World of Warships – Scharnhorst Review – Cruiser’s Worst Nightmare

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Presenting the Scharnhorst, tier 7 German , great armour, fast, with fast firing (although somewhat inaccurate) guns, makes this a . Find out in this if you should get this ship or not. Enjoy!


  1. Stefan Schaefer (Fargrath)

    that US flag above the Reich flag ^^

  2. Chase, some words of comfort for you in regards to Jinglesgate – those of
    us who have followed you for some time, know that you are far too much of a
    class act and far too intelligent to knowingly violate an NDA. I saw your
    post on the forums, where some of the sheeple were attacking you and
    accusing you of being a source of the leaks. IMO, if these people were so
    stupid as to not even engage in a nanosecond’s worth of critical thinking
    before doing so, then you’re far better off not having them on your channel
    to begin with. It may sound like cold comfort right now, but in the end
    that might be the one silver lining out of this whole mess – these idiots
    have exposed themselves for what they are, and in the long run your channel
    will be better off for being rid of them.

  3. The USN fans will just have to wait for the Alaska’s *grin*. I like this
    ship. It’s going to force players against it to pay attention. Awesome ship
    for those that know when to be aggressive and when to fence at a distance.

  4. Muhammad Zafranuddin

    +2 match and non lemming enemy please

  5. Those Secondaries look to be really good…

  6. +iChaseGaming i would swap aft for manual aa as that is what makes german
    bb aa dps good a derpitz without it is fresh meat for a cv one with it was
    is kinda scary to equal tier cvs. even t9 loose quite a few planes.

  7. mynameiswritinwater

    how good is the penetration on cruiser armour ? heard the 283mm bounced on
    angled cruiser of equal tiers ? that true ?

  8. I wonder about Scharnhorst’s Fire Reduction modifier, because the Tirpitz
    effectively serves as a floating barbecue for my Atago, and ESPECIALLY my
    Kutuzov! As in my Kutuzov I can keep firing at them from EXTREME range
    accurately, where if and when they try to fire back all I need to do
    usually is change speed and course as I sail.


    She has a listed gold cost of 9500, just 500 more than that of the Atlanta,
    so she should cost riiiiight around $42 – $44 without any discount or

    So I should be able to afford her, I never bought the Tirpitz as she never
    appealed to me that greatly, I generally do not like Battleships, but
    Scharnhorst is a Battlecruiser, with INSANELY fast turret traverse, good
    speed, decent protection – and very nice HIGH VELOCITY 283mm guns that do
    consistent AP damage, with torpedoes that will be usable and effective at
    times! Sounds Like VERY MUCH GOOD TIMES TO BE HAD!! XD

  9. Actually what comes to my mind is, how good is the KMS Scharnhorst in the
    Credit income role?
    Hearing that at the moment the Tirpitz is the best Ship to get Credits.
    Also @Ichasegaming good review on the ship, found it gratifying, would
    appreciate to see some high tier playing with it tho.

    Greetings from Germany ;)

  10. Concealment expert becuase diverse and interesting skil choices :3

  11. That harrassing –> decisive engagement pattern, I think that’s what
    happens with the Tirpitz as well? In a way, these two premium German BBs
    are very similar.

  12. iChase if you have 18+ points German captain on any of yours accounts try
    to use hybrid build with demo expert, manual AA and AFT.

  13. Furutaka has with the stock Kannons 22 seconds reload

  14. Dunkerque, when ???

  15. Maybe I am confused but… Wasn’t Scharnhorst faster than Tirpitz? Why in
    game this is exactly the opposite?


    *sits down and continue to wait for Brit ships*

  17. hmm you do not seem to have the same problem jingles has with playing the

  18. 18:09 RIP that minekaze lmao

  19. when is she buy able?

