secondaries have better pen than 203s do!

    If you run a Bismarck to Kurfurst with FULL secondary, Demo, IFHE, BFT, AFT, Manual Control and all the modules, you will basically VAPORIZE anything spotted within that MASSIVE 10.6-8km bubble – especially any poor cruiser or DD that wanders too close!

    I had that happen to me in my Mogami from a Bismarck that popped out of an enemy’s smoke at about 8km away, got killed from about 95% HP to 0 in not more than 70 seconds or so – ALL from SECONDARIES! It pissed me off so much I had to stop playing for the day, being CTRL+Clicked to death with ease is TOTALLY “Engaging and Dynamic” gameplay! Seriously WG – NERF THE PEN ON GERMAN SECONDARIES FFS!

    That or BUFF every other form of HE – you pick, I’m a cruiser and DD player almost entirely, the latter wouldn’t bother me at all! Though the former would be better for GAMEPLAY!

  18. Wouldn’t this be a “Notsflix”?

  19. you basically just kited the whole game? damn this game is indeed toxic

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