  20. Chase what modpack do you use to see the damage you have done in the top
    right corner?

  21. AWWW YISSSS THANK YOU iChase for releasing this as soon as the NDA is
    lifted. anyway 1 question when i brawl with her, should i shoot enemy at
    main belt, or the upper belt armor? can she citadel a nagato, colorado or
    other bb equal/higher tiered? please answer me, it would made my day

  22. Ghost “Crysis” Phantom

    i hope you feel better???!?!?!

  23. she has the lowest Caliber because she was a battle-/heavycruiser

  24. Frank Zhang (FrankInRage)

    I mean, am I playing the same game as you? The only reason I can see this
    ship is because I installed a tech tree expansion mod, but in the vanilla
    version of the game I can’t see them

  25. The German battleships are going to destroy all the CA’s in this game from
    being playable at launch.

  26. in summary this ship is perfect to wonder around with Atlanta and Cleveland
    (and Tirpitz).

  27. GuyUnderTheBridge

    junk ship. Getting tired of the commercials with shills posting top-tier
    dominations against broadside scrubs.

  28. Sooo, how much will it cost? (haven’t watched full video)

  29. It seems abit overpowered to me.

  30. Hi iChase! Looks like a player called Aquitanic appeared in that first
    clip…perhaps next time we play at the same time, I won’t be on the enemy
    team 3 or 4 times in a row again. xD

  31. the EU guys are so jellos, they are still under nda

  32. Bro, you are talking way to much in your videos.

    Just show us the gameplay with a little commentating, why u go all in on
    26minute speech without any breathing or pause.
    Its really annoying, i dont think anyone rly cares what ur saying anyway.

  33. that moment when the pensacola, a similar tier cruiser has worse
    detectibility than a battleship

  34. Her? KMS ships were men.

  35. I think i found a sentence with 7 reallys 😀 But nice review anyway 🙂 …
    now I just need money

  36. Derek “DGuns” Gunter

    NDA lifted on German BBs?

  37. If you like Tirpitz, I believe you will like Scharnhorst:)))

  38. lol after watching mingles with jingles yesterday, its so true about the
    NDA between the WG EU and its contributers and WG NA and its contibuters.

  39. How do you add skins to warships?

  40. german sausage

  41. If the next season of ranked battles come out the same as the last season
    will this be a popular ship for midrank ranked battles?

  42. can someone tell me y the fuck the german ships have shitty dispersion?

  43. Secondary build worth it on a captain who is going to be in this ship, the
    Tirpitz, and the tier 10 german BB?

  44. How much does it cost? i don’t care i just want :D

  45. Sounds like I’m going to love this ship. The way you describe to play her
    is how I play my Tirpitz. Since the dispersion is awful on that, I’ll be
    use to this one. :)

  46. IChase what do you think about focusing scharnhorst on secondaries?
    Changing concealment on manual secondaries, and give him additional module
    for secondaries?

  47. ichase this isn’t a battle ship.

  48. she’s a beauty, I can’t wait to use my money i earned this summer

  49. Scharnhorst kills CV at long distance – historically correct! :)

  50. Great vid as always Chase! If I have the Tirpitz already (and I love her)
    is it worthwhile to buy the Scharnhorst? Is there a different enough
    playstyle to warrant it or do they play very similarly?

  51. Let me just give WG the link the my bank account, so they can just give me
    the ship without me knowing I payed for it XD (at least, it’ll make me feel

  52. Admiral of the seas Gaming

    I allready have Tirpitz, is it worth getting this to?

  53. James Castleberry

    She’s more versatile (role playing) than the SMS Tirpitz. Oh yes, cheaper
    of the two German BBs.

  54. OP, Please Nerf

  55. Ok wg
    Shut up and take my money

  56. I see WG did the same thing with this ship as they did to the
    Fubuki…totally lowballed it’s speed. The real Scharnhorst could make 35+
    knots, in fact so much that the forward deck being awash all the time was a
    real problem, even after they modified the bow. I’m sure this beauty will
    still play very well with the qualities it has for the game, and I’ll buy
    it, but a shame nonetheless.

  57. ZeKeR “ZiK” BaNaaG

    glorious 13.1km ninja level detection

  58. I feel so bad for that Aoba.

  59. One does not span HE using Scharnhorst

  60. YEAH Scharnhorst i’ve been dying for a review on her, she’s the queen of
    the German navy. I can’t wait to buy her. by the way chase i was wondering,
    if they’re having the Scharnhorst as a premium ship do you think they’ll
    introduce the Graf Spee as a premium? As always awesome video i’ve been
    catching up on all your videos, your sail’n chat #18 sounded pretty
    always can’t wait for your next video.

  61. OP :D

  62. I threw money at the screen. Where is my Scharnhorst?

  63. well… since she hit HMS Glorious at over 26 KM I think they have screwed
    the range and dispersion something fierce

  64. If a BB gets 20 second reloads (Remember IJN cruisers get 15 second reload)
    and a ridiculous armor (from a cruiser’s POV), what is the point of
    cruisers? Btw, I really want this ship! But the cost is hard to justify
    (=to a full console game).

  65. Monitor now busted as piggy bank slammed into it….. jk jk

  66. Shitty Pony OC Recolor

    Was really hoping for an alternate 9 11 incher turret setup for the
    Gneisenau. The Myogi didn’t exactly win me over with its 6 gun layout.

  67. Joseph Boccarossa

    The Scharnhorst reminds me of the Alaska Class Large Cruisers, a ship I
    desperately wish would be made available.

  68. I wish WG would module the strength of the hulls in WoWS along side the
    armor because the Germans and Russians didn’t have the ship building
    experience of the Brits, Americans, and even a few French ships. While
    German ships didn’t often sink out right from hits they often caused so
    much damage that parts of the ship failed to work which was compound by WW1
    lay outs of the machinery and building techniques they both used. Same
    goes for American torp fail rates and Brit with their generally poor
    habitably and low sea ranges.

  69. German Kongo with more guns, better armor, AND torps… seems legit.

  70. Why YouTubers are uploading all these Scharnhorst vids? Does this mean it
    is going to be released in a few days?

  71. Almost got lo yang on EU server thanks for vid atleast i know i need to
    keep my money for this one :)

  72. Good or bad, she sure is pretty.

    Keep up the good work, Chase & good to hear you sounding better.

  73. CynicallyObnoxious

    I WANT IT NOW!!!

  74. I think that in a two carrier match with two enemy Texas’s in sight you
    should really be firing HE in the first volleys. It would really help your
    team to take out as many of those 40s as possible. A New York class’s
    superstructure won’t handle the HE any better than the AP, and you won’t be
    getting any citadels anyway.

    Also If he had gotten basic fire training he would have shot down quite a
    few more planes in support during that opening attack on CV. The mid range
    sucks so you have to buff it as much as possible.

  75. Any news on when the release dates are?

  76. iChase, how do you feel German BBs will fitt in to the already wierd BB
    world? With this agile ships, isnt it a risk that people will only play
    German BB´s amd they loose out om balance?

  77. What’s the teal ribbon on some of your ships?

  78. Do you know how Scharnhorst was sunken. Really brutal stuff. Huge loss of
    life. It was sunken out of northern Norway, in freezing waters. Here in
    Norway they made a documentary on the Sharnhorst.

  79. Thinking it will be out by the end of the week.

  80. Hey Chase will you also be doing the Dunkerque here soon?

  81. it was said by youtuber who is World of Tanks youtuber fully but … i see
    the same problem here in WOWS.

    More and more premium ships and less and less normal ships. If they will do
    half of time spend for changes for Scharhnorst and couple other premium
    ships – for work in all line we would have already i think all lines in
    british navy ready and in game …

  82. Loved the fact that in a Scharnhorst you sunk an aircraft carrier, just
    like she did in history. Nice rewiew as well Chase 🙂 this is really a
    beautiful ship

  83. Ichase would you pick the Scharnhorst over the Tirpitz considering the
    price? Is it fun enough? :D

  84. i hope they will add soviet bb british carrier?bb and dd also french navy
    and italian navy

  85. isn’t all the german BB’s under the NDA stuff so you should not really be
    having this review out? is WG NA so non caring on the NDA rules?

  86. RIP Nagato’s pre-nerf rudder shift. And they made the secondaries

  87. As much as it pains me, it seems to be too good. Or it is gonna be hit with
    the nerfbat or it wont apear in the shop again as the nikolai

  88. You know the EU contributors are not currently allowed to discuss this at
    the moment.

  89. “They (battleships) like to just keep pushing to this objective”
    except for the majority of the battleships I meet in battle (on my team)
    which just prefer to camp all day and stay at max range 24/7…

  90. Aziz Hari Maulana

    Chase, what about secondary build with AFT + secondary manual control for
    this ship ? is it still possible ?

  91. Is that a seal clubbing division down under?

  92. I can see that WG NA either do not care about NDA or for some reason WG NA
    does not have it like WG EU. :S

  93. I don’t see it on the Premium store…

  94. Sir Orrin Productions

    I hope the other German Battleships play like this.

  95. Sir Orrin Productions

    A German Supercruiser huh? I might have to buy this…

  96. Damn fine looking ship. Probably going to pass on this one, bought too
    many premiums and I think the price tag will be a lil too high. There’s a
    lower tier German premium in the works as well, right? Konig Albert? That
    one might be for me. I *would* like to have a German trainer when the new
    line comes out, something other than the Emden. Thanks for the thorough

  97. so much for Wargaming’s NDA.

  98. what you didn’t consider with the captain skills is manual AA, which is
    also an option for the Tirpitz. I currently don’t use, but you can really
    buff up your AA with that, since it only affects high calibre AA guns an
    that is exactly where your AA strengh is concentrated.

  99. Pretty ship, Keep them coming.

  100. How come the NA server gets 3x xp for daily win, I know its because of an
    event or something but on EU we only get 2x for daily win. :(

  101. Gib *throws money at screen as per instructions* Chase! It’s not working! D:

    In all seriousness, nice review as usual. Keep up the awesome work! ^^

  102. KingOfRotterdam16

    they gonna nerf it after most ppl bought it, just like the tirpitz.

  103. I threw a 20oz gold bar at my screen now I need a new screen. Thanks Chase!

  104. Ships looks awesome.
    Btw. I havent heard any youtuber pronounce Tirpitz right yet. Its
    pronounced “Tierpitz” as in Tier Ten etc. The “pitz” part is right 🙂 Keep
    up going strong at those vids!

  105. Today is Scharnhorst Video Day

  106. Fun Fact: Graf Spee once disguised as a Scharnhorst to confuse British
    naval intelligence during her rampage in the Atlantic.

  107. My poor wallet

  108. Chase thanks for another great Review,

  109. So between Scharnhorst and Tirptiz, which would you recommend to get?
    Considering their unique perks compared to their tech tree
    counterparts(Geneisnau and Bismarck).

  110. Overall, the gameplay shown here is exactly as I imagined it to be for this
    ship, and I am very much going to consider purchasing this!

  111. Great review as always. Looking very much forward to getting this ship.

    I’ll admit I’m bit puzzled why there wasn’t more focus on her secondary
    guns and secondary gun builds on her, though. At tier 7, she’s at the first
    tier where Manual Secondaries becomes good, and she’s loaded with all HE
    guns with good fire chance, without a doubt best at her tier. In brawling
    range (7.6km), she can light up another battleship from stem to sterm
    really quickly, forcing them to use damage control and putting them into a
    position where they won’t be able to fix the flooding from the torps right
    after. Plus having hyper accurate HEs would be DDs worst nightmare.

  112. love the look of this ship. can’t wait.

  113. love the look of this ship. can’t wait.

  114. always love your reviews ichase 🙂 the message that popped up towards the
    begining of the review reminded me you had been unwell in the last few
    days. It’s great to hear your voice back to its usual excellent standard
    and i hope you are very much better now. If not, get well soon and rest
    easy, keep doing your great vids and i’ll keep doing my bit by adding 1
    view and 1 thumbs up to each of them :)

  115. Uhm, WHAT cruiser stood chance against Battleship?
    Cruiser get spotted, every battleship in range forgets theirs target and
    shot cruiser. Its understandable because ANY hit on cruiser can cause
    citadel or even better, detonation. Playing cruisers in current state is
    only to feed Battleships easy dmg. For that reason i stopped playing them
    and doing doubles only. Its not worth at all.
    Yes you can zigzag, make targeting harder, but as above. Any hit from
    battleship hurts cruiser badly and because of RNG nature you can never
    avoid them all(plus cruisers agility isnt THAT great, CAs specially).
    Gunship DD can do same as cruiser, but he got smoke, better concealment and
    agility. So whats the point? Escort Battleships for boring 15 minutes,
    hoping some planes or DDs come to you? Or ‘realistically’ sit and shot from
    behind island?
    Yes it gets better on tier 9-10 as you get HP consumable, but otherwise
    thank you, no.
    They should think about it in WG, because Cruisers sucks.
    And with Scharnhorst it’ll be even worse.

  116. iChase, how do the main guns perform against other Scharnhosts? when the
    public gets their hands on them, it will be like when the Tirpitz first
    went on sale all over again

  117. Chase the Scharnhorst was a battlecurisers not a battleship. Im really
    intrested to see how it will preform in the high teirs.

  118. Holy shit, that turret traverse on a BATTLESHIP?

    Take my money take all my money PLEASE

  119. This ship is definitely for aggressive ship captains who know how to avoid

    Also: Wargaming can shut up and take my money!

  120. Nice review and at least you sound a lot better than in the smith review
    vid, I’hope you recover from that very quickly! Any idea when you may
    review the Dunkerque (As being Dutch we still call it Duinkerken 😉 )

  121. Well, these cruisers had been partially designed to cut off trade convoys
    in the atlantic from reaching their british customers. Trade convoys are
    guarded by destroyers, armed trade ships and a few cruisers. So essentially
    a battle group suited for this task needs to be fast and at least one ship
    which can hold the pace of a cruiser but outgun and outlive any cruiser.
    And that’s what this ship is, a bigger and meaner cruiser than had been
    built up to this time.
    I once had a fight 1vs1 with an ARP Kongo in my New Orleans (Kongo
    obviously a Division Fail) and won it with relative ease because she showed
    me her broadside and I presented solely my bow, letting almost every shot
    of her ricochet – her secondaries made me worry, though. At the start I had
    just 8k HP left. So I used my six barrels up front to pummel her with AP –
    end of story. I guess playing a Scharnhorst would be roughly equal. Like,
    for instance, taking a T9-heavy cruiser into a T6-battle.
    Speaking of heavy cruisers, I’m still a bit sad that the Deutschland-class
    didn’t make it into the game. That would’ve been a good T6-cruisers due to
    it’s paper armour, relatively slow speed and powerful, but few guns. If the
    Dunkerque will be T6, this would absolutely justify the placing of the
    Deutschland-class, since the Dunkerque had been developed to best these
    ships and hunt them down.

  122. I could hear the demonic laughs from WG hq, they sure know how to drain our

  123. How are you able to test this if it hasn’t been released yet?

  124. i am so getting this

  125. Jingles is going to be soooo mad

  126. Isn’t all of this still under a NDA?

  127. Pretty sure Wargaming is more than happy to allow Youtubers to review a
    ship and then nerf the shit out of it before they release it to the public.
    I don’t think they should let early access reviewers put content out on a
    ship and then still be able to tweak its stats.

  128. Thinking about it is like the Atlanta small guns quick reload tier 7

  129. that is one nice slick looking battleship!

  130. This sounds like a review of a up armord york (not a bad thing i loved that
    wierd ship)

  131. SCHARNHORST!!!!

  132. what about getting skill for 4 points that increse dmg to plane by higer
    calliber than 85 mm aa?

  133. My wallet hates Wargaming.. it really does.

    Will be interested to see how she compares against Gneisenau. And if the
    first hull Gneisenau will have the same 13″ guns with the 15″ ones being a
    B or C hull (which would make sense to me).

  134. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Looks nice

  135. You know how before you can be arrested, you need to be read your rights,
    and they call it “The Miranda Rule?”

    I’m beginning to think that the “subject-to-change” disclaimer should be
    called “The Arizona Rule,” following the forum meltdown that marred its

  136. YEEHAW CHASE FINALLY DOES A SCHARNIE VID! Maybe that means she’s

    *looks at WG prem shop* lolnope

    Bollocking bastards! Oh well, I’m still shelling out massive amounts of
    cash for this thing when it comes available.

  137. I’m starting to see why the super testers thought this thing was OP before
    it had its stats changed

  138. YEEHAW CHASE FINALLY DOES A SCHARNIE VID! Maybe that means she’s

    *looks at WG prem shop* *lolnope*

    Bollocking bastards! Oh well, I’m still shelling out massive amounts of
    cash for this thing when it comes available.

  139. Shcarnhorst was never a battleship. she was always a battle-cruiser despite
    what ppl have said.

  140. they should really do the Alaska like this as well.

  141. iChase, I subscribed your channel for almost two weeks now, but I cannot
    receive notice of any of the videos you posted. I searched so hard on
    Google to find this one. Such a great video!
    I always have a question to ask you: for a Yamato, is scout plane a better
    choice or catapult fighter?

  142. Shut up and take my Money!! :D

  143. The Mighty Jingles: new german BBs, but cant talk about them.

    IChase: heres a full game review of a German BB. Check it out!!! 😀 gotta
    love being in North America Wargaming server.

  144. Meanwhile the EU community contributors are still under NDA and are
    complying with it. NA server, the Mos Eisley of WOWS. Congrats on the
    exclusive views.

  145. That game… That was a spanking in its truest form, seal clubbing’s

  146. That ND agreement though XD

  147. Don’t run away you’ll only die tired

  148. Finally the game is going in the balance way

  149. ChristianBaconPoo

    Is he allowed to do this? Like, didn’t wargaming say they weren’t allowed
    to talk about the German BB’s?

  150. Finally, Chase. <3

  151. NDA’s been lifted already? sweet!

  152. IBTV - Internet Broke the Television

    Beautiful ship.
    Any idea when the German ships will be available to public

  153. Wargaming: Introducing the Scharnhorst! She can…

  154. how did u buy it? I’m on sea server, so is this na only?

  155. Oh joy, another Battleship that will inspire the “yolo” strategy I see so
    many BB players use… Can’t wait to get rammed by this thing! -_-

  156. OH that nda. mmmmm.

  157. Basically a “shut up and take my money” ship, lol

    U sound better. Stream on tomorrow night? Couple questions regarding the
    Scharnhorst. Wat r the selections for her “air wing” and do u have any idea
    when both she and the Dunkerque will b on sale? Speaking of Dunkerque, will
    u b doing a ship review on her?

  158. Are you flying the Stars and Stripes?

  159. Ridiculously OP ship is OP.

  160. Thanks for all of the info as always!

  161. Other than the smaller caliber on her main guns, it sounds a bit like she’s
    just a down-tiered Tirpitz to me. Her guns only fire 5 seconds faster, her
    turrets do turn much quicker, but they’re both fast enough to stay with
    your team’s cruisers and are much better at dealing with enemy cruisers
    than same-tiered battleships.

    Which of course means that once she’s released for sale it’s going to be a
    case of me throwing money at the monitor and going “shut up and take my
    monies!” most likely.

  162. Just a question What’s with the 200%XP on all this ships ?

  163. so how long have you been waiting to post this vid chase? :p

  164. How can you show this? Wasn’t there a NDA involved? I thought there was a
    two week no tell thing going on

  165. funny how jingles is under nda. and your doing this.

  166. ships like this should be in a seperate tech line called battlecruiser

  167. Cruiser spelled wrong in thumbnail ;)

  168. short question i knwo this isnt really fitting here but is there
    information when the repair discounts will come permantly and when will
    they test it on eu server?

  169. do you know that someone made a Know Your Ship episode starring

  170. Cost ?

  171. The German battleships are not to be reviewed yet I thought?


  173. Wow finally NDA lifted! Prepared my wallet long long ago!

  174. what’s her price tag?

  175. I have never bought a premium anything in my 5 years of wargaming
    playing…. I think that’s about to change. this is the seal clubbers

  176. Release date?

  177. Jingles posts a video about the unfairness of the EU/US embargo and iChase
    posts a video about the Scharnhost on the same day. I must say, that is
    amusing. It’s Wargaming NA’s fault, mind you, not the WoWs NA Youtubers. :)

  178. She looks very good

  179. uhhh are you allowed to show us this?

  180. i’m cofused where do you buy this

  181. more than 260m of dispersion?

    according to my experience with BBs that come with way less dispersion,
    this ship, and if that characteristic is similar with other German BBs….

    These will be way too frustrating for me, I want to say it’s my crappy aim,
    not RNGsus having a laugh, when none of my shots hit

    I thought of the opposite when WG EU said “german accuracy”

  182. Really nice video Chase. I recommend your channel to everyone I know who
    plays because of the consistently high quality. gg

  183. When will it be released?

  184. Are crusiers a new in game class chase? :p

    Great vid as always :)

  185. Those 11-inch guns are looking pretty good, I must say.

    Although, I can’t quite understand why her sister Gneisnau doesn’t have an
    option for those 11-inch guns, instead wielding 15-inchers.

    I mean, I’m all for 15-inch guns, don’t get me wrong. But why not have the
    option of those 11-inch guns? The Scharnhorst-class battlecruisers (as we
    all know) were originally fitted with 11-inch artillery.

    Ah well. Still waiting for the German BBs as (im)patiently as ever. Great
    review, iChase. o/

  186. Battlefleet 01 Studios

    Great vid Chase! When might we see the German BB tech tree overview?

  187. My fav ship with Prinz Eugen

  188. how will it perform compare to others tier 7 and 6 BBs on Ranked Battles?
    or is Scharnhorst recommended for RB?

  189. Hmmmm, that’s some nice looking German engineering. And torpedoes, I’m
    gonna love this. Although my bank account says NO!
    But money doesn’t buy happiness right?

  190. i love little Scharnie :-)

  191. Pssst! It says “crusier” in the thumbnail :)

  192. Well if you can do this video now that means, it is not too long til she

  193. any idea about the price?

  194. When I saw the vid go up my first thought was “Oh Jingles will be such a
    salty old sailor now” :D

  195. I thought you were on a non-disclosure agreement. Has the agreement
    expired? Jingles mentioned this. He has not released it yet.

  196. I’m just going to wait to the French Battleship comes up because I want
    that French battleship that thing turns like a cruiser and goes 29.5 knots

  197. ‘Battleship’

  198. Am i the only one who thinks that the Scharnhorst and German BB line in
    general are overrated?
    Theres always so much “hype” around a new line, all of which dies off about
    a day later


    *looks at emtpy wallet*

    *sobs in my corner*

  200. Chase please make review for the dunkerque if its available :)

  201. sigh a german battleship review even though it’s not meant to be talked

  202. IChase do you know when it’s coming out if you can say

  203. NDA was lifted?

  204. Should I get the atago or wait for this?

  205. FIRST!!!

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